DSW Hiring Age- Everything You Need to Know

Designer Shoe Warehouse, commonly known as DSW, offers branded shoes and accessories to all ages and gender. The company operates as a footwear retailer with an e-commerce website and more than 500 stores in the USA and Canada. The company offers both entry-level and senior positions as per the hiring age. Let us know more detail about ‘DSW Hiring Age’.

DSW Hiring Age

DSW Hiring Age

To begin working with DSW, you need to reach the minimum hiring age of 16 years. DSW offers numerous entry-level positions to new talent for both part-time and full-time work. You can start with job positions like Cashier, Retail Sales Associate, Freight Team associate, Customer Sales Representative, and Stock Clerk. Later, the company will promote talented candidates to higher positions. 

If you are interested in working with DSW and want to know more about the job position, we will help with all the necessary information. Read further to learn more about DSW Hiring Age, Job Opportunities, and the application process. 

Job Opportunities at DSW 

DSW is growing and opening new stores in various locations. To run these stores, they want young and talented individuals. The candidates who have an interest or possess essential knowledge of fashion trends and retail in the shoe market can start by applying to the entry-level positions. DSW looks for Job Seekers with prior experience in customer service or retail market for managerial positions. 

The candidates who want to apply for entry-level positions in retail may attend leadership seminars and paid training for better understanding. Once the candidates gain enough knowledge about the company and its functioning, they may get promoted to better positions. 

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DSW believes in the principles of accountability, passion, humanity, and collaboration. The candidates who reflect respect towards the company’s values will get better chances during the hiring process. Also, friendly and energetic individuals can make a perfect fit for the DSW’s people-oriented work environment. 

DSW’s employment opportunities keep on changing with the rise in the number of stores and increase in sales. Especially during the peak season, like holidays, you can find temporary positions that sometimes change into permanent jobs. 

Job Positions offered by DSW 

DSW recruits young talent for their stores. You may be a high school student or University student, DSW can serve as a decent job starter. DSW provides entry-level job opportunities to young minds with a minimum hiring age of 16 years. Entry-level job positions offer both part-time and full-time job positions. Some of the most likely Job opportunities include:- 

Sales Associate 

DSW recruits sales associates to create a positive and fun shopping experience for the customers. Sales Associates are often working more than the cashier and perform lots of tasks. 

Essential Duties of the Sales Associate 

  • They have to greet customers to create a friendly atmosphere. 
  • They need to assist customers and make their shopping easy and fun.
  • They help by promoting reward programs.
  • They need to ring up the customers effectively. 
  • They maintain stock and restock new ones whenever necessary. 
  • They help with providing change whenever required. 
  • They have to ensure the cleanliness of the stores. 
  • They need to maintain a 95% attendance record. 

Requirements of DSW Sales Associate

DSW looks for individuals with excellent communication and people skills in this role. It will help them to interact and enhance the customers’ shopping experience in DSW. 

Along with that, DSW prefers candidates possessing time management and attention to detail. It will ensure accuracy and effective working. Also, they need to work flexibly as per changes in shifts. 

Although DSW doesn’t ask for any specific experience for this role, cashier or registrar experience can act as the plus point. The knowledge gained during retail work will provide preference during the hiring process. 

Stock Associate 

As the name suggests, the stock associates ensure the proper flow of inventory in DSW shoe stores. They usually work in the back rooms and supervise inventory. It is a part-time job, so you can easily manage time for studies and work. 

Some essential responsibilities for DSW Stock Associate Role: 

  • They perform the task of maintaining the proper organization of the back room of the stores. 
  • They help with stocking sales floors effectively. 
  • They help with arranging the display cases. 
  • They oversee the stock and attach the prices to the merchandise. 
  • They need to manage the inventory by processing inventory shipments.
  • They need to work with handheld equipment. 
  • They also assist the team by performing housekeeping duties. 

Requirements for Stock Associates Jobs in DSW:- 

DSW hires Stock Associates with essential skills such as mathematical and organizational skills. It will ensure proper maintenance of inventory and lesser errors during calculations. 

Stock Associates need to be physically fit and healthy to perform lifting work in DSW. Stock Associates’ jobs involve lots of physical work like squatting, standing, reaching, and bending continuously throughout the shifts. 

Assistant Managers 

Assistant Manager assists managers in the daily operations of the DSW stores. They help in carrying and maintaining the well-round and instructed teams of associates. DSW Assistant Managers position is a responsible one. 

Essential Job Duties of DSW Assistant Managers: 

  • They have to respond to customer queries and complaints timely. 
  • They assist with recruiting and training new staff members. 
  • They help with reaching promotional goals and sales goals. 
  • They coordinate with processing shipments. 
  • They need to perform inventory checks regularly. 
  • They provide feedbacks and productive reinforcement for the staff members. 
  • They need to perform other duties assigned by the store managers. 

Requirements for DSW Assistant Managers: 

Assistant Managers hold a responsible position as they need to lead others. DSW looks for individuals with prior experience in leadership positions. 

Assistant Managers need to possess some necessary skills like communication and people skills. They need to reflect their customer service skills to handle a qualified team of talented individuals. 

Assistant Managers need to maintain knowledge about the trends of the shoe market. 

Freight Team Associate 

Other than sales associates, DSW offers an entry-level position as Freight Team Associates. They can perform work at day time and night time. 

Freight Team Associate performs the duty of freight and stocking at numerous places. It mainly includes various store locations and company distribution centers. 

Requirements for DSW Freight Team Associates 

DSW supervisors look for individuals on which they can rely. 

They need to possess physical strength and the ability to spend long hours on their feet. It ensures that they will be able to handle the fast pace work environment. 

They have to gain an understanding of industry standards and follow them accordingly. 

Seasonal Job Openings 

DSW needs lots of staff for seasonal work management. They recruit seasonal associates during February, March, July, August, and September. Along with that, DSW hires seasonal associates for handling corporate roles as per business requirements. 

What is the DSW Hiring Age? 

To work in the DSW store, you need to fulfill the minimum hiring age criteria of 16 years. Most entry-level role at this hiring age starts with the position of sales associates in stores. Later, they can work their way up to other jobs with experience and knowledge. 

At 16 years, DSW provides numerous entry-level jobs. It includes Cashier, Retail Sales Associate, Freight Team Associates, Customer Sales Representative, and Stock Clerk. 

What are the job positions offered by DSW? 

DSW offers both entry-level and senior-level positions to talented individuals. Job seekers can look for opportunities in the corporate office and the customer service centers inside the stores or distribution centers.

 The available job positions offered by DSW includes 

  • Assistant Store Manager 
  • Sales Associate
  • Store Manager
  • Sales Support Associate
  • Associate Buyer
  • Sales Support Manager
  • Merchandise Handler
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Merchandise Processor
  • Merchandise Planner
  • Regional Loss Prevention Manager
  • Receiving Associate 
  • Copywriter
  • Shipping Associate 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Planning Analyst 
  • Financial Reporting Analyst 
  • QA Analyst 

What are the benefits provided to DSW employees? 

DSW believes in maintaining the mental and physical health of employees. They ensure that the employees get peace of mind, financial protection to staff and their family members, and other benefits to enhance workers’ performance. 

All the perks vary depending on the position and the locations of DSW stores. DSW provides numerous benefits in the following categories: 


DSW provides numerous healthcare perks: 

  • Health, vision, and dental insurance 
  • Prescription 
  • 24/7 telemedicine coverage
  • Transgender benefits 
  • Healthcare consultation 

Family Planning and Support 

DSW helps the employees in family planning. It provides parenthood benefits: 

  • Fertility Benefits 
  • Paid Parental Leave to both male and female staff during adoption, childbirth, or foster event.
  • Assistance with the maternity management apps 
  • Help with adoption counseling and assistance

Financial Benefits 

DSW works with designer brands and provides saving and financial perks to the employees. 

  • 401 (K) Retirement Saving Plans 
  • Financial well-being tools for debts payment, future savings, identity protection, or sudden need 
  • Accident Coverage 
  • Hospital Indemnity and Critical Illness Insurance 
  • Cash Benefits for employees protection 
  • Offers various pre-tax accounts for the dependant care, healthcare, and commuter expenses 

Mental Health 

With the lifestyle change and work pressure, most people suffer from mental issues like stress, depression, etc. DSW understands it and provides numerous unpaid and paid leaves. It includes 

  • Life insurance 
  • Paid Short term disability
  • Long term disability insurance 
  • Unlimited access to free 24/7 support through Employment Assistance programs where employees can interact with life/work specialists, licensed counselors, finance and legal assistance, etc

Employee Discounts and Savings 

Working with the DSW is the dream of a person fond of shoes. All the associates with DSW will become eligible for employee discounts. DSW offers employees and their family members with 30% discount on DSW and dsw.com merchandise.

DSW associates get numerous discounts on cell phones, travel, gyms, groceries, tickets, etc 

Employees will save on big brands products from American Eagle, American Signature, Aerie, and Value City. 

Education and Tuition 

The company helps with the development and achieving the personal goals of the employees. It assists through 

  • Tuition Reimbursement program 
  • Benefits to employees and their families by Partnerships with Universities 
  • Tuition Assitance 

Other Benefits 

  • Paid Time off 
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Work recognition and rewards like service awards 
  • Advancement Opportunities  
  • Competitive Pay 

What is the Hourly Pay or Salary of DSW employees? 

The average pay or salary of DSW employees varies with the location, position, and experience. Some stores and distribution centers pay higher payments than other ones. 

Here is the average pay or salary of DSW employees as per indeed.com and glassdoor.com: 

  • Sales Associate: They earn an average of $11.35 per hour. 
  • Stock Associate: Store Associates get an average salary between $10-$17 per hour. 
  • Assistant Managers: Assistant Managers perform numerous tasks. For that, they get a decent average hourly pay of $21. 
  • Freight Team Associates: Freight Team Associates’ average salary lies between $9-$11.
  • Sales Manager: They get an average wage of $15.02 per hour. 
  • Sales Representative: They make around  $13.16 per hour. 
  • Retail Sales Associate: They get average pay of $13.42 per hour. 
  • Store Manager: The Store Manager makes an average hourly pay of  $20.26. 

How to apply for DSW job positions? 

DSW prefers job seekers to apply through online mediums. You can go to the DSW website’s career section. Here you will get options to search for Jobs as per zip code, city, or state. Also, you can enter the preferred job positions at DSW. 

DSW provides numerous options wherever you want to work. You can choose to work either at the DSW store, the company’s distribution center, cooperate offices, or at ShoeMetro. 

Once you fill the application form with the necessary details, the job hosting platform will send confirmation mail at the provided email address. Usually, if there is an urgent need to fill positions, the hiring personals will contact the selected applicants within a few days. 

The company offers the facility to track the application status so that the job seekers wouldn’t trouble the hiring personnel with continuous queries. 

What are the tips for applying at DSW? 

DSW hires the candidates through the online platform. Here are some tips to help you with your job application process:  

  • Job Seekers need to create their profile at DSW’s Job hosting profile provided on their website. 
  • Whenever you create your profile, always mention adequate personal information, educational qualification, past employers, work experience, and references. 
  • The interested candidates need to complete personality surveys. It only takes around 30-40 minutes. 
  • It is better to upload the resume to get an edge over others. 
  • Always double-check the provided information. Also, ensure that the provided information appears professional.


Designer Shoe Warehouse (or DSW) is a chain of retail stores owned by Designer Brands Inc. With more than 500 stores and a successful e-commerce website, DWC owns many private brands. It includes Poppie Jones, Audrey Brooke, Lulu Townsend, and Kelly & Katie. 

DSW offers numerous job opportunities at senior level or entry-level positions to talented individuals. Candidates fulfilling the hiring age criteria of 16 years get to work at some entry-level positions. If you want to work with these designer brands, you can start applying for your favorite jobs at DSW. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum hiring age to work at DSW? 

To get a job at DSW, you need to fulfill the minimum hiring age of 16 years. It includes entry-level job positions like Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Clerk, etc. 

Q: Can a 15-year-old work at DSW? 

No, DSW offers job opportunities to talented candidates with a minimum hiring age of 16 years. It includes entry-level and part-time positions. 

Q: What is DSW’s minimum hiring age for managerial positions? 

DSW hires candidates at managerial positions with a minimum age of 18 years. The position requires prior leadership and retail experience. Also, the applicants should hold High School Diploma or College degree for advancement opportunities. 

DSW Hiring Age- Everything You Need to Know

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