Facebook Production Engineer Interview Questions- Know More


Facebook production engineers are working with expert engineering teams and partners to champion the Reliability, Scalability, Performance, and Security posture of production services. They are a mixture of software/system engineers who make sure that the services are run well. They have a capacity for the future growth of Facebook. The Product engineer managers are trying the best of their abilities to match up a good candidates’ ideal %-breakdown to the needs of the department and company. Here we will see about Facebook Production Engineer Interview Questions

Facebook Production Engineer Interview Questions

How long does the interview process take for a product engineer at facebook

The Interview process usually takes 2 to 8 weeks.

Steps of interview

1. Application and referrals

Facebook’s HR Team will directly reach out to you via LinkedIn or any other business or job application in which you have already applied. Make sure your resume looks attractive and good because that will be tailored to the production engineer position at Facebook and many more companies or brands.

2. Recruiter phone screen

Their HR recruiter will be connecting with you by phone call for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The HR recruiter is looking to find out whether you can do the job or not. They are just confirming that you have got a chance to get a job or not. They will be asking just simple questions like tell me about yourself and why you choose Facebook for a product engineer. Why do you want to be a product engineer? Etc. You can answer that by adding your opinions and your inspiration for doing product engineering.

3. Technical screening

When you pass the first HR screen then you will have 45 minutes video calls with a Facebook engineer that is-

1. A coding screen- A coding screen is that in which you have to solve your problems like an algorithm.

2. A linux/systems screen – where you may be expected for a little open-ended question. They will be asked about operating systems and debugging in Linux.

4. Onsite interview

When you passed the technical screening. They will be conducting a real test for you and invite you to the test that is a full-day onsite interview at a Facebook office.

1. A coding interview – An interview in which you have to solve the algorithm problems on a whiteboard and you will have to solve at least two coding problems.

2. A systems interview- An interview in which you have to face a complex or compound range of questions on Linux.

3. A networking interview- An interview in which they will be testing your knowledge or ability and your thinking.

4. A design/ architecture interview- An interview in which they will be asked to design a system or a botnet for the Facebook product.

5. A career interview- An interview In which they will ask some questions based on your resume like your project management, communication skills of yours. Etc.

Interview questions

1:- What are Linux/ Systems screens?

It is an open-ended question about the operating systems and debugging in Linux.

2:- Write an algorithm to determine if a string is a palindrome.

An algorithm is well defined as a sequence that tells the computer to solve the problem. It is a series in which we have to solve our problems.

3:- What is the Facebook mission?

The Facebook mission is to connect the world and bring people closer together. They will give people a platform to express themselves about the things and their biography that they will care about the most.

4:- What do you think about the competition on Facebook?

Facebook strengths are very important that other providers do not have. It is a social graph power for connection between friends and family and that enables you to unlock. They have much more value both in the watching experience but also in terms of content recommendation.

5:- How does the system call go from kernel space?

All levels from the kernel to the user space are up for discussion only. Then doing some troubleshooting is also good.

6:- Are you aware of the Tools which are available for you to diagnose the problem?

Yes, some of the tools are like troubleshooting, tools for tracking and isolating systems-level performance issues, and review logs.

7:- What are some pain points that creators have?

There are some pain points that creators have are-

1. They have to approach their script and the general pitch that is valuable to people.

2. The lack of the skills needed to get the movie to full fruition. They will need to bring in more people with more skills. Some people create the movie alone, like the loneliness experienced nowadays in socially distant times. Right now, some people record themselves alone in various places.

8:- What if you are the product engineer for reactions on Facebook and Facebook reactions are up 20% but the comments are down 10% then, what do you do?

We will be able to find a problem that the users face. It is the reaction products that were created to replace or an alternative to the original Facebook-like button. The intention was to help users to express their variety of emotions or feelings towards content being shared on Facebook.

9:- What is a system Interview?

The systems interview is a necessary component of Facebook’s production engineering for the hiring process. It aims to test the underlying workings of a Linux system. The reason for Facebook or any company is to operate the scale of the production.

10:- What are two possible directions of Facebook systems?

1. Linux and UNIX internals

2. Troubleshooting

Interview preparation tips

  • Always keep the goal in your mind like you are going to be coding in a working solution to a problem that you have asked and, you have to do this within a reasonable time frame. That is the reason why it is ultimately necessary.
  • Once you get a question, take a step back and understand what your interviewer is trying to achieve by asking you that question. Ask clarifying questions if you have them scope the problem and plan out the solution rather than diving straight into the code.
  • Edge cases are necessary but keep some perspective on how important they are relative to the final solution you are trying to get to. It is always okay to check in on stuff like this with your interviewer, generally speaking, and verbalizing your thought process can actually help a lot during the interview.
  • If your interviewer challenges you that you have made or gives you a hint. That is your opportunity to take it in, and this is your opportunity to adapt or iterate.
  • It’s alright to change your mind acknowledging mistakes because changing your approach maturely is a good thing.
  • Do not sweat the small stuff and, it is okay not to know the exact syntax for instance we recommend you pick a language that you are familiar with to minimize this as much as possible but, if you cannot remember the main point then, tell your interviewer and move on.
  • The product engineers are very holistic in their talents and interests. The interview process is to understand their ability or knowledge so be confident during the interview. 
  • Do not search on the internet for the right syntax and instance.
  • Don’t be afraid of your interviewer and share your thoughts or opinion honestly with your interviewer as they will notice that. 
  • Answer every question carefully and properly. Learn and practice all the five types of the interview on Facebook like coding, systems, networking, design, and architecture, career. You can go through and check some websites and books about the interview process, It will help you to practice.


Facebook is a social media platform. The products extend far beyond social media. The product engineer is usually ensuring their services are going better or not. They are controlling it with expert teams of engineers. The product engineer can grow Facebook’s future. The product engineer has lots of work to manage for the Facebook career and future growth. The interview of a product engineer is conducted through a phone call or a screen share at virtual apps. The interview process is to understand their ability or knowledge so be confident during the interview.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1:- How do I prepare for my interview?

You can focus on your achievement or goal and be confident. You can practice a few questions with a whiteboard and marker or you can use pen and paper.

2:- How much time did they give me to write and finish the answer?

You will have limited time for the coding questions. It will be necessary to finish the answer within that time limit only. Do not take too much time.

3:- Is the interview difficult?

No, you will have to be confident when you answer any question. They will ask a simple question for a product manager, so; prepare your best for the interview.

Facebook Production Engineer Interview Questions- Know More

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