Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Interview is a chance given to a candidate to showcase their talent and let the interviewer know why they need to hire you. Pharmaceutical sales jobs are crucial in any pharma company since the major backbone it is their sales. Profits partially depend on the sales representatives working in that company. They help in notifying doctors and medical professionals about various brands of drugs in the market. If you are planning to pursue pharmaceutical sales as career, highlighting your communication skills, time management, knowledge about products etc helps in the interview. Below are the 10 most asked questions in a pharmaceutical sales interview. 

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

Question 1: How will you convince a physician to switch to your company product?

Answer: While answering this question, it would always be beneficial if you could quote a real incident faced by you if any. If it is for a fresher answer them “I will explain about quality, price of my product and try to highlight why my product is better than other ones.” Always physicians try to recontact those sales representatives who are available on calls and respond quickly. So assuring them about this may make them to connect to you.

Question 2: How do you maintain a post sales relationship with customers?

Answer: In pharmacy field we do not sell a product only once.  Since we frequently meet the same customer, maintaining relations are very important. It can be done by communicating regularly, paying visits monthly, tracking their requirements etc.

Question 3: What are some challenges you often face in your profession?

Answer: Restricted access to a physician, cancellation of meeting plans suddenly by a physician, huge competition, building and maintaining relations etc.

Question 4: What strategies did you follow to increase your sales?

Answer: I try to produce high quality information pertaining to the products. Taking help of social platform for brand advertisement also fetches profits to an extent. It is always better to maintain transparency with your customer as it brings long term profits and increase in sales.

Question 5: Did you face any customer who repeatedly rejected your product? How did you handle them?

Answer: In such situations mostly, I try to be calm and composed. I will ask them the reason behind their frequent “NO”. A sales representative should always be prepared to face worst. 

Question 6: If you bring loss to your company because of a step taken how would you handle it?

Answer: I will agree and accept my mistake rather than pretending and try to find the root cause of my failure. If it is from my side, I will try my best to rectify and not repeat it. Instead, if it is from the other end, I would explain them the situation and discuss with them on further steps.

Question 7: Why did you choose Pharmacy field?

Answer: Always try to answer your true intention about the field and your original reason. Avoid talking negatively about the profession. 

Example: I have chosen this field as I am interested in health care sector and want to directly work with the patients.

Question 8: Which one would you prefer more among monthly salary and commission basis?

Answer: If you are a fresher, try to go for a monthly salary which will ensure you job guarantee as this field is not predictable. If you are an experienced sales person, it is better to switch to commission basis as you earn more.

Question 9: What are the various strategic issues in Pharma marketing?

Answer: Reaching targets and deadlines, continuously being in contact with your customers and updating them about your product, building trust and brand and maintaining it on long term basis.

Question 10: Rate yourself on scale of 1-10 about how best you are suitable to this job

Answer: I would rate myself 8 out of 10. Because I always feel that pharmacy profession is where you are a learner throughout your life, gaining knowledge about various drugs, dosage forms etc. There must be space left to fill the voids in my career and knowledge.

Question 11: According to you what are the most important qualities for a successful pharmaceutical sales representative?

Answer: Communication skills play a crucial role in building up a business. Along with that the candidate should be highly organized, have sound knowledge about products he is selling. Sometimes drug or dosage form may alter from person to person. So these minor details are also needed to be considered. For that he/she should be a keen observer.

Question 12: What would you do in case you do not know the answer for the question asked by a physician regarding the drugs?

Answer: If I do not know the answer for the question, then I would politely inform the customer regarding this and try to find an alternate route. I will try to collect the data from company database regarding the drug or ask another experienced person or my manager.

Question 13: Tell me about yourself

Answer: Start with your name, place, education qualifications, previous job experience if any and short intro of your family. Try to only include professional details in your intro as much as possible. Never speak bad about your previous company. 


Pharma marketing and sales jobs are like bridges between the companies and physicians. They represent a company’s brand and directly or indirectly contribute to the profits of a company. So it is always good to show the interviewer how good you are in communicating and explaining a point in proper way.

Frequently asked questions

1. Mention any 5 qualities to be possessed by a sales representative.

Answer: Communication skills, hardworking, sound knowledge about drugs and products, well groomed, polite, and gentle.

2. What do you know about our company?

Here only the positive aspects regarding the company should be spoken and emphasized. Tell them how you are attracted about their company policies, product line and their vision.

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions and Answers

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