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Imagine someone working in a company with no day off, no health insurance, no office perks, absolutely zero benefits at InterContinental Hotels Group. What would be their experience at the workplace? Employee benefits are essential for the employees in an organization. Although they are expensive for a company to offer to its workers, they are critical to the wellness of employees. These benefits range from direct to indirect benefits provided to the employees.

An organization’s productivity is enhanced if employees are compensated well. These benefits show that the company cares about its future; in the process, its employees are attracted, and the best talent is retained. The organization will also earn a competitive advantage over other brands. This article discusses the benefits that employees at InterContinental Hotels Group receive. 

IHG Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits at IHG

  • Office Perks
  • Health & Wellness
  • Paid Time Off
  • Financial Benefits

Office Perks

Non-wage benefits extended beyond regular salaries and benefits are sometimes an added value to employee experience. They are a way to support workers beyond their wages. They reinforce workplace culture. Work from home policy was introduced at InterContinental Hotels Group due to the Covid pandemic to contain the virus. About 57% of the employees agreed to work from home during the pandemic.  It was important for their health and is an excellent example of a perk. 

Unique office space is another vital perk at the company. The company has a vast workforce though it is dedicated to personalization. The fantastic experience offered to employees is essential for the organization’s success. Employees enjoy working from any room with robust internet connectivity and spacious meeting rooms. 

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are necessary for human beings. Employees are no exception. Employees at IHG are given dental insurance that covers dental care and is separate from medical insurance that has deductibles plans before providing the actual treatment. Dental care of oral examinations and preventive dental treatments are essential for the employees. At IHG, employees are provided with the dental insurance 

Health insurance is also provided at InterContinental Hotels Group to pay medical bills for the employees and other health care costs. These benefits help employees pay health care bills when needed. 

Protection from financial loss that grants employees cash benefits in departing planet earth forever is crucial. This is life insurance, which may cover employees’ mortgage and personal loans. This type of insurance follows the employee when he retires, and they are no longer insured by InterContinental Hotels Group company. 

Paid Time Off

Paid holidays are holidays that employers may give as paid days off to the workers, although no law requires employers to provide this benefit to employees. At InterContinental Hotels Group, employees are given paid holidays to motivate them to work extra hard to contribute to the organization’s growth and profitability. 

Maternity leave for breastfeeding mothers is essential for them. This move of benefit to employees is helpful since it can save the infant’s life. Therefore, companies give time off work for pregnant mothers because women in this state are mostly deprived of sleep. This is due to unexpected feeding patterns of the child in the womb. At IHG, pregnant mothers are given time off work to take great care of their newborns. 

Financial Benefits

A retirement plan takes care of employees’ post-retirement days and helps them lead a stress-free life, which is very important for them. This plan allows them to have a culture of saving their money towards their retirement while still working. It helps them invest now for financial security when they retire. Employees are provided with this type of benefit at the InterContinental Hotels Group.

Tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance is provided to employees to pay a predetermined amount of education fees for coursework to be applied for a degree in a particular institution. This is important as it will reduce employee turnover. These employees will therefore remain longer with the organization. 

In conclusion, employee benefits are essential for both the company and employees. For the company, it reduces employee turnover, motivates employees, and this is important since the company’s productivity is enhanced. Benefits both direct and indirect provided to employees positively affect their work experience. They motivate them and give them hope in their work life. Office perks, health and wellness paid time off, and financial benefits benefit the IHG organization offers to its employees.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

  1. What Benefits do IHG employees get?

Employees at IHG are entitled to Office perks, health and wellness, paid time off, and financial benefits

  1. What is paid time off like at IHG?

Paid Time Off (PTO) and Paid Holiday policy at IHG is ranked as the second most crucial employee benefit after healthcare. 

  1. Why are benefits good for employees at IHG?

Employee benefits have a positive effect on employee work experience.

IHG employee benefits- Learn more

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