Walgreens Hiring Age: What Age Does Walgreens Hire?


The second-largest pharmacy store in America, Walgreens, specializes in filling prescriptions, providing medical aid, and choosing products.

Age Requirements for Walgreens

The minimum age requirement to be allowed to work at Walgreen is 16 years of age. 

Walgreens Salary
  • The average payments per hour of several positions are mentioned below:
  • Pharmacy technician receives payment of $14 ranging from $11 to $18 an hour.
  • Customer service associate is paid $10, ranging from $8 to $13 an hour.
  • The supervisor receives $14 ranging from $12 to $16 an hour.
  • The cashier receives $10 ranging from $9 to $13 an hour.
  • The store manager is paid $18, ranging from $15 to $22 an hour.

The employees are paid twice in a week through a pay card or direct deposits.

Hours of Work

All the seven days of the week have the same operational hours from 8 am to 10 pm. There are two shifts: day and evening, from 7.45 to 4 pm and 2 pm to 10 pm. 8-9 hours of work a day is the normal attire of work. 30-35 hours a week is the need for a part-time hour, which may or may not vary depending on the store, manager, and agreement between the employee and the manager. 

Educational Requirements

Many stores believe that a high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development) should be completed or a seeking applicant holds a graduate degree.

Hiring Process
  • Both online and offline methods of applying for a job at Walgreens is available. There are three different ways to submit your application. The first being an in-store application form, second on LinkedIn profile, and thirdly on the company website. You need to create an account of ours at the company website and have or create one on LinkedIn to apply for positions.
  • If you are making an online submission, you shall have to go to your nearest store and give a skill assessment.
  • Once your application has been approved, you shall be called in for the interview.
  • Dress in formals, visit the store confidently and be patient for your turn as there could be many seeking applicants like you. Have a printed copy of your resume in hand. Re-read the asked question in your mind and then answer it wisely to win the hiring manager’s hearts and thought process. 
  • Once you have passed the interview, you shall have to prove your skills for the required position you have applied for.
  • If you pass this step, you shall be eligible for the job and shall only undergo the orientation and training, which is a paid one.
  • Depending on the store’s location and its hiring manager, the entire process can take a minimum of 5 days to 20 days.
Dress Code 

Company provided polo shirt (short or full-sleeved) with pants, sneakers or formal shoes is the attire of cashiers and associates at the store. Beauty department employees wear a light pink shirt with black pants, and managers and supervisors wear grey colored vests. No jeans are allowed to be worn by the employees. 

Perks and Benefits 

The employees are offered Paid time off, Sick leaves, discounts in the store, Sponsored vacations post one year of service is available for 5 days in a year, two years of service 10 days in a year, 3 years of service  15 days in a year and only after 5 years can you bank your vacation amount.  Besides leaves, you are also provided with Medical insurance and Life insurance.

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Walgreens Hiring Age: What Age Does Walgreens Hire?

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