Supercuts Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Interview Questions

Supercuts Careers - Job Opportunities, Salary, Application Process, Interview Questions

Supercuts Careers – Supercuts is a hair salon located in more than 2700 locations across the country, USA. The company was founded in the year 1975 by founder Geoffrey M.Rappaport and Frank.E.Emett. Initially, the company was located in Albany, California. Its headquarters is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is owned by the parent company Regis Corporation. They also own Regis Salons, Cost Cutter, Smart style, First Choice Haircutters, and Mia & Maxx in Canada and the USA. They are also opened in the United Kingdom operated by Bushel Investment group; it’s a family-based office that invests in small and medium businesses, working under an agreement with Regis Corporation. They have separate stores opened in Australia as well.

Supercuts Careers

They conduct training through the hairstyle academy, which is a paid education. It is one of the national brands located conveniently. The revenue of the company is $100M-$500M.Considering hairstyles as an art form, they create beautiful hair with passion. About 10,000 plus hairstylists are working for the company to create fresh ideas. They offer great benefits to their employees. They maintain a proper dress code at work. They have job positions available for both full-time and part-time job seekers. The job locations consist of a team of employees, including stylists, receptionists, and the manager. The hiring process is done regularly across the country.

Available Positions at Supercuts

Receptionist, Stylist, Cutter, Barber, Cosmetologist, Area Supervisor, Shift Manager, Certified Technical Trainer, Manager, and Artistic Director.

Working Hours

During weekdays, that is from Monday-Friday they work from 09.00 am-8.30 pm, during the weekends, on Saturday they are opened from 8.30 am-6.00 pm, and during Sunday 11.00 am-5.00 pm.

Minimum Age 

The applicant must be an aged minimum of 18 years, to seek a job role at Supercuts.

Job Opportunities – Supercuts

The company hires versatile employees and can work at a wide range of services to the customers. Apart from haircuts for women, men and kids, the associates offer color treatment, waxing service, and hair highlights. The employees can also use their sales skills in specific situations. Based on the location, there might also be retail patrons available, and the customers can purchase hair care products that are specialized. The customers can visit the store without prior appointment, and the employees must remain flexible and get adjusted to the arrivals.

The work demand attention to detail. The associates working must be attentive to create new styles with unique specifications to deliver the haircut perfectly. The receptionist and the hairstylists must work together and report to the higher officials who make business goals, developing promising associates, promoting a friendly atmosphere. Working with unity guides the action of the workers. The company encourages such employees to support one another to get excellence in the job.

Job Position and Salary – Supercuts Careers

The employees have a flexible schedule, guaranteed pay for working hours as per hourly rate, professional growth; the company offers possibilities for anyone searching for employment. The entry-level employees have to choose careers based on customer service, salon management, and hairstyling. The job roles offered at Supercuts are explained in detail below:

  • Receptionist 

Their primary duty is customer service. They are responsible for the smooth running of the salon by setting up the overall appointment arrangement. They must greet the patrons as they arrive at the salon, must ring up for sales. The other duty involves answering phone calls, keeping the premises clean, being a good representative of the chain of the salon. The requirements for this role are personality and social skills. Prior work experience adds an advantage during the hiring process. The individual must be good at multitasking and be organized with things. They typically earn $8.00-$9.00 for an hour.

  • Barber

They greet the customers as they enter the salon service and must enquire about their requirements first. Haircutting and trimming are done as per customers’ instructions. The style the hair with tools and chemical solutions. Shaving and shaving the mustache and beard of the client with new styles. They also wash and condition their hair after the cutting session. They must sanitize the instruments used after each use, such as razors, scissors, and combs.

They must also train the new employees and supervise them with their work. They must also suggest new styles to the clients. They need a barber’s license for the work, and the individual must have completed a High school diploma or any other equivalent. They make about $18.09 per hour.

  • Stylist

They are the nucleus of the salon; they are responsible for the salon operation as they work directly with the customers. They give personalized haircuts to the customers applicable for men, women, and kids. They must keep the workstation clean, and salon supplies must be placed neatly for usage. They should possess training from schools and must be able to demonstrate during the interview process to gain the job role. They get to pay about $10.00 per hour. As the experience increases, salary gets increased as well.

  • Cosmetologist

They make conversation with the clients to better understand their requirements and suggest new styles for improvising their look. They cut hair, style them and provide scalp treatment if required. They apply make-up by creating a different look as per the client’s need. They perform massage, beauty treatments, hair removal, pedicure, and manicure. They must be aware of the cosmetics used for the clients and have sales skills. They must answer phone calls and help in scheduling appointments for the clients. Must maintain the equipment appropriately as per safety standards. They earn about $12.29 for an hour.

  • Manager

Career opportunity as a manager in a salon requires licensure from state laws. They have to work on a full-time schedule. Working hours may fluctuate working during nights, weekends, and sometimes during holidays. They supervise the entry-level employees and recommend products based on the requirement. They must resolve the conflicts, being organizational, possessing leadership qualities. They train the new employees, schedule daily tasks, and must ensure customer satisfaction. Based on the requirement of the location, the managerial system is two-tiered such as shift manager and general manager. Shift supervisors make about $9.00-$10.00 for an hour, while the general manager makes about $20,000-$25,000 initially.

  • Shift Manager

They have to look after the overall operation of the salon, which includes greeting the clients and helping them. They must hire the beautician and technicians as and when needed. They must organize the employee’s working schedule considering the peak times at the salon. They are responsible for supervising the staff, scheduling work shifts, promoting services, and maintaining records up to date for yearly revenue and expenses. Ensure to replenish the stocks as and when necessary and ensure that the safety standards are followed. Make arrangements for regular maintenance of equipment at the salon. They are paid about $11.86 for an hour.

Tips for Applying

Though the employees take up responsibility and do so with accuracy, the applicants must also demonstrate social skills like handling any customers and maintaining physical stamina to gain employment. The beauty treatment and the haircut last for 15 min or sometimes more. This provides time to converse with the customers. While submitting the application form, the job hopefuls must feel comfortable talking and stand in place for a longer period. They must have good stamina to work for longer hours as the work requires physical strength. The applicant must be professional and possess an engaging personality that is ideal for stylish and officials working at the managerial level. The employees must understand that the daily tasks require manual work and physical strength.

Application Status

Since the company is a part of the Regis corporate umbrella, it doesn’t encourage the applicants to contact the company regarding the application status. The hiring officials reach the candidates for the preferred role. The applicant will receive an email from the company as a confirmation after the submission of the application. The application process may take up to a week or sometimes even more in few cases.

Benefits Packages – Supercuts

The employees enjoy a great job benefits package upon hiring, but the benefits are only applicable to a full-time employee. The benefits include the following:

  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Plan
  • Parental Leave
  • Bonus Pay
  • Employee Discount

The company also offers a training program and career development program for the in-house employees, along with hourly competitive pay.

More Information – Supercuts

It’s a nationwide chain of the salon that regularly organizes fundraising events, which is notable in Southern California, where all the branches raise money. The company is an associate with Morris Animal Foundation, Children Miracle Network Hospital, and Food4Africa. It drives an amount of $2.5 million.

Interview Process

The aspiring applicants looking for a career that is rewarding in the salon industry must apply to Supercuts. The applicants can expect a phone interview either at their place or any nearby location. Most of the interview involves a series of face-to-face sessions and demonstrating their styling ability on a model. The applicant may get hired after the demonstration, or sometimes they may even have to complete the training program to get qualified. The hiring process involves drug screening and background checks for the individual.

Interview Tips

The individual must present neatly, and well-groomed gives a business appearance while appearing for the interview. The candidates must demonstrate by standing on foot for a longer period, but that must not be an issue as discomfort may be noticed by the hiring officials. They must greet warmly and maintain a personable approach throughout the process. The communication skill influences the candidate’s determination towards work, while most candidates receive confirmation within a week of completing the interview.

Interview Questions

The aspiring applicants may have to face more than one interview, and the approximate timing for the processing is about two to four weeks. The questions are usually about the applicant’s availability, prior work experience, or anything related to the field of work. The typical interview questions are, “how would you handle a customer if in case you misunderstood the client’s final results?”, “How would you handle a tough kid for hairstyling?”, “How would you recommend a product to the customer?”, this question is asked to know your knowledge about customer service.

They must be able to relate previous experience and knowledge to the questions asked in the interview.

Here are the questions answered by the employee at Supercuts,

  • Describe your job role and duty?

I started my work as a receptionist, so it involved work at the front desk. I would have to answer the phone calls, make appointments, schedule timings for the clients, and check on shipments.

  • Explain the work environment?

It was a friendly environment, a pretty easy and cool environment to work in. There was not much stress involved with work. As the work involved handling only one customer at a time, it was pretty easy.

  • Describe the application and interview process at Supercuts?

It involved basic questions like the age, the school I was studying. They wanted to know about the purpose of work and how much time I can contribute to work and company.

  • What is that quality of yours that set you apart from other applicants at interview?

I was quite excited and perky. Also, I was available in the afternoon which was the position available and I had no obligations.

  • What would be your piece of advice to the aspirants aspiring to work at Supercuts?

It was one of the best experiences, and the workplace was very social and happy to involve people with them. Being the reception working at the front end, it was the first face for anyone who sees while visiting the salon. They want me to represent well and look presentable with a well-groomed appearance.

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Supercuts Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, Interview Questions

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