Latest Artistic Director Job Description Complete Guide 2021

Artistic Director Job Description

Are you good at convincing, developing, and implementing long visions? What about choosing an Artistic Director as your future career goal? Sounds great! Isn’t it? To know more about the field, just go through all that is written below. An Artistic Director is the one that works with the Chief Executive and Board Of Directors to ensure the functioning of weekend theatre to achieve its goals of artistic excellence, education, community service, financial stability, and many more on the bucket list. He is the one who convinces, develops, and implements long-term visions for an organization. He is also the one that looks after hiring talents and performances. An Artistic Director generally conducts, produces, and directs themselves. We will discuss the Artistic Director Job Description here.

Artistic Director Job Description

An Artificial Director has many responsibilities to perform, but few mains that he ought to perform are listed below. Do check them out.

  1. Recruiting staff members, actors, stage managers, directors, designers, and many more.
  2. Discuss the funding budget of the theatre with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.
  3. Improvise the aims and objectives of the theatre
  4. Selection and ProofReading of the script.
  5. Creation of a program
  6. Making a decision on which show has to be performed on the stage and when.
  7. Has to direct at least one production per season himself.
  8. Keeps Theatre in touch with the current happenings.
  9. Plans special events and workshops throughout the year.
  10. Present the monthly report to the Board of Directors about the Theatre Activities during monthly meetings.
  11. Maintain Written Procedure Manuals and present them to production staff and the Board Of Directors.
  12. Work with the Selection Committee of the Play regarding the seasons and other important things and put that in front of the Board of Directors for Approval.
  13. Scheduling Of the Calendar for the entire upcoming year.
  14. Ensure and promote the Stability of Weekend Theatre.
  15. Keeping the record of necessities needed at the theatre and also ensuring their availability. 

Qualification Needed To Be A Artistic Director

No doubt it is quite a known fact that no proper degree is required to be an Artistic Director, but here below are some of the mentioned subjects that would play a great role in granting some knowledge and experience in the required field.

  • Theatre Studies
  • Producing
  • Creative Arts
  • Directing
  • Creative Management
  • Theatre Management

Skills Required To Be A Great Artistic Director

Besides having proper experience and knowledge, An Artistic Director also needs the below-mentioned skills and qualities to succeed.

  • Communication Skills: As he is the one who has to hold talks with every member of the team, he must possess the skill of holding good communication to avoid any confusion.
  • Time-Management: He must be quite aware and skillful at managing his time, to ensure proper guidance and instructions in all directions.
  • Decision-Making Skill: He must not be skillful at only making decisions but rather also skillful in implementing them at the right time and at right time.
  • Leadership Quality: No work can be done alone, so he must hold the quality of being an influential leader to get the work done by the concerns with all the necessities keeping in mind.
  • Interpersonal Skills: He must be imbibed with the best of interpersonal skills as he not only has to handle the team but also hold communication with Directors and Producers.

Working Hours Of An Artistic Director

An Artistic Director has to work around the clock to be successful in their career. But in general speaking, An Artistic Director requires the work of around 40 hours per week. Over time, weekends, evening shifts, holiday work are no less common.

Career Growth

An Artistic Director can start from a director’s job in small-scale theatre and, with growth in experience, talent, and enhancement in the skills and knowledge, can move to work as the director of large theatres, the ones that host broadway shows.

Pay-Off of an Artistic Director

On average, An Artistic Director earns about $ 118,412 per year, or we can say earns about $ 56.93 per hour. 

Five Resume Key Points to Keep in Mind for An Artistic Director Job

  1. Relevant Experience: Put in all your relevant experience for the desired post.
  2. Skills: Don’t go crazy on listing all the skills that are not even needed for the post. Go on listing down only the right relevant skills.
  3. Achievements and Awards: Don’t forget to list the awards and achievements you have received so far in the field concerned.
  4. Strong Content: Quantity is not the concern here but Quality is. So just choose the strong content to put up.
  5. Qualities: This is your arena where you can outshine and catch the eyes of the Employer. Don’t let it go in vain.


So if you are the one holding an artistic vision, surely this is your field to look your career forward in. Undoubtedly, this position in the industry holds a great competition, but once you reach the place, it will be worth all your struggles. Besides being your passionate job, this is also a good source of being financially sound and satire all your needs in this world of hue and cry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum qualification for this job? The minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent but can vary according to the organization also.
  • Who does the artistic director report to? Artistic Director holds an answer to the Executive Chief and also to the Board Of Directors.
  • Is being the artistic director a higher supervisory job? Indeed yes. It is a higher supervisory job.
  • How much do top artistic directors earn? Top Artistic Directors hold a monthly payoff of around $ 12,083.
  • Name a few of the top positions holding Artistic Director in the world? Here are some of the top position holding Artistic Director in the world:
    • Sebastian Schnell
    • Anna Lichnog
    • Bruno Bertelli
    • Matthew Nisbet
Latest Artistic Director Job Description Complete Guide 2021

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