Finance Manager Interview Questions [With Sample Answers]

Finance Manager Interview Questions

Do you have an upcoming interview to attend? The role of a finance manager is significant, and you need to understand the nature of questions your interviewer will ask. The question can vary from finance-related knowledge to behavioral and technical questions. Preparing beforehand can make it easier for you during the interview process. In this article, we will look at a few finance manager interview questions and provide sample answers. These sample answers will guide you as to your interview process such that it will be smoothly done. 

Finance Manager Interview Questions

Question 1: Why do you want to be the finance manager of this organization?

Tip: What the interviewer is doing here is assessing the reason for your application as a finance manager. Whatever answer you provide here will give him a clue of your capabilities. It would help if you spoke about your previous accomplishment in a similar role and why you applied for the job.

Sample Answer: Completing my education, majoring in finance has made me highly interested in finance-related roles. I look forward to making the best out of my knowledge and skill to help build this organization. Working with a reputable brand like yours will enable me to excel in my career.

Question 2: What experience do you have working as a Finance Manager?

Tip: The interviewer wants to know if you have experience or not as a finance manager. Here, he is assessing your skills to know if you meet up to the organization’s standards. To answer this question, you should have read the job description and relate it to your previous experience. Additionally, your answer should reflect the value you will bring to the company.

Sample Answer: I worked as a finance manager with XYZ firm, where I was part of numerous projects. I had the opportunity of preparing various financial plans and strategies for different projects while keeping records and leading my team to rational decisions that improve my previous company. Furthermore, I am good at managing deadlines, which has tremendously helped minimize expenses and maximize profit in my previous employment.

Question 3: How can your skills and knowledge add to our company?

Tip: The interviewer will assess what value you are bringing to the organization. Here, you have to be cautious in your reply; you need to highlight your knowledge and skills areas, demonstrating how you are an asset to the organization.

Sample Answer: As a finance manager, I have always improved my knowledge and skills; transparent communication, time management, and a detailed schedule are my priority when it comes to the job. These have helped me to fulfill my responsibilities and roles as a finance manager effectively and efficiently. I firmly believe in these. I can maximize the profits of this organization.

Question 4: Is financial management important for a company? Support your decision with a concrete explanation.

Tip: Here, your interviewer is assessing your career, whether you want to earn from your career or share the same financial management principles. Your goal is to relate your ideas with that of the objectives of financial management. Furthermore, highlight the legal importance financial management has for businesses. 

Sample Answer: Every company needs financial management irrespective of its scope because it enables them to run a business successfully. Filing tax returns, managing ROI, adequate supply of funds, framing financial policies, and fulfilling legal requirements are essential elements required to help a company meet its legal and organizational demands.

Question 5: Is it possible for an organization in substantial financial trouble to experience Positive Cash Flows?

Tip: This question is to test your ability on the tactics and techniques of maintaining a company’s reputation such that they don’t lose their existing clients. It will help if you answer such questions with experience and knowledge while proffering at least two ways to increase cash flows.

Sample Answer: Yes, any company in huge financial trouble can experience positive cash flows. However, it all depends on what the company does as there are several options available. I will share two significant ways that can improve your working capital. First, sell inventory while delaying payables; secondly, include lack of revenues in the pipeline. Evidently, these two can help save your public reputation when you need to save your company in huge financial trouble. 

Question 6: How do you handle a disagreement with your superiors even if you are right in your decision?

Tip: Here, the interviewer is looking at your conflict resolution ability. It is inevitable to have conflicts with superiors, but how you handle it matters a lot. It would help if you handled it professionally and ethically, and that is what the interviewer is judging here. To answer the question, you need to cite previous experience you faced and how it was resolved positively. The goal is to address the question positively that led to minimal friction with higher authorities.  

Sample Answer: Previously disagreed with a superior about a project financial plan. Nevertheless, I discussed the issue with him calmly and how it would benefit the organization instead of an individual. Finally, we came up with a better solution that was a win-win for the organization. I always take a professional and respective approach to issues regarding my superiors.

Question 7: How would you handle a subordinate mistake when the project is at a critical point?

Tip: Here, the interviewer aims to analyze your attitude and how you react to impromptu challenges or mistakes when dealing with your team. It would help if you had a positive and encouraging attitude when faced with such a situation. Additionally, you have to ensure such mistakes never retake the place.

Sample Answer: When planning for projects, I always leave room for any challenges and possible solutions to apply. Peradventure my subordinate effort led to a grave mistake, my role is to show such individual their wrong, how they can avoid it in the future, and motivate them. 

Question 8: What do you understand by financial management?

Tip: The question deals with your knowledge about financial management. The interviewer wants to ascertain you have the necessary knowledge of the industry. Here, you should provide a brief answer to the question while explaining financial management’s significance and how it works.

Sample Answer: Strategic financial management deals with managing a company’s finances through a reliable strategy. It enables a company to achieve its goals and objectives while increasing its ROIs, profits, and shareholder value.

Question 9: Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

Tip: As simple as this question might be, it entails a lot. Here, the interviewer wants to know your objectives and ambitions as a finance manager. Alternatively, the interviewer judges if you have any plans for the company or future with the organization. Ensure to enlist your objectives and goals. Furthermore, your answers should be realistic.

Sample Answer: In the next few years, I see myself with a reputable organization using my skills and experience to improve the company. 

Question 10: As a finance manager, how do you manage your time when it comes to projects?

Tip: The question is to test if you can manage your time effectively because it is an essential skill every finance manager must possess. Here, you should demonstrate your answer with an example of how you manage time with your team. Furthermore, describe your approach to time management.

Sample Answer: In following a schedule on projects, I ensure everything is done according to time. I break down every task into hours and days to make it easier to achieve the project’s goals and objectives.

Question 11: How would you handle a project with a tight deadline?

Tip: This answer’s essence is to know how you can deal with challenging situations when the project has a tight dateline. Here, you have to describe your approach briefly while keeping a positive and confident attitude.

Sample Answer: I usually break down tasks into smaller deliverables while allocating time and resources to urgent projects. I ensure each project is prioritized based on their requirements. 

Question 12: What equipment and tools are you conversant with as a finance manager?

Tip: The interviewer will know if you have experience in the industry or good know-how of essential financial management software and tools. You should at least mention the standard equipment and tools in your previous employment. To show you are conversant with these tools, you should explain how essential the tools are for you as a finance manager. It would show you have an excellent working knowledge of the tools.

Sample Answer: My role as a finance manager has exposed me to various tools and equipment in performing my duty. I have used various tools such as Tibero, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL. Furthermore, I have a good grip and can work excellently with SQL and Oracle. Besides this, I have a working knowledge of the latest software in the industry.


Starting a role as a finance manager starts with an interview. There is no better way for you to get that job you desire than preparing yourself with relevant interview questions. This article has analyzed essential finance manager interview questions to keep you ahead of the job industry.

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Finance Manager Interview Questions [With Sample Answers]

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