Internship Thank You Letter Examples- A Clear Guide

Internship Thank You Letter Examples

Internships are significant factors in building up careers of students who want to land themselves in the corporate workplace and leave a mark in this world. Internships add up to your work experience and help you fetch better jobs and have better prospects in the future. They give you a lead over other competitors and secure your place in your dream company. The kind of growth you’ll experience within you and the skills you’ll learn cannot be provided from your college textbooks. In this blog, let’s see some ‘Internship Thank You Letter Examples’.

It is important to thank the people who offered you internships because they were able to gain new experiences and enhance your career path. Once you are done with your tenure, it’s always good to thank the firm which appointed you. You may thank your mentor, a fellow intern, or the founders of the company as well. This will not only leave a good impression but help you stand out from the rest. They’ll remember you and who knows! They may, even more, your full time the next time you apply. 

We have answered the five W’s and one H to help you out with anything and everything related to the post-internship gratitude process. So if you want to get a picture of how you should be thanking once you are through your term, keep reading till the end!  

Why Say Thank You in the First Place?- Internship Thank You Letter Examples

This is a very obvious and general question. Why should you bother at all once you’re through your tenure, have received your stipend, and have earned your certificate and letter of recommendation? Your job’s done, right? No, it is not. You aren’t through yet. There is one final task that you must take up. And that is to say ‘thank you. Thanking the employers will not only make you sound a sweet and polite person but will also fetch you benefits like:

  • It’ll Help You Stand Out From The Rest

Not everyone finishes their tenure with a thank you note. It’ll help you leave a mark if you express gratitude towards the team that employed you at the end of your term. They’ll know that you were someone different from the rest.

  • They’ll Remember You

A kind word, some good wishes, and heartfelt gratitude can go a long way in positively impacting people. They’ll remember you as someone who worked with them as a family. You will not just be an ex-employee but a friend in their hearts as you went one step ahead to thank them for their time and efforts spent on you. 

  • Better Prospects in Future

Your one kind deed can open many doors for you in the future. Your thank-you note can get to your employers’ hearts, and you have greater chances of dwelling with them in the future if you would want to. Seeing their efforts and time being acknowledged, they may offer you a full-time job in the future. 

What to Send?

While sending a thank you letter, it is essential to keep in mind what you should send to sound really grateful and appreciative of your opportunity. The correct choice of words is essential to jot down the perfect thank you note. Here are a few things you must not miss:

  • Say ‘Thank You’

Cliché as it sounds, it is the most important thing to mention, preferably in the first sentence of the first paragraph of your letter. If your letter does not include this word, it may not successfully convey what the letter is about. Moreover, big companies have many documents and letters to respond to, so it may happen that they only read the beginning words of your letter. So, to convey your regard, you should directly begin by saying ‘Thank You. 

  • Experiences and Skills

You should mention the enriching experience you had with the team and the fruitful skills you learned in your tenure. This will signify that you value the time you invested in the internship, and they did a good job in providing you with the right knowledge and insight into your field of interest.

  • Contact Number

This is essential information that you need to provide. In addition, you must always leave your contact number at the end of your letter so that if your fellow interns or the company wants to get in touch with you, they can do that easily. 

  • LinkedIn Profile and Other Information 

You must also attach the link to your LinkedIn profile so that it is easier for the company to get in touch with you in the future or refer you further.

What not to send? 

A few mistakes and a few words wrongly put here can result in your downfall when you are trying to do something good. Therefore, it is essential to know what all words you should not use and what all things you should not mention in your thank-you note because words have the power to wage wars and move mountains. 

  • Negative Comments

Even if the internship did not prove to be fruitful to you or did not meet your expectations, you should never pinpoint the downpours of your experience. The world is round, and you never know when you would badly need a job there. So, always leave an organization with positive feedback. Try to look at the brighter side and ignore the darker ones. 

  • Job Request

The whole purpose of your letter should be to thank the organization for giving you a platform to hone your skills and develop new capabilities. It should not sound like something phony or just flattery to get a full-fledged job. If you ask for a job in your letter, they will only take your letter as a way to seek jobs, and that is the last thing you want to happen. 

  • Undue Length

The key to writing good thank you letters is to keep them short and precise. As I mentioned earlier, the companies have a lot of letters to attend to and respond to. They usually will not have time to go through your three or four-page long letter. In fact, they’ll drop it at the look of it, no matter how well you’ve written it. So you should put your emotions in the least amount of words possible and put exactly what you want to say in not more than a few paragraphs. 

  • Complaints

You should never crib and complain about the fellow employees you worked with. This never leaves a good impression. Who doesn’t have faults? Instead, you should always have a positive and constructive approach while writing the thank-you letter. Instead of pointing out the faults of your fellow employees, you may apologize for any mistake that you committed during your time in the company but never play the blame game on others.  

Where to Send It? 

  • If you live near the firm.

If you live close by the firm you interned in, you may also walk to it to hand over the letter yourself if it is handwritten by you. This is a very kind and polite move as you will be putting in a selfless effort. Not everyone takes the pain of walking down to the office to say thank you. Your action will be deeply appreciated. 

  • If You Live in a Remote Location. 

If you’ve interned in the firm online because you lived far away from where the company was situated, the best way to send a thank-you note would be through an email. You can send the email to the official mail address of the company, you can send it to the owners directly, or if you want to thank a particular person, you may send it to them on their personal email addresses. 

When to Send It?

As the thank you letter comes at the end of your tenure, you must make sure to send it before your farewell or just a few days after it. When sending after your tenure has been completed, you must not take a lot of time sending it. It should be sent within a week at most. There’s no use sending it after a good amount of time has elapsed since your last day. It won’t have much of an impact on your readers. 

How to Send It?

  • Handwritten Notes – Handwritten notes and letters have always been special. Specifically, in the digital age, where our thumbs do all the work, handwritten notes can go a long way in making the person they are addressed to feel special. You can also personalise the handwritten notes according to the person you are sending it to, if you know the person well. 
  • Email – If you live in a remote location, you still have the option of sending your thank you note through an email. Keep it short and formal to convey your regard in the best possible way. 

Sample LettersInternship Thank You Letter Examples

To the Manager of the Company 

Dear sir/ma’am,

This is Mia, the former Content Writing intern in your company, Literati Pvt. Ltd. First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity you provided me to work in your firm. The skills I learned while working in your company and the experience I gained have instilled a new confidence in me, something I wouldn’t have gained if it weren’t for you and your support team.

The working environment in the company was the best part of the internship. I never felt as if I was doing a job but rather enjoyed working on every project that came our way. The mentors that guided me and helped me in my work have really groomed my abilities and have made me better prepared for my future possibilities. In addition, the regular training sessions helped me a lot in my work and pushed me to work harder each day. 

Because of your constant guidance and support, I am more eager than ever to follow a career in the same field. It has filled me with new vigor and enthusiasm. Working with you, I learned how to meet deadlines, write reader-friendly content, work as a team, and manage the team when required. The team was extremely supportive, and there was always someone from the team to help, guide, and assist me in my work. As a result, I never felt as if the entire load of work was put on my shoulders. 

Working with you has been a great experience, and I would like to keep in touch for other opportunities in the future. If there are any vacancies in your company in the coming time that you think might suit me, please reach me at my mail address, or you can also get to me through my contact number. You can also check my LinkedIn profile out for the same. The details are mentioned below. 

Thank you for your time and support. I hope I proved fruitful to you too. Wishing you and your company all the best for all your future endeavors. 



Ph No.- 987654321

Mail address [email protected]

LinkedIn- (Provide URL)

Fellow Intern

Hey Sid,

This is Jake. Thank you for the amazing time you gave me during my internship in Fincops, Pvt. Ltd. I will always remember you as the most cheerful lad in the group. You were the one who could make the monotonous meetings seem really fun. Working with you was more like working with a friend than a fellow intern. Thank you for giving me a memory to cherish.

I still remember the day we both joined the company as some nervous and inexperienced people, but I’m sure we both came out as two very confident and learned leaders after this internship. You have helped me grow and improve by correcting me on my mistakes with a constructive approach. You were the one to light me up and motivate me when the work would seem very strenuous. Thank you for always letting me believe in myself and helping me do better each day. 

I will miss our lunches in the cafeteria. I will miss our brainstorming sessions to plan and discuss ideas for the company with such energy and vitality. You were an inspiration to me. You taught me how to meet my deadlines, prevent procrastination, accept my mistakes, and work on them to get better. I could never make out how you were always able to develop such innovative and creative ideas for the company. 

Working with you was wonderful, and I am looking forward to meeting you again sometime in the future. I would love to have a coffee with you in our same old spot. So do reach me out at my mail address or my contact number mentioned below. Let’s catch up soon!

I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. You will surely do good in your life. 

Warm regards,


Ph No.- 987654321

Mail address [email protected]


Hello Stacy,

This is Linda, the former marketing intern from StormTroopers, Pvt. Ltd. I wanted to thank you for giving me such an amazing time during my internship. I was really nervous when I joined first, but you made it seem so easy. Thank you for always being there for guidance and support. Today, I have proudly completed an internship as a marketing intern, and the credit goes to no one but you. Thank you for always making me feel like working with a friend rather than following my senior. 

You were always there to help me out in situations I couldn’t seem to find a solution to. Your constant advice and direction helped me to get better and better each day. The kind of growth that I have seen in myself in the last 2 months has never been seen before. You never talked down on me or mocked me for my mistakes. Rather you were the one who taught me to accept them, learn from them and move on. 

You were an inspiration to me. Your incredibly creative ideas and strategies taught me a lot about marketing and have set me well on my journey ahead. You were the reason why I looked forward to work every day. Thank you once again for giving me a wonderful experience in life. In the short span of my tenure of 2 months, I have learned a lot from you and will apply all of that in my career. 

I had an awesome time working with you and would love to keep in touch. So do reach me out at my mail address whenever you get time, or you can also get to me through the contact number that I have mentioned below. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Warm regards,


Ph No.- 987654321

Mail address [email protected]

Anyone You Came Across in Your Internship

Hey Max, 

This is Lucy, the former graphic designing intern from The PurplePastels Company. Thank you for letting me have such an incredible time during my internship at the company. Unfortunately, I could not interact and work with you much as you joined just around the time my tenure was completed. Still, even during the little time we worked together, you made it an amazing and memorable experience for me. Thank you for giving me such an amazing farewell. 

You are really talented. Your ideas and strategies for the development of the company were unique. Your confidence is the best part about you. Even though I could not have the opportunity to work with you for a longer time, I still learned many things from you. From time management to do things systematically and orderly, you taught me some excellent skills. In addition, you were always the one to come up with new and extraordinary ideas that really helped the company grow. 

You were an inspiration to me who always motivated me to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. You taught me how to manage the workload, meet deadlines and put my most productive work on the table. Thank you for correcting me on my mistakes and helping me get better each day. 

It was a pleasure to know you and work with you. I would love to stay in touch. So do reach me out at my mail address, or you can also get to me through the contact number that I have mentioned below. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

I wish you all the very best for your future. You will surely do good! 

Warm regards, 


Ph No.- 987654321

Mail address [email protected]


Dear Mr. Robinson/ Sir/ Ma’am,

This is Christopher, the former copywriting intern in The Mad Over Media Company. First, I would like to thank you for the wonderful time that you gave me during my short tenure of two months. Thank you for always being there to help me out in situations that seemed too strenuous to find a solution to. The skills that I have learned from your guidance and support and the experience I have gained have made me a more confident and grown person today. And it is all because of you. 

I still remember the day I joined the team as a timid and scared intern. I had no clue how the real world worked and was extremely worried if I would fulfill my responsibilities and do justice to my work. From the orientation itself, you made the work seem like a piece of cake, and you were there throughout the journey, helping and assisting the team in giving their best. Your regular training sessions taught me more than I have ever learned in such a short span of time. 

Because of you and your guidance, I am considering a career path in the same field today. It is only because of you that I never felt that I was alone in some project. You were always there to help me out when I got stuck. You helped me believe in myself and have taught me the most valuable lessons, not just retaining to copywriting but to my life as a whole. I am really grateful to have come across someone like you who has changed my life forever. 

I had an experience of a lifetime working with you and would love to keep in touch. If there are any vacancies in the company in the coming time that you think might suit me, please reach me out at my mail address, or you may get to me through my contact number. You can also check my LinkedIn profile out for the same. The details are mentioned below. 



Ph No.- 987654321

Mail address [email protected]

LinkedIn- (Provide URL)


Thus, these are some of the Internship Thank You Letter Examples.

Thank you letters are the best way to express your gratitude and regard for the organization that helped you excel in your career. Whenever you complete an internship, you must say a few words of thanks as a token of your acknowledgment of the opportunity provided to you. In addition, it will convey to the company that you are grateful that you got recruited to work in their firm and value the time you spent there. You never know what doors a simple thank you note may open for you. 

Internship Thank You Letter Examples- A Clear Guide

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