Municipal Planning And Development Coordinator Job

This is a post that attracts a lot of candidates to apply for a job in this sector. For the economic and social development of society, this job role becomes crucial as most of the decisions are in the hand of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator. All the candidates who have backgrounds in architect, economic planning, and development planning look forward to getting hired as Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Job. 

Municipal Planning And Development Coordinator Job

The role of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator is to plan for development in various sectors. You have to develop and coordinate with other departments for economic growth and development in different sectors. Also, you will be assigned tasks related to conducting surveys and researches for the proper implementation of plans. 

How to get a job as Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator?

If you want to get selected as a Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator job, you must have all relevant skills and experience. The professional and personal growth of your department. The skills and qualification required for this position is listed below. 

Job Description: 

As a Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, you need to make plans for the growth of all sectors. You are required to coordinate with different departments and check the surveys and studies taken by your subordinates. All the plans you have created for economic, social, and political growth will be first approved and finally, it’s your responsibility to check whether those plans are implemented properly or not. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

Being Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, you have a variety of tasks to complete every day. Most of these tasks are given below for your assistance: 

  1. You need to plan a comprehensive outlay of projects for whose development you are assigned a duty. 
  2. As per the plan you have to analyze all the income and expenditure charts. Keep in mind, that whichever plan you are making is cost-effective. 
  3. As an active member of the planning and development program, you should promote the participation of people in this sector. 
  4. You should monitor the annual plan and accordingly make changes and modifications in developmental programs. 
  5. Prepare combined plans for economic, social, physical, and other growth plans for the use of local government. 
  6. Also, you need to motivate and encourage your subordinates to achieve the targets on time. 
  7. All the queries of your subordinates must be cleared by you and you are responsible for assigning them work.
  8. You need to conduct a search and study for a better understanding of the project and making a comprehensive plan. 
  9. Plan according to the research and your plan should be capable of resolving local problems. 
  10. The developmental plans should be made considering the recent and future scenarios. Also, the residents who will be benefited or be affected by the plan must be well-informed. 
  11. Creating and analysing informative reports, and checking the accounts available for your project will be your responsibility. 

Skills Required: 

For every job role certain set of skills are required by a candidate, through these skills it will be estimated whether you are perfect for the job role or not. 

  • Leadership Qualities: You are required to coordinate and lead a team, so for that leadership skills are a must. You must have the capability of leading and overseeing the task performed by your juniors. 
  • Analytical Skills: Having an analytical aspect to work is required when working at such a reputable position with a lot of responsibility. You need to analyze the situation before making any plans. 
  • Decision-Making Skills: The position at which you work holds great authority and you are accountable for the functioning of your department. You must have the skills to decide whether the plan is according to the company’s requirements. 
  • Communication Skills: For effective coordination and communication you should have great communication skills. You should communicate effectively with the customer and client to understand their needs, so you can make plans accordingly. 
  • Planning Skills: As the title of the post suggests, you must possess great planning skills. As all your work is based upon planning and arranging things, you should focus on making effective plans. 
  • Organizational Skills: You should organize and arrange things efficiently. As a Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, you should coordinate with your team regarding the developmental plans. 
  • Time Management Skills: Most of the tasks you receive on daily basis are time-based. You need to manage everything according to the time. For example, if you are assigned a task that should be completed in a month, then you should take a survey in around 10 days and make plans and try to implement things. 
  • Problem-solving Skills: While working as a planning and development coordinator you will get stuck in various situation. To find the solution of these problems you must have proper problem-solving skills. 


Most importantly, the average salary of employees working as Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator is $48,392 per year or $24.82 per hour. As a fresher, you can expect to receive $38,906 per year. Though the salary might fluctuate as per the different company and state, so you can rely on the following table for the salary according to a different state in the US: 

States in the USAverage Salary
Ohio$74,000 per year
Louisiana$71,233 per annum
New Hampshire$58,500 per year
Colorado$55,510 per year
Pennsylvania$54,776 per annum
California$53,050 per year
Maine$32,370 per annum


You should be well-qualified to acquire the post of Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator. This is a job of great responsibility, so a good qualification is certainly demanded by recruiters. As a candidate, you are preferred to have a bachelor’s degree along with a master’s degree. You must have a background in economics, statistics, geography, political science, or anything related to architecture. 

As a master’s student it is preferred that you have attended seminars or workshops that are related to problem solving and management. Also, if you hold only a bachelor’s degree then you are eligible to work as an assistant planner or junior planning and development coordinator. Certainly, with time you will be promoted to the post of Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator. Your position will be of great authority, so various certifications from different sectors are needed. Certification from the American Institute of Certified Planner (AICP) or any other authoritarian department whose certificate is valid in the sector or company you are looking to apply. 

Experience Level: 

You will be accountable for the various task, so you should have certain prior experience to feel comfortable while working at the designated post. As a fresher you should have experience of around 1-2 years, be it as an intern or part-time worker you have earned experience, it would be counted. It is always beneficial to have experiences in the same field like architecture, public policy, or economic development.  


You must possess certain qualities to help your co-workers and a person in high authority. The list of qualities that a Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator should have are given below: 

  • You should have proper knowledge regarding economic policy, social development, and architect. 
  • You are responsible for all the functioning of your department.
  • Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator should be a good listener so that, they can understand the problem and needs of co-workers and higher authority to serve them accordingly. 
  • You should keep in mind, the environmental needs too and design the plan which should be environment-friendly. 
  • You should support and guide your subordinates, whenever they need any guidance. 
  • You should be able to coordinate with employees effectively to help them and serve higher authorities effectively. 
  • As a person in high authority, you should be able to encourage and motivate all the employees and other co-workers. 
  • The timely completion of work is important as you are working in a high position, your juniors will learn from you. Be an ideal example for them.
Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is the planning and development coordinator a good position to work at?

If you have an interest and skills in planning and development then it would be the ideal job for you. If you compare the pay and work you need to do, then the planning and development coordinator is a good position to work at. Also, you will get much respect in society because of your work. 

How much does a Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator make?

A Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator earn a handsome amount of salary. On average they are paid up to $48,392 per year or $24.82 per hour. On the initial basis, you are paid $38,906 per year but as you gain experience you can earn more money and get promoted easily. 

What does Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator do?

Being Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, you will be responsible to conduct research and studies to make developmental plans. They are assigned different roles to properly assist the employer and other co-workers. 

Municipal Planning And Development Coordinator Job

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