Controller Interview Questions [With Answers]

Controller Interview Questions

Controller Interview Questions: How do you handle a difference with your supervisors? How do you work under pressure?

Today, with every job requiring an interview process, it is essential to equip yourself with likely questions you might face. Answering tough interview questions can be relatively easy if you understand the likely questions your interviewer may ask. For instance, when someone who has gone through a particular route while traveling can tell you what he faced. He is giving you a hedge of likely events or oppositions you might face in such a situation. It then depends on you on what course of action to take. That is also relevant when it comes to job interviews. 

We have had people who went through this process and scaled through. In this article, we will explore controller interview questions you may be asked when job hunting. This article’s answers serve Companies, and interviewers differ in what they want to hear when asking questions. Therefore, your answer shouldn’t be based only on the answers here but must be inconsistent with your interviewer’s wants. Nevertheless, preparing for an interview comes with a price; it prepares you on likely questions and anticipates difficult situations. It is vital to have a natural and unscripted opinion when going for an interview. It might look easier than said, but practicing these controller interview questions can give you a better view of an interview. 

Controller Interview Questions

Overseeing an accounting department in any organization is a daunting task that requires the best candidate. It requires someone with experience and is certified as an accountant while understanding every aspect of the business. These individuals can see a mistake in a company that others can’t easily spot. Despite how daunting the role might be, a controller enjoys a hefty compensation with other benefits. Interestingly, you do have to face absolute opposition because everyone won’t agree with your policies. However, your role is to identify and explain why you had to take such a decision. At times, internal auditors might perform regular checks, but a controller has the final control related to its finances. 

We have to put all of these into consideration in our controller interview questions. These questions would border on experience, case studies, strengths and weaknesses, and technical questions. There will also be behavioral questions to test how you relate to subordinates when under pressure. Remember, the answers in this article should serve as a guideline when faced with an interview process. The role of a controller is significant, and companies are careful in choosing a candidate. Besides the interview questions, they also perform background checks to ascertain you don’t have anything that would jeopardize their business in the future. With that understanding, you are ready to start your controller interview questions and answers to use when faced with any controller-related interview questions. Without further ado, let’s look at these questions that a controller might face in the course of their career.

Controller Interview Questions and Answers

  • How do you work under pressure? 

Tip: Here, the interviewer wants to assess your ability to work under intense pressure. To answer this question, you need to give an example relatable to the position you applied for. The example should paint a perfect picture of what you did, how you did it, and the outcome of your effort. 

Sample Answer:

I prefer to say I react to situations as opposed to stress. When handled correctly, most problems avoid becoming unnecessarily stressful. Thinking about this, I think I work better under stressful situations as it helps me give my best. From a stress management standpoint, I do go out for a workout to ease a stressful day.

  • What have you done regarding personal development within the last 12 months, considering that a controller’s role is always changing?

Tip: It would help if you showcased how you have professionally and personally developed yourself in your career field. Ensure to enlist every program you have attended and how it relates to the job role. However, if you don’t have anything specific to the role you are applying for, you can list your hobbies. However, leave an answer that shows you are self-sufficient, motivated, and can manage your time.

Sample Answer:

I took it upon myself to apply for a summer business analyst course online. Through this, I gathered relevant knowledge on teamwork and communication, including developing my managerial ability. However, while some of my personal development might not apply to this role, I believe it has improved the way I work.

  • What can we know about you or tell us about yourself?

Tip: Notwithstanding any interview you attend, the question “tell us about yourself” will always pop up. Your interviewer in this question as an icebreaker to ease you up. In other words, your goal is, to be honest, and open up to the interview.

  • We’ve got many experienced and great candidates, why should we hire you for the controller’s role?

Tip: An easy question to answer; however, avoid slamming your fellow candidates. On the other hand, you can use this question as an opportunity to sell yourself better. Here, it would be best if you did not think about others’ skills; instead, focus on your strength. Avoid using the following as reasons why you should be considered the role of the job.

  • I need the money
  • I live close to the office.
  • I don’t have a job and need this.

Sample Answer:

Completing my education, majoring in finance, has made me highly interested in finance-related roles. I look forward to making the best out of my knowledge and skill to help build this organization. Working with a reputable brand like yours will enable me to excel in my career.

  • How would you handle a project with a tight deadline?

Tip: This answer’s essence is to know how you can deal with challenging situations when the project has a tight dateline. Here, you have to describe your approach briefly while keeping a positive and confident attitude.

Sample Answer:

I usually break down tasks into smaller deliverables while allocating time and resources to urgent projects. I ensure each project is prioritized based on their requirements. 

  • How can your skills and knowledge improve our company?

Tip: The interviewer will assess what value you are bringing to the organization. Here, you have to be cautious in your reply; you need to highlight your knowledge and skills areas, demonstrating how you are an asset to the organization.

Sample Answer:

As a controller, I have always improved my knowledge and skills wherever I work; transparent communication, time management, and a detailed schedule are my priority when it comes to the job. These have helped me to fulfill my responsibilities and roles as a finance manager effectively and efficiently. I firmly believe in these. I can maximize the profits of this organization.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Tip: Although this question allows you to boast of your capabilities, it also evaluates your weaknesses. For the strength aspect, you should not see it as an opportunity to pound your chest. Still, your employees would benefit from working with you. in the area of weaknesses, it is a tricky question because if you state that you don’t have a weakness, your employer will assume you are lying or egotistical. 

Sample Answer:

I am an excellent team player in any role I work, besides being a motivator, problem-solving, and working under pressure. However, in terms of weaknesses, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my job, which most times my team can’t cope with. I am working on the understanding that everyone cannot put the same dedication I put in the job and allow room for people to improve.

  • How do you handle a difference with your supervisors?

Tip: Here, the interviewer is looking at your conflict resolution ability. It is inevitable to have conflicts with superiors, but how you handle, it matters a lot. It would help if you handled it professionally and ethically, and that is what the interviewer is judging here. To answer the question, you need to cite previous experience you faced and how it was resolved positively. 

Sample Answer

Previously disagreed with a superior about a project financial plan. Nevertheless, I discussed the issue with him calmly and how it would benefit the organization instead of an individual. Finally, we came up with a better resolution that was a win-win for the organization. I always take a professional and respective approach to issues regarding my superiors.


Experience counts when it comes to interviewing, especially in a controller position. However, it is about your capabilities and how your previous employers benefited from your experience. At times, you would face a panel, which meant be stressful as you answer both behavioral and career questions. The goal is to remain focus and deal with whatever question they ask. They won’t give you the role because you are the only person that applied, but because you qualified for that role. The questions and answers in this article are only a sample for you to use. It would help if you did proper research about the company and their office policies because not all answers will apply.

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Controller Interview Questions [With Answers]

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