AWS TAM Interview Questions- Read More About It

Amazon Web Services is a company that was founded by Amazon back in the year 2006. The company works on providing on-demand cloud computing programs. Amazon Web Services is a well-known comprehensive platform in the world. Let us know more detail about ‘AWS TAM Interview Questions’.

AWS TAM Interview Questions

AWS TAM Interview Questions

One who is interested in programming might also be is at schools or at offices. Similarly, to get a job as a technical account manager at Amazon, you have to go through interview processes before getting the job. You need to keep patience with the HR team of the company because hiring can take some time. 

Such AWS TAM Interview Questions are:

1. Have you ever faced a situation when you had to object to your customer?

Ans: This is a scenario-based question, and to answer this question, you have to be extremely careful. You might have such a situation that you may have experienced in your previous job. You should think about such situation and make a proper answer and speak about it. 

Your answer will also determine how you can handle difficult situations with the customer. Speak carefully because your answers would be judged by the interviewer.

2. Why are you eager to work here as a technical worker?

Ans: You can mention why you are so interested and eager to get the job of a technical account manager. Your answer might include the motivational factors that drove you towards the technical department and other such kinds of things. 

Well, you can also say that your previous job experience did not have the opportunity for growth, and here you can do that. You can also say that you want to help serve customers and ensure that they are satisfied with the service. 

3. How will you describe a technical-related issue to an angry customer?

Ans: Here, you have to answer clearly about how you will help resolve customer issues. Your interviewer will judge how you handle angry customers. You have to use the language that will help the customer understand the technical issue. 

You can use examples or use demonstrations to make the customer understand. Take help from tutorial videos and learn as much as you can.

4. How good are you at adapting to new environments and situations?

Ans: Employers will be in relief if you answer this question by saying that you can adapt to any kind of situation. But, if you are not able to adapt to new situations easily, then you should mention those while answering this question. 

In your previous job you have worked with a certain type of work environment and how it was suitable. You can mention those things in your answer. 

5. What are your salary expectations if you are hired?

Ans: Before applying for job applications, you might have thought something about the payment as well. Well, you can say to your interviewer that you are expecting around $100,000 a year minimum. The amount can vary from one’s perspective. If you think you are qualified enough to handle the job, then you can even ask or expect more from them.

6. How will you take care of customer service?

Ans: There can be ups and downs while working at an organization. The interviewer will judge how you will handle the situation and improve based on the complaint made by the customer. 

You can say that if any such complaints have been made against you, then you will work on it. You will focus on making things better and will give your best to satisfy customer needs.

7. Tell us about a time when you felt pressured at work because you had to meet a tight deadline.

Ans: There can be so many such kinds of situations, and this is the time to answer any one of those. You can say how you managed different work at a time and what was the result of it. You can also say the things that you learned while multitasking.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ans: The answer to this question should come from one’s perspective. You might have a goal in your life that you want to achieve in the next five years. Talk about it briefly and how working for this company will help you achieve them in the upcoming years.


All you have to do is answer questions that are asked to you by the interviewer. Make sure you prepare from a wide range of topics because the above-mentioned questions might not be asked to you during the interview. So, prepare yourself for a wide range of topics for the interview process. 

The interviewer can ask you only technical-related questions if he wants to. So, you have to be prepared for the interview beforehand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some technical-related interview questions that can be asked during the interview?

Ans: Given below are some technical-related questions that can be asked during the interview:

  • What is EC2?
  • What do you mean by CloudWatch?
  • What means VPC?
  • What do you mean by T2 instances?
  • Meaning of Elastic Transcoder.
  1. How much does a technical account manager make?

Ans: Different companies will offer different salaries. Here are some of the companies that pay their technical account manager:

  • Microsoft – $133,000 per year.
  • Oracle – $152,748 per year.
  • Veritas – $145,031 per year.
  1. How much does a senior technical account manager make in the US?

Ans: A senior technical account manager can make around $129,000 per year in the US. 

AWS TAM Interview Questions- Read More About It

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