Lowe’s interview questions- Skill to pursue


Lowe is one of the most famous home improvement American companies. It offers several benefits to its employees. But before you become a member of Lowe’s team you have to pass an interview round. The round is aimed at testing your interpersonal skills and whether you fit in the job description and company culture. 

So if you are aiming to clear Lowe’s interview round, you must practice sample questions. To help you boost your preparation, we have brought to you a list of the most frequently asked questions along with sample answers in Lowe’s interview round. 

Go through them to understand the mentality of the interviewer and prepare well for the round. 

 Lowe's interview

List of most frequently asked questions in Lowe’s interview round

Ques: Introduce yourself. 

Tip: an introduction is one of the most crucial parts of an interview because it gives a chance to interviewer to hear about your strengths, qualifications, goals, etc., directly from your mouth rather than a piece of paper. So make sure that you highlight relevant parts of your personality and cast a good impression. 

Sample Ans: Good morning, sir and mam (Greetings according to the time of interview). My name is ABC (Full name). I have completed my diploma in renovation and interior designing (qualifications) from XYZ (Institute name). I wish to become an expert in home improvement in the future (future goal). Therefore I want to become a part of Lowe to get practical knowledge of the home improvement industry (The purpose of applying for the job).  The vision of the company aligns with my values like providing quality service, believing in the value of goods and service, and ensuring maximum satisfaction. Therefore I feel aligned towards this job (Positive points about the company that persuaded you to apply for the job). 

Ques: Have you ever faced a situation where you have done something more than your job duties? 

Tip: You have to show your ability to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and demonstrate problem-solving skills. You can give a situation-based answer by telling a story from your previous job or you can say that you will act in a particular way if required in the future. 

Sample ans: Yes, in the previous job I came across a situation where I had to crack a deal without my senior. I had accompanied my senior to a deal but due to some work, he was coming from a different vehicle. I reached the location but he got stuck in traffic. We felt like we had to let go of the deal but I took the initiative and took all the details of the deal from the senior on phone. Based on all the information I dealt with the other person and we were able to win the deal. I was praised by my employers for my presence of mind and the company benefitted from the addition of one major investor. 

Ques: Tell us about your leadership qualities. 

Tip: Leadership is important in every business and you will be asked to demonstrate your leadership skills through an example from the past. Even if you haven’t led a team in the past, you can show your leadership skill from examples like school projects, team sports, etc. 

Sample ans: I believe that everyone is a leader in the team because everyone has to take such actions that would push the team towards growth. I got the opportunity to become the leader of my team and we were tasked to come up with a model for increasing the sales and revenue of the company. 

As a leader, I invited the opinion of every person in the team and tried to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, we divided the work. I made sure that the team stays motivated at each point. One person was tasked with making the database, the other with the research part and I had to oversee the work. I gave maximum help to all my team members and at last, we were able to bring a 10% increase in the sales in that month. 

Ques: If you are working in a team and you see that some members are conflicting on minor issues, what would be your approach to solve those disputes? 

Tip: You have to show the interviewer that you know the importance of cooperation and teamwork in the company. You can start your answer by giving examples from your previous job. Some of the solutions like mediation, understanding the root cause of the problem, bringing a mid-way solution, etc. can be suggested. 

Sample ans: Sir I know that it is very important for all the team members to work in cohesion. Therefore when I was the team leader, I used to hold an informal meeting where everyone can tell about themselves and understand each other. This practice helped me create good bonds between teammates and prevent conflict. 

But if I still find someone fighting over minor issues, I would ask them to write their problems on paper and mediate between them. I would explain of them each other’s points and how a problem can have two right solutions. My strategy would be to show them that they can work together and we can implement the suggestions given by both the members. 

Ques: If you are having a stressful and busy workday, what would be your strategy to avoid any problems and push away stress? 

Tip: The interviewer knows that job can be stressful. Therefore he wants to make sure that you don’t give to the pressure and use innovative ways to push away your stress and give a hundred percent result. You can show your organizational skills by sorting the work on basis of priority. You can take a five-minute break to write the problems and solutions on paper or a simple walk to push away the stress. 

Sample ans: Sir, I try to avoid stress by prioritizing my work. Before the start of the day, I make sure that I have listed all the important tasks on the paper and sorted them according to priority. If I still feel that I am not able to give my hundred percent, due to some work problem, I would write it on paper and seek possible solutions. I prefer to take a five-minute walk or listen to music if I am doing continuous work for several hours together so that I can push away the stress and burden. 

Ques: Imagine a situation where a customer comes to you and asks for some guidance on DIY goods but you don’t know about DIY exactly. What would be your strategy to deal with such a situation? 

Tip: Customer satisfaction is very crucial for Lowe’s. That’s why the interviewer wants to hire a person who can deal with customers properly. There can be situations where you might not know everything and you should be ready to handle properly with it without putting at stake the reputation of the company. An ideal answer could be to take help from fellow workers or the manual provided. 

Sample ans: Sir, If I am unsure about a customer question, I would ask my colleagues to address the customer query. I can also take help from the website to understand the product. I would try to read about various products offered by Lowe in advance to avoid such situations. But even if such a situation arises, I would stay in touch with the customer and take other recourses to help them address their queries. 

Ques: Have you ever faced a situation where you are being told to do something but you know that that thing would be hazardous for you? If that situation arises in the future what would be your response or strategy to deal with the same? 

Tip: Safety is one of the topmost priorities for an employee. But Lowe’s interviewer wants to check if you would give primacy to a senior’s command or safety. In certain situations, the company had been criticized for workers’ safety. Therefore you have to show the interviewer that you would use your presence of mind for dealing with such situations. 

Sample ans: Sir I have not faced such a situation in my previous job. but if I had to encounter such a situation in the future, my strategy would be to understand the major objective that my senior wants me to achieve. For instance, if the goal is to transport some goods but the route suggested is hazardous, I can take an alternative route. Thus, I would ask for the main goal or objective of the work. If I feel that I am not able to perform that hazardous work in a slightly safer way, I would approach my seniors for recourse. 

Ques: Sometimes, employees have to do a thing repeatedly which makes the work boring and monotonous and they start losing motivation in that work. If you ever face such a situation what would be your strategy to deal with the same? 

Tip: The interviewer wants to make sure that you can work with motivation despite the boring nature of work. Therefore you have to show the interviewer that you practice self-motivation by keeping yourself focused on results rather than action. In this way, you can show the suitability of your personality to the job. 

Sample ans: Sir I try to motivate myself by telling myself the result that I would be able to achieve through my actions. I divide my tasks into small actionable tasks and reward myself for those small goals. As soon as I achieve those tasks I get a feeling of accomplishment which further helps me in staying motivated. For example, if I have to do transportation of goods regularly, I would divide it into small locations or set a target of say 5 deliveries after which I will reward myself. In this way, I practice the technique of self-motivation. 

Ques: What is the best part about Lowe’s that you decided to apply for the job? 

Tip: through this question, the interviewer wants to see what motivated you to apply for this job. You can enlist the positive points of the job like better growth, exposure, work environment, interest in home improvement products, values that are promoted, the mission of the company, etc. Never talk about the pay because it can show your money-minded nature and cast a bad impression. 

Sample ans: Sir I decided to apply for this job because I had an interest in home improvement from the very beginning and Lowe is one of the most established names when one thinks about home improvement. Also, the company’s mission is to keep growing and providing value and customer satisfaction. I align with the company’s values and therefore decided to become an employee of the company. 

Ques: If you face a situation where you are asked to follow a new set of rules, what would be your strategy to comply with new rules? 

Tip: Sometimes the companies change their rules and regulations and the employees are not able to adjust accordingly. Therefore in an interview, the interviewer wants to check your flexibility. To answer this question, you can suggest solutions like one-on-one training, requesting a senior person to convey all the rules, etc. You can even give an example from a previous job where you have tried to adjust according to new rules and also helped others. 

Sample ans: Sir I know that sometimes rules can be changed. But if such a situation happens my first strategy is to read them thoroughly so that I don’t miss out on some important rule. If something is still unclear I request my seniors to have a one-on-one session so that the rules can be properly complied with. Once I become thorough with the rules I also explain to others about the rules. 

Even in my previous job when the rules were changed and my colleagues were having problems in understanding the new rule, I conducted a session for them to explain the rules. 

Ques: Imagine a situation where your colleague or your senior asks you to do something. But you find out that it is against the company policy. What would be your response? 

Tip: You have to stay honest and comply with the company policy. NO senior or colleague can override the company’s policy. Therefore in such a situation, your first response should be to first tell them that the said task violates the rules. If they don’t agree, you can talk to a more superior person and prevent yourself from going against the work. 

Sample ans: Sir if I have got some unethical work, my first task would be to tell the other person that this will violate the company’s code of conduct if they are ignorant of the fact. If they still compel me to perform the task, I would go to a senior and ask them to tell the subsequent actions that would be taken in case of unethical work. 

Ques: What according to you is the definition of good customer service? 

Tip: Customer service is always the priority of Lowe’s employees. Therefore interviewer might ask you this question to ask your version of customer satisfaction. You should not only explain the meaning of customer satisfaction in your words but also how you ensure the same while working. 

Sample ans: Sir, customer service in simple words is the feeling and opinion that customers form after shopping and leaving the store. Customer satisfaction is when they feel that the things they have purchased are worth it. The staff was friendly and supportive, the products were of good quality and value, and the complaints are being addressed. This is the true mantra of great customer service. 

Ques: How would you describe your problem-solving skills? 

Tip: Problem-solving is a necessary part of an employee’s personality. You will face different problems and handle different clients on day to day basis. This is why you must solve the problems at hand with smart thinking. You can even describe a situation from your past job where you were able to demonstrate your problem-solving skills. 

Sample ans: I think I have good problem-solving skills because whenever I encounter a problem I try to find quick solutions on proper reasoning. In the previous job also, I was praised for my effective decision-making and problem-solving skills. The problem faced in the previous job was that we were earning low revenues, due to which the company was not able to pay the salaries. 

Since it was a big catering company, it was limited to big parties only. But I analyzed the problem and understood that if we start catering in small gatherings also, we can have additional revenue and costs would also be low in small gatherings. When the idea worked out, I was praised for my problem-solving skill. 

Ques: If you have to deal with a rude customer, what would be your strategy? 

Tip: When you work in a popular company like Lowe you might not always get pleasant customers. Sometimes the customers are rude and you should be prepared to deal with them. But you have to be calm and listen to their problem. Understand the main cause of their rudeness and you can turn a rude client into a pleasant one. 

Sample ans: Sir, if I have to handle a rude client, I would first understand if he is having any problem with the customer service. I would solve such problems if any. I would talk to them patiently and understand their concern and try to satisfy them. 

Ques: Do you want to ask any questions from us? 

Tip: This question is asked at the end of the interview. Most of the candidates often fail to take advantage of this question. But you should try to ask some questions from the interviewer as that helps to show your interest in the company and job. Also, you can get an answer to some of the queries going on in your mind. 

The question should be related to the position or the work profile. Never ask a question about the payment or the additional benefits that you would get. Some of the questions that you can ask at the end are: 

  1. What according to you, is a typical or busy day in Lowe? 
  2. What according to you, is the best part about working in Lowe? 
  3. What are the expectations from a candidate applying for this job? 
  4. What qualities are needed to grow in this job and become a top performer? 

Interview preparation tips to boost your preparation

  1. Be mindful of what you wear: Your clothes will reflect your personality and discipline. Therefore you should avoid funky T-shirts, shabby dresses, or casual shoes. You should go in business formals which are properly ironed and a simple hairstyle. 
  1. Research is crucial to understand the vision of the Company and the job demand: Whenever you go for an interview round, the interviewer wants to make sure that you are genuinely interested in the job. Therefore it is crucial to do some beforehand research about the Company. Lowe’s mission statement will help you understand what they are looking for in you. 

The key elements are the right products, best service, and value in every service. Thus if ever they ask you what is crucial for success in this job, your answer should be a quality product, value, and good customer service. 

  1. Be thorough with the job description: Whenever a company releases a call for applications, the job description is also given. So before going for an interview read the job description carefully and pick the traits that they are looking for in suitable candidates. Also, you should try to be familiar with various home improvement tools, materials, equipment, etc., as they can be asked in the interview round to check your technical knowledge. 
  1. For behavioral interview questions, use the STAR technique: Behavioural questions are one of the most commonly asked interview questions because the: interviewer wants to put you in a particular situation and then assess your response. The ideal technique to deal with a behavioral question is to use the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, and Result). Whenever you get a question on teamwork, motivation, punctuality, honesty, problem-solving, ability to withstand pressure, leadership, etc. you can use a well-crafted story. 

In this technique, you will first demonstrate a situation similar to the one posed by the interviewer and then the tasks that you had to perform. Include the challenges faced and how you overcame them through reasoned actions. Lastly, conclude it by telling the result or the goal you achieved. It’s better to add some data in the result like two times growth, ten new customers, etc. 

  1. If you don’t have any experience with a situation, you can give a hypothetical response. In an interview, you might get some questions or situations which you have never faced. You can honestly tell that you haven’t witnessed such a situation so far. But don’t end it there. Continue by saying that if you face such a situation in the future, you would respond like this. 

Example: Have you ever faced a situation where one of your colleagues was stealing? 

Response: No, I have not come across such a situation. But in the future, I would not let anyone go against the company’s conduct. If I see someone stealing, I would act in the mode prescribed by the code of conduct of the company. I would report the matter immediately to the concerned senior. 

  1. Keep the interview conversational: Don’t take the interview pressure. Think of it like a conversation where your friend is asking some questions about you. Don’t be afraid to answer. Stay confident and calm, and go with the flow. 

What are the pros and cons of being a Lowe’s employee? 


  1. The Company is famous for its high employee satisfaction rate. 
  2. You get good pay and health benefits like 401k Plan 
  3. You will also get a discount of 15% on the goods purchased from Lowe. 


  1. The company is notorious for work injuries and safety issues. 

Rounding up:

Interview rounds are aimed at testing your confidence, personality, and presence of mind. There can be some mind-boggling questions or straight knowledge-based questions that you don’t know. But don’t worry. The interviewer also knows that no one is perfect in this world. Just keep a smile, stay confident and honest and show yourself as the most deserving candidate by bringing out your major strengths. Keep practicing the sample questions in front of a mirror or some elder person and take feedback which will help you to give your best. 

FAQs (frequently asked questions) 

Ques 1: how many employees are employed by Lowe and what are the most common job positions in Lowe? 

Ans: According to the company, it has almost 300,000 people in USA, Mexico, and Canada. The most common jobs offered by Lowe include department manager jobs, cashier jobs, or customer service associates. 

Ques 2: To become a home expert in Lowe, what kind of knowledge do you require? 

Ans: If you want to get selected as a home expert in Lowe, you should have good knowledge of home improvement solutions and show how you fit well in the job description. 

Ques 3: How much pay can one expect if he has just joined Lowe? 

Ans: Lowe usually pays around 11 USD per hour to its employees who have just joined. As you become experienced and become proficient in your work, your pay is raised to almost 20 Usd per hour. 

Ques 4: What is the minimum age required to apply at Lowe? 

Ans: To apply for a job in Lowe, you should be at least sixteen years old if it is an entry-level job. But if the job requires some knowledge and experience the minimum age might be fixed at eighteen years. 

Lowe’s interview questions- Skill to pursue

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