Microsoft First Round Interview Questions To Prepare 2021

Microsoft First Round Interview Questions

Before we get into the Microsoft first-round interview questions, let’s take a look at what Microsoft is all about. Microsoft Corporation is a global technology company located in Redmond, Washington. It is in charge of developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling software, consumer electronics, computers, and associated services. Microsoft Windows, Office suite, Internet Explorer, and Edge web browsers are Microsoft’s most well-known software products. Xbox video gaming consoles and Microsoft Surface touchscreen personal computers are the company’s two main hardware products. Microsoft was the largest software company in the world by sales in 2016, and it was rated No. 21 on the Fortune 500 ranking of the top US firms by total revenue. Along with Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, it is regarded as one of the Big Five in the US information technology sector.

Preparing for the Microsoft First Round Interview:

Before going to Microsoft’s first-round interview, one should be fully prepared for the interview. Below are some tips to help one for preparing for the tips:

  1. Conduct your research: Don’t only focus on learning about the position you’re interviewing for. Learn about Microsoft as a company and how the role relates to their aim. Learn all you can about the company and team you’re interviewing with, including what they do and how and why you want to be a part of it. This is also a time for you to double-check if the opportunity is exactly what you want. Make a list of questions you’d like to ask during your interview.

  2. Learn about their competencies: Competency-based questions and queries on your resume will be asked throughout the interviews. Keep the essential skills in mind. Consider sharing or incorporating examples into your discourse. 

  3. Prepare for the questions posed: You should prepare yourself for the questions you will be asked in the Microsoft first-round questions, and in this article, you will find questions for the first-round interview in Microsoft.

Microsoft interview questions for the first round:

Microsoft hires people for a variety of positions. The organization has administrative, financial, human resources, and a slew of other expert opportunities in addition to IT employment. Each position at Microsoft will have its own set of interview questions. As a result, in addition to examining the Microsoft interview questions, you should look at lists tailored to your individual position. So, if you’re looking for a career as a program manager, financial analyst, marketer, or anything else, research the field.

However, you should go over the questions asked in many Microsoft interviews, such as the questions we’re going over right now. Below are some Microsoft questions you are likely to face:

  1. What actions do you take to keep your knowledge up to date?

Science advances at a fast pace. Many firms, such as Microsoft, provide training to their workers to help them improve their abilities, but they can’t manage everything. Hiring managers like applicants that are self-motivated to learn. That’s why they ask questions like these: they want to know if you’re in charge of your own learning or whether you’re content to wait for your superior to fill out that form for you.

  1. How do you establish and sustain healthy connections with coworkers who work in different locations?

Microsoft is a multinational corporation with employees located all over the world. Furthermore, many Microsoft positions are remote, allowing employees to work without ever having to step foot in an office. Hiring managers want to know that the candidates they select can work well with others, even if they have never seen them in person. As a result, for a surprising number of occupations, this question is critical.

  1. Do you utilize Microsoft’s services or products? Which one, if any, is your favorite, and why?

This question is simple, and it allows the recruiting manager to assess your knowledge of Microsoft’s product and service lines. It does, however, provide a unique chance. You may guide the question in almost any direction because it is open and wide. As a result, you may utilize it as an opportunity to highlight key talents or attributes that you want to promote but wouldn’t be able to work in otherwise. You may also tailor your approach depending on the Microsoft position you’re applying for, allowing you to talk about a product or service that’s relevant to the role.

Here are 30 more Microsoft interview questions to prepare for, depending on the role:

  1. Describe something distinctive that you offer to the table.
  2. What drives you to succeed in a role?
  3. What would you change about [Microsoft product or service] if you could, and why?
  4. What are your expectations for your future job?
  5. Explain the most difficult project you’ve worked on. What steps did you take to make sure everything went off without a hitch?
  6. What is your favorite technological device? Why do you like it so much?
  7. Tell me about an instance when you had a tense working relationship with a coworker. What efforts did you take to guarantee that any issues were remedied or, at the very least, did not hinder your ability to perform?
  8. Give an example of a product or service that you feel was well-marketed. 
  9. What about the campaign appeals to you the most?
  10. Tell me about a time when your initial assumptions were proven to be erroneous. What actions did you take to discover this? How did you make sure you got back on track after that?
  11. How do you account for your personal biases while conducting user research?
  12. How would Microsoft promote a data analytics solution to small companies to generate interest and showcase its benefits?
  13. How would you go about writing a script that reversed an array’s contents?
  14. What would you do if a sales agent in your department offered a valuable customer a wrong sales quote?
  15. Explain recursion in a way that a non-technologist may comprehend.
  16. Why are you interested in working with Microsoft?
  17. What are the distinctions between standard and class modules?
  18. Is data removed from the Recycle Bin permanently lost?
  19. Why are there different Microsoft Certifications?
  20. What is the significance of code optimization?
  21. What categories does Microsoft use to categorize security risks to its software?
  22. How frequently should Microsoft Updates be checked?
  23. Give the name of a well-known Windows version.
  24. How do you get the order of using the tab key to move from one control item to the next?
  25. What is the distinction between a Windows server and a workstation version of the operating system?
  26. When was launched, which programming language was dropped from the Visual Studio family?
  27. What exactly are Microsoft security updates?
  28. On my journey to California, I saw a man who had five wives. Each wife had five bags. Each bag included five cats. Each cat gave birth to five kittens. Kittens, cats, bags, and wives are all examples of this. How many people were heading to California?
  29. What exactly are plug and play?
  30. Is it possible to include all controls in an MDI form?

What is the most effective method for acing the Microsoft interview?

After reading the questions you must be thinking about how to crack the first interview round of Microsoft, below are some tips that will help you to crack the interview:

  • Have a resume that is clutter-free and easy to read. Recruiters aren’t interested in reading a lengthy resume.
  • When practicing, don’t overlook the significance of design and test cases. Getting things perfect and staying organized generally takes a few tries.
  • On a piece of paper or a whiteboard, practice writing code. It’s not the same as entering it in a code editor or IDE. You won’t have this difficulty if you’re doing an online programming challenge.

Interview Process

There is no set interview method or structure at Microsoft. It varies depending on the product groupings or teams. The most usual interview procedure includes four to five rounds, each of which focuses on the candidate’s analytical, problem-solving, designing, coding, and testing capabilities. It all begins with a screening round, which can be completed in writing, over the phone, or in person. There are three engineering profiles at Microsoft: development, testing, and program management. Aside from evaluating individuals, the first round also determines the optimal profile for you. After passing the screening, you’ll move on to the next phase, which is referred to as a ‘loop.’ A loop comprises three to four persons who each conduct separate interviews with you. Your excitement, confidence, problem-solving style, concept articulation, and other characteristics are closely watched during an interview.

Bringing It Together

The Microsoft interview questions are the first step on the path to any of the exciting Microsoft jobs. Your chances of sticking out from the crowd increase considerably if you use the advice above. So, please take advantage of every suggestion and practice your replies until they’re perfect. You’re a fantastic prospect, and with a little planning, you can help the hiring manager notice it as well.

Best wishes!

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Microsoft First Round Interview Questions To Prepare 2021

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