Latest Management Consulting Interview Questions 2021

Management Consulting Interview Questions

To improve the organization’s performance and help them grow, management consulting plays a vital role. A management consultant is the main person in the organization, who is most responsible for managing the company’s affairs and maintaining and giving required advice on crucial affairs of the company. So if you want to become a consultant, then there is a great scope for you. In this article, we will be discussing the important Management Consulting Interview Questions over here for you.

Management Consulting Interview Questions

The company may recruit management consultants to obtain their services on the external and internal working of the organization. The organization generally looks for some people who can provide them assistance and consultation on various essential matters of the company. They help the clients understand the proposed changes, suggest the policies and implementation, deal with them, and help the company grow and accomplish its goals.

  1. After 5 years where you will find yourself in the company?

Answer: One of the interviews may ask that after 5 years, what will be the required desired position in your mind. Then the answer is that you should accept the difficulty involved while going through this process of the journey of job and plan so that you can achieve your future goals along with these challenges. This question is a popular one. It also shows your first Impression, so try to discuss your realistic goals because, after 5 years, all the positions will change. They may not remain the same. So you should show your loyalty towards a customer who was a company don’t give ambiguous answers.

  1. Explain the management and the leadership styles adopted by you in the companies?

Answer: During the consultation interviews, companies are more concerned about the style of Management and leadership adopted by the candidates to manage the organization better. The management depends upon the organization’s nature and size and will be based on the working environment in the strategies adopted by that particular organization, so there is a need to have a particular skill in the management of the companies. They may also watch out for a particular type of leadership skill to manage their day-to-day activities. The people and the teams involved in carrying out the particular project. Management may come up with managing the people, responsibilities, and workings of the whole environment of the organization. Try to recognize your management and leadership styles, be determined towards that style, adopt them, and demonstrate them effectively to complete the work and projects successfully.

  1. What are your salary requirements?

Answer: The employer may ask the interviewer ask about the salary they want. In such a case, research about this position of my phone consultation also finds out the responsibilities and duties based on which, what amount can be paid to them. Find out the experience and educational skills required to become a management consultant based on which you can give your salary quotation to the companies it can also make negotiations based on it.

  1. What do you know about the management consultation?

Answer: This question is asked by most companies when they are hiring new candidates. The main task is to solve the problems faced by the companies, help increase the performance of the businesses, and accelerate the development and growth of the organization the manager. It also helps create and add the organization’s value in the outside business by maintaining proper logistics management, supply chain management, and creating Strategies for the smooth working of the organization.

  1. What interested you in getting to the job of Management consultant?

Answer: The  Consultancy Services help the organization in making changes in the management, assisting the managers at different activities, providing different coaching skills, then processing and analysis on Technologies, implementation of strategies and policies, and also implementing certain operational improvements in the activities of the department. So that companies can earn better profit and work smoothly in this competitive world. And also provide consultations in those areas where the company needs to identify the problematic areas and find certain effective solutions to deal with those problems and perform their task effectively and efficiently.

  1. What are the skills required to become a good management consultant?

Answer: In whatever you have worked while you have provided the consultation services, but before entering the form, you should specify the skills and the qualities you have. To become a better manager, you should have a good personality, excellent communication skills and presentation skills, self-confidence, self-trust, better decision making, good forecasting skills, good leadership skills for influencing the team towards the goals, retaining the trust of the team, and clients.

  1. Tell me about a time you displayed leadership?

Answer: You can tell the company about your past experiences in any of the organizations. Also, you can tell about some of the circumstances where you have shown up your leadership skills in different ways, on how you have supported your team to come out of any problem or deal with any project. And the way you assisted the companies in achieving their organizational goal and providing the consultation for better management in the organization.

  1. Why do you want to work for this firm?

Answer: Most of the time of companies may ask that by to the particular candidate want to work with their companies then in such a case you must specify the benefits the pros and cons and also tell them that by working with them will help to increase better personal growth and also achieve and I will learn and explore more about this business world and will help them to achieve their goals and provide your consultation services in a better form.

  1. What qualifications do you need to be a management consultant?

Answer: No specific qualifications are required to become a management consultant, but basic eligibility should be fulfilled to get the job. In any of the good companies, these management eligibilities which include your basic degrees:-

  • Basic Qualifications: You should have some bachelor or graduate degrees from any of the top Universities and colleges in the field of business management or administration. Also, you should have some qualities related to the conceptual analysis and know-how to deal with the problem and could give good Advisors and consultation on different topics and areas Have well-developed research, consulting skills, presentation analysis, and attention skills. And also should have the capability of problem-solving, identifying the problematic areas, applying different solutions based on certain principles and techniques which are used in the management, and also finding out the loopholes in the working of the company and giving advice on them. 
  • Better Communication and Written Skills: Having an innovative mindset will help you to find out some new solutions to different challenging problems and also helps an analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the companies so that better options can be implemented. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills should be possessed, and being able to contribute to teamwork: If you have an MBA degree or postgraduate degree in a management or commerce field then there are more chances of getting selected. At Least 2-5 Years of experience in the consultation area, knowledge in Microsoft and excel PowerPoint
  1. Why should we hire you for Management Consulting?

Answer: This question will be asked by the many companies then in such a case, that if you are given an opportunity, you can be a great asset to their team. You have the required skills and experience for providing the services in the company. Consultant management requires many responsibilities as you need to assess and guide the teamwork towards achieving organizational goals and manage every activity so tell them about your specializations and how you can add value to their company. By hiring you as an employee, they will make smarter decisions.

  1. What job descriptions are required for becoming a consultant manager?
  • Should have good communication skills so that you can discuss and explain all the areas where improvements are needed
  • Also, be a problem solver identify the problematic area, and try to find out the solutions for the same. 
  • Should know quantitative and qualitative search and apply the providing solution
  • Need to analyze the problem do valuation creating models finance planning to perform proper market research collecting business-related data.
  • Finding a consolidated solution and demonstrating them in front of the team and clients
  • The manager is also required to create the plan for implementing the changes taking place in the organization and also supporting such activities for better growth and development of the company


So with the advancement of new technologies, there is a need for managing a particular area. The main types of management consultants are to provide specialized services to the companies and their clients and helps in the economic and business growth, manage all the activities and give advice on it.

Latest Management Consulting Interview Questions 2021

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