What Is A Show Runner?

As we all know a show cannot be successful without effort and hardwork. For making it successful, the first one who comes in the list is the Show runner. A Showrunner is a person who organizes, gives advice to the staff, keeps an eye on the production team, approves the creative team and their scripts, explores new ways and ideas, manages the backend, and shows on time in the front end. A showrunner can also be a producer to the show, but the producer position holds different responsibilities when compared to a showrunner. 

What Is A Show Runner?

The showrunner can manage the whole event, starting from guiding the creative team to managing the audience or customers. We can also say that the showrunner is half the creative head and the other half is the managerial head. 

A showrunner can be part of various events like educational events, fun activities, concerts, family gatherings, fashion shows,product launches, cooking shows. 

A showrunner must always have plan A and plan B. Both the plans must have the same benefits and values. Plan A will be the plan that we implement and the we come up with plan B in case of failure of plan A. In most of the cases, the organizers go with the plan A, but in very rare conditions of crises there will be chace of going for plan B. The plan B which is a backup plan must be planned and documented in the beginning stages of the event planning itself. This will help the producers to have an estimated value on the extra investment in the phase of failure. 

Qualities of a showrunner

The following are few of the qualities that a showrunner must have to make the show successful and smooth. 

1. Patience acts a key for keeping up with the staff and delayed work. 

2. Must be creative to make the show feel more attractive and colorful. 

3. Should see from the perspective of the audience or the customers. This will give an idea about the comfort zone. 

4. Should be able to keep the budget in mind and work accordingly. 

5. Must understand the coworkers and the other staff and give friendly replies for putting them in a comfortable zone. 

6. Must give importance to the producers and the people participating on the stage. 7. Must be punctual and balanced to work in the event 

7. Must greet and ask for feedback from the customers. 

8. Must have a personal life balance and peaceful environment at home. 10. Should look after the needs and problems of the staff. 

9. Should check the food department for a smooth response from the audience and it must be concentrated on quality rather than the quantity and must be done keeping the budget in mind with the outcome through the purchases. 

10. Collaborative skills play a major role in the qualities of a showrunner. These skill set will be seen in the hiring process and it is given the highest priority out of all.

11. Must be able to manage and approve the writing team outcome. 

Advantages of being a showrunner

● Chances of being a popular face is high with a recognition for the recommendation from the audience/ customers for further events. 

● Can grow fast with just few successful events and supportive staff. 

● Can travel more and experience new things out of places and the cultural events. ● Can be a multitasker with combining production and directing with the title of showrunner. This will give a more flexible grip on the budget and keep everything in a balanced environment. 

● The more profit the event gains, the more benefits a showrunner can have. ● Can show both the creative and managing skills in the same field. 

Disadvantages of being a showrunner

● Balancing time between personal life and professional life is always tough in this field. ● The work can be at any time, at any place and this makes the person to cancel or postpone other works. 

● Traveling stress makes it hard and worst for concentrating on work. 

● Getting stuck in finding new paths for creative work gives a temporary shutdown in events. 

● Multitasking can be a problem when there is a lot of burden and this can lead to health issues and mental imbalance. 

Responsibilities of a showrunner

Responsibilities depend on various factors like the size of the event and number of people participating in the event. The responsibilities of a showrunner holds the major work like selecting the staff members, assigning work to them, managing the writing team and approving their work, managing the food department, checking the creative team and their work on the stage, controlling the budget and acting accordingly to it, making a list for inviting the people and sending the invitations by prioritizing the sponsors of the show, clarifying the doubts from the higher authorities and clearing the staff member’s doubts, taking advice from the produces and the directing authority while taking a big step of making decisions. 

Qualification of a showrunner

Qualification for a showrunner includes a very basic technical background and so much general skills and knowledge. The minimum qualification that a showrunner must have is a bachelor’s degree, a program based on event management, proper internship, event participation in the university level, minimum experience in the beginning stages and at least a ten years experience for big organizations. 

Salary of a showrunner

The salary of a showrunner depends on the various factors like in which country the organization is located, the experience and the creativity levels of the showrunner, the popularity the showrunner holds, size of the organization and event, depends on the investment that a

producer invests. The minimum salary that a showrunner can earn is approximately $8650 and again comes with the benefits like accommodation, family security, profit share and increments based on improvements in work. 

Considering all the above factors, we can say that showrunner is not just a fancy word, but it comes with many responsibilities and challenges that makes a goal for a successful event which benefits the whole organization and satisfies the audience/ customers expectations.

What Is A Show Runner?

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