H&M Hiring Age- Job roles, Benefits and Salaries

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From fashionable outfits to every accessory are available in the world’s largest retailer store H&M. It provides several opportunities in employment. H&M works in the development of their customers as well as their employees. If fashion is your sector working in H&M could give you the chance to shine through your job. Working in H&M will fill your day with customers styling outfits uniquely. There are various departments in H&M where you can get a job. But to work at the store the person must be above 18 years old. This article details the H&M Hiring age. Let’s dive into the details.

H&M Positions:

There are various positions of hiring. That includes entry-level sales advisor to store manager, which is the upper-level management.

  1. Sales Advisor: Sales advisors are people who provide help to customers. They make sure that the customer has a great experience of shopping. A sales advisor answers the query of customers, locate a specific section for them, help them find the way to changing room, etc. A store needs a sales advisor so, that customers can engage and end up buying a product from the store.
  2. Stockroom Associate: The organization of the stockroom and placing all merchandise on the floor during sale time is the duty of the stockroom associate. Whether it be accessories, new products, or restocking, this must be handled by the stockroom associate.
  3. Department Manager: A department manager oversees the work and manages the employees. The manager has to provide activities to the staff. The department manager must have the reports of their department employees and maintain a positive environment within the department.
  4. Cashier: The person who makes the final bill and packs the purchased items for the customer is referred to as the cashier. Their job is to provide the customer their purchased product safely. Also, they make sure that the customer paid for the particular item.
  5. Store Manager: A store manager is responsible to control all the departments. The manager will appoint employees and train them. They organize the store and expect to make a profit for the store.
  6.  Visual Merchandiser: The person responsible for displaying all the garments and outfits before the sale is the visual merchandiser. Their job is to make strategies to bring an outfit in the highlight of the customer. They plan and display the garments at the store.

How much is the Salary?

Working in different positions has different salary structures. The upper-level management earns high as compared to the entry-level position. The below table explains the salary structure as well as the age of hiring at H&M.

PositionSalary Age
Sales Advisor$9- $16 per hour18 years and above.
Department Manager$18- $26 per hour18 years and above.
Stockroom Associate$8 – $12 an hour18 years and above.
Store Manager$49,000- $76,000 per year18 years and above.
Cashier $10 – $12 per hour18 years and above. 
Visual Merchandiser$13- $24 per hour18 years and above

Application for Job:

While applying for the job, certain things might be confusing. So while filling the application form, make sure to cover these steps.

  • Check the Qualification: Before taking the step of applying for the job, always check the qualification. Be sure that you are qualified and have the necessary skills. This step might help to get the job.
  • Have a Cover Letter:  When you apply for the job at H&M, they may ask you to provide a cover letter.  Be sure to have one. If not, then prepare one. The cover letter must give in the details of your skills, and how you are a better fit for the position you are applying for.
  • Fill the Application Completely:  A complete application is necessary. If you left out too many questions unanswered, then it might sound like you are avoiding them. Make sure to go through the application, read all the questions, and have a meaningful answer. 
  • Follow up: After submitting the application H&M will reach out to you within two weeks if you meet their requirements. And if you didn’t get any message, follow up with the company by contacting them. That will also show your interest in the job.

Tips to Apply Online for H&M job:

When you apply for the job do prior homework on the company and research the employees, who worked there before. Below are some application tips:

  • Do Research: Have a proper amount of research in the position you are going to apply for. This will help you know the required skills for the job. Researching about the job will be helpful in many ways.
  • Application: An application must always be completely filled. Fill all the sections in the application, attach all the required documents. Also, mention the position you are applying for and emphasize your skills.
  • Recheck the Application: Always double-check the application for any errors. Ask someone else to check it and then submit it.

Benefits for H&M Employees:

  • The company provides a 25% discount for any store product.
  • A complete vacation package is given to the employees.
  • The company also provide paid holidays including birthday.
  • H&M has flexible wellness days for their employees.
  • H&M also provides financial security and offers benefits on parking & transit.
  • It also has a 401(k) retirement plan for the employees.
  • H&M has medical, dental, pharmacy as well as vision insurance
  • The company also provides eight weeks of paid parental leave. 


H&M is one of the renowned stores. A person having an interest in fashion and thinking of applying for any position at H&M must be at least 18 years old. The U.K accepts employees for about 16 years. Research the position before applying. Also, the benefits of H&M are worth having, but they depend on the employment: part-time or full time. Every position has the same age limit for hiring, but the salary varies. H&M also has many management-level programs which also have high pay rates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.  Is working for H&M a good job?

Answer: H&M is the world’s largest company. Working part-time at H&M can benefit the students. As compared to other retailers H&M’s, pay wages are greater. Also, H&M provides high benefits to the employees that are based on the employment type.

  1. Do you need experience working in H&M?

Answer: Experience is necessary for getting a job at H&M. As it is not a friendly entry-level company. But the experience varies from position to position. So if you are applying for sales advisor or stockroom associate, then you need a minimum of six months of retail experience. Whereas for a higher position like department manager, the minimum experience required in retail is one year.

  1. What are H&Ms basic demands?

Answer: H&M has some basic demands for their employees. There is five rule of H&M for customer service. They are:

  • Always wear a name badge.
  • Make eye contact with people.
  • Always greet a customer with hello.
  • Smile while dealing with a customer.
  • Always say thank you at the end.

These are some things that H&M demands from their employees while dealing with customers.

  1. Does H&M provide employee discounts?

Answer: Every employee of H&M is entitled to a certain percentage of discount while shopping at H&M worldwide. H&M employees in the U.S receive a 25% discount on all brands of H&M. H&M also provides discount cards to employee’s friends and families when they shop at the store.

H&M Hiring Age- Job roles, Benefits and Salaries

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