Character Attendant Interview Questions- Find More About It

There are so many unique and amazing jobs all around the world, and one of them is the job of a character attendant. The job of a character attendant involves helping guest get their autographs and also helping them take group photos. Let us know more detail about ‘Character Attendant Interview Questions’.

Character Attendant Interview Questions

Character Attendant Interview Questions

Character Attendants have to meet tight schedules. A character assistant’s job description also includes making sure that the characters make parades and shows and other such events in time. 

 For example, Disney has such kinds of jobs where you can see character assistants doing such kinds of jobs. However, to get a job as a character assistant, you have to go through several selection processes if necessary. The interview round is also one of the rounds that you have to clear before getting the job.

Character Attendant Interview Questions:

Some questions that you may come across during a character attendant interview round are as the following:

1. Tell us a situation about a time of your failure.

Ans: One of the most commonly asked questions is that how you manage failure. Well, you might have come across a situation when you failed not once or twice but several times. You can mention those situations and how they all took place. You should also tell the interviewer about how you learned from your mistakes. 

2. How will you cope with a miscommunication problem?

Ans: Miscommunication can happen anytime and anywhere and by anyone. So, to prevent those from happening, what are the steps that you can take to avoid such kinds of problems. Well, you can mention simple solutions but effective ones. For example, using a common language can be a solution to miscommunication issues. 

3. As a character attendant, what will you prefer: written communication or verbal communication?

Ans: Effective communication is an essential part of any company. So, you can mention the form of communication that you are comfortable with. This is just a simple question, and there should be nothing that the interview will judge you about.

4. Tell us what you think about the importance of listening and communicating skills?

Ans: You should know that there are no right or wrong answers for this particular question. So, while you are answering such types of questions, make sure you have valid reasons for the answer that you chose.

Most people get confused when such types of questions are asked. People think that their answer might be wrong, and thus they end up spoiling the interview. 

5. What do you do in order to overcome problematic situations at work?

Ans: There can be multiple situations where you might have overcome a difficult situation at your workplace. The interviewer will test your managing and handling skills while questioning such types of questions. 

Speak the truth while you are answering such questions. Make sure to keep your answer short and brief because you do not want the interviewer to get bored. 

6. What were the things that you disliked about your previous job?

Ans: There can be either one thing or, many and this is the time where you can speak them out. But, try not to create negative terminology. You can say that everything was good, but some things needed change. 

Do not say that your manager was bad or the environment was unsuitable for you. Avoid such kinds of negative things during the interview process. 

7. Did you find anything interesting about this job? What is that?

Ans: There can be different reasons as to why you are interested in the job. It can be that you love the company and its working environment, or you can say that enthusiastic about such job roles. You can also say that the skills required for the job are present on you naturally and you won’t have to work on it. 

8. What are the things that motivate you?

Ans: To answer this question, you can say so many things, but you need to say those things that are true. Do not say things that are false, and try to misrepresent yourself in front of the interviewer. This will only create a negative image of you. 

You can say that challenging work motivates you the most, or you can give certain examples to demonstrate your answer. 


There will be so many other opportunities even if you get rejected after the interview. So, to do good in the interview, you need to come prepared for the interview. Try not to panic but remain calm during the interview. However, try to be calm and answer all the questions properly. 

Even if you do not make it through then, there are plenty of other opportunities for you out there. You just have to realize the opportunity and make the most out of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the job of a character attendant?

Ans: The job of a character attendant involves helping guest get their autographs and also helping them take group photos.

  1. How to become a character performer at Disney?

Ans: To become a character performer at Disney, follow the following steps:

  • Go for meetings and greetings
  • Feel comfortable performing in front of a huge crowd
  • Be ready to pose for pictures
  • You have to walk in parades and participate in any special events
  • Sign autographs 
  1. How much does a character assistant at Disney make?

Ans: The following are the payments that each job types get per hour:

  • Walt Disney Company Character Attendant – $13/hour
  • Walt Disney Company Character Attendant (10 salaries reported) – $12/hour
Character Attendant Interview Questions- Find More About It

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