LDS Temple Interview Questions- With answers

LDS Temple Interview Questions


Temple is one of the most sacred places and is considered the House of the God in Jesus Christ’s LDC (Latter Day Saints) Church. Accordingly, an interview round is scheduled to allow entry to only worthy people. So, If you are going for a one on one LDS temple interview questions, you should prepare some of the most commonly asked LDS temple interview questions. In this article, we will give you LDS interview questions along with sample mock answers to help you ace your interview. 

List of LDS temple interview questions (with mock answer): 

Ques 1: Why do you believe that you should be allowed to contribute to the ordinances of the temple after entering the lord’s place? 

The Demand of the question: In this question, you have to show your worthiness for entering into the holy place. Show your trust in God and knowledge of relevant holy texts. You can elucidate about your knowledge of the holy text and how you have followed all the ceremonies that make you worthy to enter the church. 

Model answer: I feel that I am worthy of entering the holy place and allowed to contribute to temple ordinances. This is because I believe that as human beings, we must maintain the beauty and sanctity of this place through cooperation.  I understand that the temples are there to teach us and shower blessings. I am well versed with the Ten Commandments and fulfill my duty towards God with sincere responsibility. 

Ques 2: How can you show your compliance with the ‘law of chastity? 

The demand of the question: Here, you need to show your understanding of the law of chastity (which demarcates the moral code for sexual relationships). Based on the rules demarcated, you can prove that you follow the morals enlisted in the law of chastity. 

Model Answer: Yes, I comply with the rules of law of Chastity. The Law of chastity, which is primarily a moral code of conduct allows the sexual relationship between an only legally married man and woman. The law criticizes adultery and promotes morally healthy thoughts, actions and words. 

Ques 3: How do you show your faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy God? 

The demand of the question: Almost every question asked in the LDS temple interview is aimed at checking your faith in God and how you comply with the norms of the church. Similarly, in this question also, you have to show that you are a sincere follower of all the church norms. In this way, you can prove your faith in Jesus Christ. 

Model answer: Yes, I have a sincere faith in Jesus. I have read the Bible and, I acknowledge that Jesus Christ was hanged to compensate for the men’s sin. So, I pray daily from my heart and ask for forgiveness for my sins. I understand all the archetypes of God like the Father, Son, the Divine spirit, and the Holy Ghost and show my sincere faith in God by following the church guidelines. 

Ques 4: Would you like to any incident or conduct by you or your family which you feel does not comply with what the church preaches? 

The demand of the question: In this question, the bishop or the second interviewer wants to know if you have disobeyed the church preachings in the past. It’s recommended to answer this question in a negative and show that you and your family have tried to follow all the church preachings in the past and will continue doing so in the future too. 

Model answer: No, I don’t feel me or my family has at any time done anything against the church teachings. We are well versed in all the teachings and beliefs of the church. We have obediently followed the teachings of the five doctrines of the Christian church. 

Ques 5: Do you keep a testimony of ‘The Atonement of the Christ and his role as a savior and Redeemer’ with you? 

The demand of the question: This is a direct question and every interviewee should answer this question in the affirmative (i.e. you should be having this testimony with you). You can mention some points about this testimony to show that you have it. This question can also be changed, and you might be asked if you have a testimony of the restoration of the Gospel, for which you should also ideally say a yes. 

Model answer: yes, I have the testimony of ‘the Atonement of the christ and his role as a savior and redeemer. It is said that only Jesus Christ could do atonement for humanity. Atonement refers to the process of repaying for our sins. Therefore, Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to reconcile mankind, and God by repaying for sins. 

Ques 6: If you were to tell your affiliation with any particular church what would you say? 

The demand of the question: Through this question, the person taking the interview wants to test your skills and faith. You can talk in-depth about how affiliation with a church is not what matters, but genuine faith is crucial. In this way, you can talk about the universal value of the belief rather than affiliating to a particular church. 

Model answer: I believe that it is not essential to have an affiliation with a particular church. In reality, your faith in Bible and Christ matters. Therefore I don’t have any affiliation with a particular church. Even if I look into the meaning of the Greek word from which ‘church’ is taken, Church is used to refer to people showing faith in Jesus and his power to provide salvation to mankind. 

Ques 7: can you call yourself a member of a group or a follower of a preacher whose views are opposite to what the Latter Day Saints or Jesus Christ Church believe? 

The demand of the question: The church authorities want you to work per church preachings and rules. So they want to test if you have gone against these preachings. SO the answer should ideally be no because you have to show your compliance with the church norms to pass the LDS interview. 

Model answer: No, I don’t believe that I can call myself a member of an anti-church group or hold views opposite to the preachings of the Jesus Christ church. But I respect the opinion of all the people and try to defend the church preachings with a rational counter. 

Ques 8: Do you believe that you fulfill all the covenants like attending the meetings and sacrament, obeying the gospel commandments, etc? 

The Demand of the question: Again, you should answer in the affirmative to show your compliance to all the requirements of the church. You can elucidate about how you attend the church regularly, connect with people, serve humanity, etc. 

Model answer: yes, I fulfill all the covenants made by me with God sincerely. These promises include following the Gospel laws and attending the church to connect with God. I don’t leave any opportunity to help needy people and contribute to social harmony. Even I take my children to the church and teach them about spirituality (if you have children, you can say this too). 

Ques 9: Can you call yourself honest as far as your conduct with your fellowmen is considered? 

The demand of the question: We all know that Honesty is the best policy and this is also expected out of you. You can say that I try that I do my best to stay as much honest as I can with my co-workers, family member, and other people that I meet. You can also cite some examples of your honesty. 

Model answer: Yes, I believe I try out every possible way to stay as honest as I can with my fellow human beings. I don’t consider myself dishonest because I have always put the interest of the community over me whenever I am in dilemma. Recently, too, when I found a lost item that looked costly, I did not compromise my honesty. I put a notice to find the owner and used tactics to get the owner. At last, I was able to hand over that precious item to a genuine person. 

Q10: Do you pay the tenth part of your earning i.e. full-tithe, to the church? 

The demand of the question: Tithe also called the tenth part of the earning was earlier a compulsory thing to be paid to the church or the government. But now it’s voluntary. So if you say that you are a regular tithe payer this increases your chance to clear this LDS interview. You can also talk about the relevance of this tithe in serving humanity. 

Ans: Yes, I pay the tithe as suggested by the handbook of instructions issued by the church. Tithe plays an essential role in bridging the economic inequality because the history of the church preaching says that it is used for the welfare of widows, orphans, the poor, etc. Therefore, I pay the full-tithe to the church. In this way, I contribute to the upliftment of the poor and obey the church’s preachings. 

Final words

LDS temple selection comprising of two interviews can indeed be vexing. But the ultimate purpose is to check your compliance with the church preachings. Understand the motive behind the question and back it up with your knowledge of the church preachings. In this way, you can easily pass the interview with flying colors. 

LDS Temple Interview Questions- With answers

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