Dental Hygienist Colleges- And careers

Dental Hygienist Colleges

The focus of this article is to provide you the details of the Dental Hygienist Colleges and their careers.

Dental Hygienist Colleges

This career option of a dental hygienist has gained visible popularity in the world. This generation which is raising health enthusiasts every day is one of the many reasons why this profession gained its demand. Various tasks are performed by a hygienist, towards a patient individually as well as with a dentist. They are relied upon for giving health advice for your dental hygiene which further reduces chances of oral diseases. It is not only a very prominent profession but also a very lucrative career option to select. The growing demand for hygienists has given rise to more than three hundred programs offering dental hygiene in their schooling options in the country.

The spiraling interest in the profession by the upcoming generation has already rocketed the courses offered for education by universities and colleges. To be a practicing dental hygienist one has to obtain a license and this requirement can vary from one state to the other. This license is attained by enrolling and completing a program of 2-3 years. A dental hygienist certificate demands a clearance in both written and clinical examination. Their role comprises of varies from educating people on their oral hygiene to doing diagnosis tests alongside a dentist. They can further choose to be a surgeon, nurse, assistants and also researchers, or teachers if they further take up bachelor’s and master’s degree education in the field. There’s a long list of colleges that offer this course top three places on the list are occupied by

  1. New York University
  2. University of Michigan 
  3. University of Southern California

These universities attained their positions by offering great results and producing excellence in the profession. Furthermore, the list also contains prestigious universities like

  1. Texas A&M University 
  2. University of North Carolina at Chapel hill
  3. University of Missouri
  4. Ohio State University
  5. University of Washington
  6. University of Pittsburgh
  7. University of Minnesota

The ever-increasing demand for a hygienist and its popularity as an ambition amongst the coming generation makes it an admired job to choose in midst of the innumerable options of careers put in front of a person. The job definitely demands and requires determination in the initial study period but surely rewards in the end. This profession seems to be dominated by women right now but surely is expecting evolution and balance in the future. Around 150,000 hygienists are practitioners right now in the United States. Some colleges discussed below might help you to make up your mind and simplify your process of choosing and enrolling in the best one.

1)New York University:

The New York University is a private not-for-profit university in New York. It offers two dental hygienist degree programs and it is offered by the Office of Allied Health at New York University. In 2019, fifty-four students graduated with the associate’s degree, and fifteen students passed with the bachelor’s degree in this course of the dental hygienist in the university. This program is completed in four years in academia. The bachelor’s calls for 128 total credits in the total time period. It supports both online and offline learning patterns both depending on the category, of course, one opts for. This course in the university additionally demands two internships that have to be completed before winding up the graduation. Overall, this university rightfully stands on the top universities as it does not fail to produce gems in the field in academics as well as in practical skills.

2)University of Michigan: 

This university is especially known for the exceptional education that it has succeeded to provide to its students since the day it was established. This school of dentistry at the university has achieved the fourth rank in the world. It offers a two-to-four-year program under the dental hygiene program to attain a bachelor’s degree and in addition to this it provides the students with four, degree courses in the field and to name a few there are the master’s degree and the degree completion track these out of the many courses have the option of online education. They prioritize producing bright practitioners, researchers, and administrators in academics and physical practices.

3) University of Southern California:

This university has its upper hand in the field with over eighty years’ experience of the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry in training the students of Dental hygiene. A clinical experience in addition to written education is provided in the university. Graduates can further pursue a master’s degree and opt for research work as well as administrative jobs. This university outdoes itself by additionally offering the students with the Bachelor’s doctorate program, this course is an additional six-year program that provides the students with intensive training. With the ongoing training and education, it also has volunteering as a part in the required areas making them experts in their fields be it Dental Hygienist, Dental care or dental surgery, etc.

4) Texas A&M University:

Texas A&M University offers two, degree programs for the profession of the dental hygienist. This program gets completed in two years. The university offers a bachelor’s degree from the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene and provides its students with a license once they clear their National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and clinical examination. The students can then further pursue their masters in the field. The course facilitates both full-time as well as modified programs that provide the students an advantage to choose themselves according to their schedule. In the year 2019, twenty-eight students graduated with a bachelor’s degree. It is a beautiful, large university in the city and one should definitely keep it in mind while choosing their university.

5) University of North Carolina at Chapel hill:

This is a large university situated in a small city that offers two programs for the degree of dental hygienist. The students learn nutrition, oral health, ways to prevent dental diseases, dental ethics, etc. For admission to the School of Dentistry after admission to the university, a student needs to complete the prerequisite courses and a personal interview round. In 2019, the university made thirty-eight students graduate with one in the lot also obtaining the certificate. This university has also acquired a 91% graduation rate. Inculcating leadership and ethics are prioritized by the faculty of the university which moreover helps in producing excellent hygienists for the world.

6) University of Missouri:

The University of Missouri can also be seen as a one of its kind in the city. It is situated in Kansas City and has been operating since the year 1881. The undergraduate degree of a hygienist in this university requires one twenty-four-semester hour. The students who want to enroll in the university are required to complete general education courses of two years. After admitting and taking up the courses the students then appear for the national licensing exam to attain their license and then pursue their dream of becoming an ethical dental hygienist. The university has a 68% graduation rate and manages to provide the world with its proficient batch.

7) Ohio State University:

The Ohio State University has a four years bachelor’s degree for the course of science in dental hygiene. It is the only dental school found in the state. This university supports a flexible schedule for the benefit of the students enrolling in it. The university facilitates the usage of online as well as offline courses that too with an option of full-time and part-time programs for the undergraduates and the graduates. The students can choose any program that benefits them. Another degree completion program is offered by the college for the licensed dental hygienist. To conclude this university is the only one to offer this level of versatility in their courses and is an excellent option for the students who find it hard to cope with their full-time education and jobs.

8) University of Washington:

It is one large, public university in Seattle, Washington. This university has only one graduate degree in the field of the dental hygienist. It also offers a two-year master’s program. To enroll in this program a student must qualify for their two-years general education. After the completion of the course offered by the university, the next step becomes giving the exam for the license. The students can moreover choose to continue their practice or to pursue master’s next in their career. The graduation rate that this university is able to produce is approximately 84% which is a fair percentage to consider it in your list of college you consider to enroll in.

9) University of Pittsburgh:

The University of Pittsburgh is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It offers its students the programs of associate degree and bachelor’s degree. With the education in any one of the programs, one can appear for their license exam. Additionally, it also offers students with a background in dental hygiene the Baccalaureate Degree Completion program to facilitate and encourage their further studies. The education given in the university is to make their students efficient and outstanding in their jobs and to attain this goal the college provides their apprentices a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The classes can be availed in a full-time, part-time, and online format. 

 10)University of Minnesota:

This University is the chief center which also provides its locality with the services of treatment and access to five states. The University of Minnesota is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It offers the programs of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The master’s degree can be availed in the online format as well. The students graduating and pursuing their education from this university are trained in the best way possible. The university treats more than 105,000 patients in a year and these experiences perfect their batches to further pursue work in public or private sectors in the field of dental hygienists.  

Up to now, you might be clear about the colleges to go for and begin your journey towards becoming a successful dental hygienist. Below you can find the description of this job to further increase your knowledge of the contents you will study in these programs and universities.

Education and license:

To attain the education in the course of dental hygienist a student needs to sign themselves into two to three years programs that focus on educating the pursuer everything about the career they are about to set in. These programs are available in all the above-mentioned colleges and universities. An associate degree, bachelor’s, and master’s degree are the graduations to be passed by an individual to become a hygienist. An associate degree is the one mostly opted for as the latter two are taken up by the students to pursue careers of a researcher or an administrator. 

To work as a dental hygienist, one has to have a license. To take up and acquire this license an individual has to sit for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. After obtaining the passing marks in the exam the acquirer can add R.D.H after their names, this addition to the name can be used as proof conforming you to be one of the registered dental hygienists. 

Role of a Dentist Hygienist:

A dental hygienist has many roles to play be it individually or in a public or private sector in a clinic with a doctor. 


They play a huge role in reviewing the dental history of the patient, they are required to study their cases and work relentlessly to provide their customer or patient with the best possible solutions as well as oral health. The hygienists are also responsible for screening the patients before they are examined by the dentist. This method of screening before the treatment makes it easier for the dentist and the hygienist to treat their patient. This method does not only make the process easier but also makes it efficient and more precise.

Dental Cleaning:

They also conduct certain treatments with or without the dentist. Certain treatments that come under the responsibility of a hygienist are performing dental cleaning, under this they help the patients to maintain their oral health by responsibly removing cavities, avoiding stained teeth and tooth loss on time without making the condition go worse.

Print X-Rays:

Moreover, they are expected to take the X-rays of their patients to make them avoid any disease or infection relating to tooth decay or oral health by detecting them in the x-rays and making the treatment of the affected easier. 


They can be also referred to as a counselor for the oral health to the patient as they work and makes a patient aware about their oral health and how it can be improved over a period of time. 

Applying Preventive cares:

Added responsibilities of a hygienist lie in the applying of certain preventive care that includes the treatments done with Fluoride and sealant, these applications play a significant part in preserving the oral health of the patient in between the appointments.


A hygienist is an integral part of the health care system. These co-workers of the health care society not only perform these roles but also perform office management tasks as well as take care of all the documentation carried out in the offices. 

A Dental hygienist acts as a bridge that connects the dentist and the patient and so is measured as a very important part of the system. 

Careers related to Dentist hygienists:

The course and education of dental hygienists open many gates of opportunities to the one who pursued it. Every particular job selection has its own set of advantages as well as salary patterns. Some jobs in some areas might pay higher compared to the job performed and the services provided. Some of the career paths to name are


A dental hygienist can pursue the career of a dentist. A dentist treats every oral health which may include the teeth, the gums, and various parts of the human mouth of a patient. They educate and treat the affected and play a huge role in improving oral health and reducing oral diseases of individuals. The average salary of a dentist marks $178,268 approximately, this value may vary with different states but this profession does not fail to earn huge respect in the society.

Dental Assistants:

The dental assistants work to assist the dentists in the public or private sectors. Their roles to play are to take out x-rays, documenting, and administering different cases led by the dentist. They are also responsible for arranging appointments of the patients with the dentist and looking after the paperwork. The work to be performed by the assistants depends on the dentist they work under. The average salary that this job provides is $41,170. This option can come in handy for beginners who want to gain experience and intern under excellent dentists.

Registered Nurses:

A registered nurse can earn up to an average salary of $77,460. This career option requires the pursuer to care for and educate their patients as well as the society. They are required to pursue and help the patient in their journey to attain the perfect oral health. It is an excellent job option to choose from.

Dental Physicians and Surgeons:

A dental physician and surgeon work for the welfare of people suffering from oral issues. A physician examines and prescribes medications to the patients. Their role further expands in counseling the patient in their best interest and medicating and instructing them about their diet. Surgeons handle the job of certain oral diseases, injuries, tumors, and also broken bones. The average salary of this job can go up to $208,000. It is a lucrative as well as a favorable job option for the students qualifying in the course of a dental hygienist.

Registered Dental Hygienist:

After qualifying for the dental hygienist programs the students can obtain their license and be start their own career be it in a public or a private sector. By registering themselves they can legally pursue their career and make a good lifestyle for themselves. The role of a hygienist in society with the minimum annual wage being $104,420 this job can definitely be on the list of the career options to pursue. 


What is the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist?

Answer: While both the jobs deal with oral health people might confuse one for another which is not actually the case. A dental hygienist and a dentist are partially similar and also somewhat different. The similarities in both their jobs are their treatment for oral health issues and also the advice and counseling they provide to their patient.

A dental hygienist resolves comparatively less complicated cases than a dentist. While the former is responsible for maintaining the oral health of patients by advising them, providing them with the services of dental cleaning and preventive care, and the latter deals with cases requiring special training. The dentist is responsible for resolving oral health issues like fractured teeth, root canal treatment and performing dental implants, etc. The dental hygienists are also found assisting the doctors for comparatively larger surgeries. On the whole, a person might contact a dentist or a dental hygienist for their dental issues both will provide excellent services according to their knowledge.

This article has the combination of information a student might need to finalize their future toward becoming a registered dental hygienist or even to start their career in the field of dentistry. To pursue a career in an ever-growing job is a profitable as well as an intelligent choice. A dental hygienist is a career for empathetic, confident, and conversationalist people. These skills are enhanced and polished in the universities mentioned above.

The practical skills along with the exceptional education provided are what a student looks for in a university and the few mentioned above do the need full. It is a lucrative job with overflowing job opportunities in both, the public and the private sector. These qualities make this career option a magnet to attract the upcoming generation to follow their dreams and also put their methods and knowledge to practice.  

Dental Hygienist Colleges- And careers

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