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Party City is a retail company for party stores, which was founded in 1986 by Steve Mandell in New jersey. Party City is considered as the largest retail company of party goods having its franchise in more than 900 outlets under different names like Party city, Halloween city, toy city, etc. They try to thrive on the concepts of imagination, innovation, and originality. They provide for various types of job opportunities like sales associates, store supervisors, etc. Let us see about Party City hiring age in this article.

Party City Hiring Age

Party City Hiring Age

Being a retail company for party goods and accessories, retail stores of the Party city need talented and creative employees who must be able to add to the human capital of these stores and justify the image of the franchise of the party city. There are various kinds of Job opportunities available parking at the party city. Different jobs come with different responsibilities, hence, they have different age requirements to complete.

In the following article, we will dive into some information about the hiring age and other requirements for the job opportunities at the stores of Party city for various employees. 

About party city

Party City is one of the largest retail brands for party goods and accessories in America. It was successfully found in 1986 by Steve Mandell. Steve Mandell recognized and identified a very big demand market for party goods and accessories with no specific big player. Hence, he decided to capture and dominate the big market with his specialized party goods and accessories. 

Job positions at Party city 

There can be various job positions from sales associates to staff or non-staff members. There can also be many types of workers working at the party city, for example, casual workers, contract workers, consultants, independent contractors, etc. 

There are various eligibility and requirements that need to be completed before applying for any position at party city.

Party city hiring age

Age is a very prominent factor for working in any industry or firm. Party city also defines a minimum requirement to complete the age factor for applying to any type of job position in their business.

The minimum age requirement for working at party city is 16 years of age. They process the personal information and identification of each and every applicant. You will need to prove your minimum age requirement in their application process to stay in the application and hiring process. 

Information collected by party City

Some type of information is collected and reviewed before letting you apply for any job position at their retail store. They may also collect this type of information from any third party if you don’t provide it in the resume that you provide to them. Following are types of information that is collected by party city before selecting any employee or worker at their stores-

1.  Identifying clauses

Party city may need you to provide some of your important unique identification information, for example, email address, phone number, personal address, social security number, and also a Unique Identification number to let you in their career website login.

2.  Classifications

Party city may also need to know some of your personal classifications like race, caste, national origin or disabilities, marital status, gender identity, citizenship status, etc.

3. Pre-hire information 

Employers at Party city may also need some of your pre-hire information such as your updated resume/CV, and any other additional personal identification information that may be included in your resume application or cover letter. 

4. Professional information 

They also check and review your professional information such as your specific certifications, and qualifications. 

5. Education information

Educational information such as your previous school or university, degree earned by you, majors you may have done, and your graduation date shall be checked to review the educational background.

6. Inferences from the foregoing

They also analyze certain inferences such as your behavioral characteristic assessment according to them.

Processing your personal information 

When you apply for any job position at Party City, they generally process your personal and specific information which are necessary to review your application, due to the following reasons:

  1. To process your application for any job, party city may process your identifiers, pre-hire, professional, educational information, and inferences from the foregoing.
  2. To have a communication with you about your application process and respond to any type of questions you may have about the application process.
  3. To conduct certain necessary reference checks and background verifications 
  4. To assess the suitability for the role for which you may have applied there
  5. To access and expect the working capability of their employees

They also try to monitor compliance with equal opportunities and policies permitted by local law. They try to have proper abeyance with health, safety, and occupational health obligations.

If you try to provide them with the personal information of any reference or any other individual as an important part of your job application, it will be your responsibility to obtain proper and unbiased consent from that individual before providing the necessary information to them.

Career website of Party city

You can directly apply for any type of job position available with party city through the careers page of their main website. They have an automatic system that will collect internet and other electronic network activity information from you and your device using cookies and other similar technologies. 

Cookies are basically the text files that your online web browser places on your device when you visit any type of website. 


Party City is one of the largest party goods supplier and retailer chains in the world. They are the main retailers of most types of Halloween costumes, party accessories, or any other kind of party decorations. Party city retail group employs a large number of people on a very regular basis and assigns them various types of job positions. In this article, we have discussed the hiring age and other application requirements to apply for a job at party city. Hence, we conclude that the minimum age to apply for any kind of job position at party city is 16 years old which means that you must have completed 16 years of your age before applying to work at party city retail group.


Q1. What is the hiring age at the party city retail group?

One must have completed 16 years of their age to be eligible for applying at party city.

Q2. At what age can you be hired at the party city?

After completing 16 years of age, you will become eligible for applying at party city.

Q3. How can we apply for a job at the party city?

You can apply for a job online through the Careers page at the party city main website.

Q4. How old do you have to be to work in a party city?

You must have completed 16 years of age to be working at party city for any job position.

Q5. What type of work does a 16-year-old get to do at party city?

They can do anything that they are willing to do. 

Party City Hiring Age – Know More

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