Business Development Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

Business Development Interview Questions

Business development executives are accountable for playing a very important role in regulating business opportunities in the organization. The main task of the executive is to increase the company’s sales by promoting and managing products. Let’s know some Business Development Interview Questions.

These goods are then sold to the customer at different prices to make revenue for the company. He is responsible for maintaining the raw materials for production and accelerating business cycles.

In this article, some sample questions with answers are discussed below, that will help in your business development interview. You can easily answer hard questions by formulating the right answers. You should have good communication skills and business management skills. This will improve the chances of getting appointed for the interview. Also, you should have problem-solving and rational skills when tough questions are asked. Some behavioral and technical questions are also inquired related to the business and marketing concepts in the business development executive interview.

Business Development Interview Questions

Q 1:State the main tasks of the business development executive?

Answer: You can give a brief insight, that your main task is finding the companies policies, examining the marketing strategies, and finding areas where the demand for the product is higher. To find the reasons why the demand and supply of that special product were reduced. Most of the time the sales are reduced due to the competition of the same product in the market. As the competitors provide the same product at decent pricing and with more features. Due to which the market becomes drenched at that point, and the customer starts losing interest in the product.

Sample: I will work honestly and sincerely and would contact customer service.

I will constantly monitor the feedback of the customers as well as the market trends and demands. And make the necessary changes in the business strategies to survive in the market world. I will also take the help of my seniors and supervisors to understand the needs and requirements of the organization. Based on the reviews, the policies and strategies will be framed.

Q2: What policies will you provide to customer services?

Answer: The question is mostly asked to test the knowledge about the professional services and the expertise of the candidate. You need to explain all the processes related to business strengthening, production, advertisements in distribution. To find out what help you can provide to the company. It is based on past and present performance. Give clear insight about your abilities to the employer. In addition, you can also deal with the buyer’s challenges and understand them well. Sometimes an exceptional number of responsibilities and obligations may be assigned to you. By using your problem-solving skills, you can easily deal with them.

Sample: I have past experiences and knowledge, and I can work with almost faith and trust with my seniors. I have the required skills to deal with the customer. I have good communication skills and convincing capabilities.

Q3: What will be your schedule while working in this industry?

Answer: Most companies have this mindset that they need to assign trained people. Those who can perform well, get the benefit of their knowledge and skills. So before becoming an employee, you should have a proper schedule. Having a proper stadium will help the company to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently. You should have proper rules and regulations for office timing as well as managing different tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Sample: I have the required ability to communicate with people effectively. I can easily handle difficult situations. I can provide my services in the organization as a team player. I can deal with people from various cultures.

Q4: What techniques will you use to achieve the business projects?

Answer: The interviewer asks to find out previous knowledge and experience. You should have good executive skills initiating the relations with the sellers and managers and planning for the products and orders.

Sample: I am responsible for anticipating the demand of the consumers as well as keeping in mind their requirements. This has been to order the products from all over the world, even from the nationwide chain retail stores. 

Q: 5 Discuss a situation where you exhibit your responsibilities as a business development executive?

Answer: Sometimes it may become difficult to deal with the tough situations that may arise during the business cycles. You can also talk about the experience and capabilities of a new candidate by asking them some relevant questions related to the subject. You can also discuss such challenging experiences and show your knowledge, whether they have problem-solving abilities or not. A candidate can be easily selected if he or she is well-prepared. Regardless of what has happened in the past or future, he can be tested to find out his knowledge and experience. 

Sample: I can remain calm in a difficult situation and deal with the customers whenever needed. I can help the customers and all employees. I can participate in business deals to provide the required goods and improve relationships with the customers. I can make better plans to deal with future contingencies and have the ability to work with multiple dealers for selling goods.

Q6: What would be your suggestions to relocate to a company?

Answer: Before hiring any employee, the company must consider the candidates who are willing to work in that company. Because a business development executive is a person who is responsible for dealing with the business competitors as well as managing all the activities in the organization. So if you hire someone who is not interested in the job, then he or she may not work properly.

Sample: I would like to provide my best of the services in favor of the company. I am willing to relocate as for the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. Also, for the upcoming years, I would work as an asset of a company and continue learning about business and accounting.

Q7: How will you help increase the company’s sales?

Answer: Business Development executive has plenty of alternatives to sell the products, he or she should be committed to his or her career. In the long run, you can earn more money as well as improve your selection by your performance. Mainly, the most qualified person will have a better future because he or she can provide experienced services to the company. You should have the skills of making smart decisions related to purchasing and selling in the case of prices. Most of the time customers wanted the product at a reliable cost, so deals should be undertaken properly to avoid any heavy losses for the company.

Sample: I have obtained my qualifications in marketing, management, business and accounting, and other related fields. I have prior knowledge related to these fields. I have undertaken the training and development under the creation and buying process and can work in a fast-paced environment. I have also attended some of the prosperous workshops and progressed my knowledge about improving business opportunities.

Q 8: What are the business cycles involved in the organizations?

Answer: A business development executive is a person who is responsible for doing timely analysis of the market environment. This question will help you know about inflation and deflation, your extra qualities, and your experience with the employee. Moreover, you can share your past incidents, if any, that can prove you are the best fit for this job. Professional experience and ability to make changes and make changes based on the marketing. To know the performance of a product.

Sample: I have experience interacting with sellers and staying on the top of logistics management. I will work to my best efficiency. I will acquire more knowledge about the market trends and analyze the sales and growth of the product in the past.

Q9: How will you improve the quality over the quantity of a product?

Answer: Most of the companies wanted to hire buyers who have good negotiation skills. This will help them in fixing the price and quality for increasing better customer retention.

Being a prospective employee, you should have adequate proficiency in the products of the company, their marketing strategies, pricing strategies, and the business opportunities for different products that will help you achieve your goals. 


I will provide better features of the product over quantity while dealing with the product. Customers are the main part of the business, so they should be provided with quality at an adequate price. I always lean towards providing outstanding quality products and services. I will work on setting up the prices for the product to cover the cost of the company.

Q10: What strategy will you use to enter the market?

You can set apart the other candidates and also show them to encourage and remain committed to finding the marketing strategies. Business executives should have some different business ideas. This will help to stimulate product purchases and improve the overall sales of the company. 

Sample: I am committed to doing extensive market research. I will make the required sales strategy for improving the awareness about the product. I will use different media techniques for influencing the target customer. I can sell the product to the customers based on the demands. I will also take buyer feedback and regulate the performance of a product. I am also assured that I will keep close supervision over the business strategies of the product and try to get profitable projects.

Q 11: How do you improve customer sales and marketing strategy?

Answer: The business executives are responsible for maintaining the quality of a product as well as the business strategies of a company. They are required to maintain the brand and goodwill. So before trading any product, you should do a proper market analysis. The executive should have good communication and negotiation skills with other competitors in the market.


I have good communication skills with customers. I can do market research and predict consumer trends and behavior. I’ve also found different competitive strategies that will help in indicating market trends.

It will enable you to specify the type of products which have high demand. You can show your responsibility towards customer satisfaction. I will make better business strategies for increasing sales.

Q 12: What is your experience using CRM systems?

Answer: One of the software systems which is used in most companies. So they generally look for employees who have at least basic knowledge and experience of working on that system.

Having good knowledge of CRM systems can bring you one step closer to finding better relations with customers. As this software is required to organize the business data information and analysis, other activities such as production business and manufacturing are also done using this CRM software. It helps in client relationship management with the company.

Sample: I have the experience of working on CRM software that is customer relationship management software. I can provide my services in favor of the company’s CRM software. I know business, production, and accounting which can directly affect the efficiency and help in improving the deals of the company. 

Q 13: What will you do to contribute to the company’s growth?

Answer: The main focus of the interviewer is to assess employees’ ability to work in coordination with the company’s goals. The company generally looks for prospective employees who can take the company to the next level. You should show your commitment and proficiency that you can stand out from any challenges. The company also looks for loyal, honest, and smart candidates, who can increase the company’s profit.

Sample: I have a master’s degree in management, finance, business, and accounting. I can reconcile the customers and marketers with different prices from the customers. I can participate significantly in increasing the overall revenues of the company. I have the confidence that my marketing skills will help the company to handle the outside competition.


A good way to plan for the future is to find out their strategies and marketing plans so that you will be able to sell their goods easily. You can take up the responsibility of dividing the work according to the needs and requirements of the company. Your expertise in a particular field area will help you to get a better designation in the company.

Business Development Interview Questions- With Simple Answers

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