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About Party City

Steve Mandell started Party City as a part store company in 1986 in New Jersey. Today, the company is one of the biggest retailers and owns over nine hundred franchises and stores in the U.S, Mexico, and Canada. The Party City, established by Steve Mandell in 1986, Mandell acknowledged the high-fragmented market for party goods with many small Mother-and-pop operations, a large number of small supply retailers, and no major players dominating the market for party commodities.

So when he took his own action to achieve his long-awaited dream to manage his own retail firm, Mandell opted to specialize in the business. The first Party City franchising store opened in Hazlet, NJ, in 1989, and Mandell owned four Party City Stores in 1990. At that time, he included the company as a franchising operation, with his stores at the heart of the chain. As a result, party City is one of the largest party stores worldwide. At the end of 1990, they had only eleven outlets, and by 1993 they had become very established, raising the number of stores and franchises to 58 all over the country. 

In 1993, the firm had over $2.4 million of yearly revenues and $235 000 net profit. Mandell has improved the Party City idea during the first four years of operation, including shopping design, product mixing, supplier selection, and system implementation.

To run his business and companies more efficiently, he devised a store model that would prove successful in the long run. He decided to favor the opening of stores own by the company, which will bring more profit to the company than franchises would, considering fees and royalties in mind. While franchisees may keep stricter inventory management, Mandell insisted that the company’s units would have ample stock of a wide variety of goods.

Job Opportunities at Party City Careers

Like many retail companies, Party City predominantly provides customer-service positions as key jobs. Many employees are employed in each store to interact with the clients, give sales advice, and stock racks. A typical enterprise employee works on hiring part-time and enters full-time jobs with acquired expertise. The retailer provides retailers with managerial possibilities.

Career-minded people who wish to start long-term positions with Party City or search for experience in management in the retail sector can be interested in assistants’ shop managers. The distributor also employs managers to supervise operations at various points. Average managers work 40 hours a week, with fairly ordinary holidays, nights, and weekends. The supply chain knowledge and general business skills benefit managers. Other requirements for hiring usually depend on the specific job title.

Career Paths at Party City

Management possibilities in Party City are many. Employees are allowed to seek more responsibility and higher compensation in management roles. After a short time with Party City, assistant managers frequently become general managers or district managers. Management applicants may expect to get competitive pay and great perks, including a plan of 401k.

  • Assistant Manager: A deputy manager generally works for planning staff, training new staff, and recruiting new personnel. Provide supervisors with direct support and reporting. The Assistant Director is responsible, based on guidance from the company’s General Manager, for the implementation of workflow procedures. Their duties include the supervision of employees at daily tasks, the support of customers and the management of a workplace overall.
    • Salary: In the U.S, the average compensation for the job of assistant manager is 49,000$.

  • District Manager: At Party City, managing the retail and shops in a given district and making sure they are in perfect condition is the main duty of a district manager.  The District Manager is responsible for ensuring that the several retail outlets function well and that their sales objectives are achieved. Individual managers are generally interviewed by the district manager and recruited.

    This job usually belongs to the company’s senior management. Their major task is to direct and supervise all elements of the business, including distribution, customer service, sales, marketing and human resources in line with the bank’s objectives. Effective regional managers are well-trained dealers who grasp the esthetics of retail and customers in depth. They are well-resolved and have great analytical skills. District managers hire and train their management teams and grow them. Other tasks include maintaining customer happiness and product quality across the whole district while monitoring local financial performance and managing security.
    • Salary: Annual salary in the US is at $71.605, 10 percent over the national average for the average Party City Corporation District Manager.

  • General Manager: A General Manager (GM) is an executive that manages both the revenue and expense components of profit & loss (P&L) accountability for the firm. Usually, a general manager controls the marketing and sales responsibilities of most or all companies as well as the daily activities of the enterprise. The tasks of general managers include the development of the overall strategy, management of staff and policy development.

    Typically, the general manager is the unit’s senior management and is responsible for strategy, structure, budget, personnel, financial results and scorecard measures. In order to succeed, you need to be a thinking leader and a confident decision-maker who helps employees to grow and to be productive while guaranteeing the increase of earnings.
    • Salary: The general manager’s average pay for Party City’s job in the US is $63 000.

  • Store Associate: A business partner is a professional interacting with the clients of a store. They greet customers and help them, for example, to explain what products or services the firm offers, or to answer particular queries of a customer. As shop staff are a company’s public face, they require outstanding personnel and should also be well knowledgeable about the things they sell.

    Store partners assist clients in locating the goods they wish to purchase, using sales methods to drive consumer expenditure and handle customer payments for goods. Store employees operate part-time and full days in major retailers of various sorts and must be able to work variable schedules that include nights, weekends, and holidays. Store associates operate in a team-oriented atmosphere and generally report to floor directors and department managers. The company partner may also take over the financial transactions of a shop on a point of sale system depending on the institution. If so, the shop partner must also count until the end of the day and deposit in the safe of the firm the money and credit card slips with him.
    • Salary: The store associate receives an average of $37,000 yearly, including a $35,000 basic fee and a $2,000 fee. The overall offset for a sales associate is 24,462 dollars less than the US average.

  • Team Leader: The team leader is an individual who gives a group of persons (the team)  guidance, teaching, and leadership in order to achieve a significant result or a set of aligned results. The team leader monitors and delivers results to management for the quantitative and qualitative successes of the team. In encouraging the teams of the firm and guaranteeing their success, team leaders play an incredibly essential role. By means of responsibility, acknowledgment, and appreciation you strengthen excellent customer service behavior provided by your staff. 
    • Salary: In the US, the average hourly compensation of Party City Corporation Team Leader is around $14.86, 11% over the national average.


The qualifications, training, experience, and characteristics a company expects someone to succeed in a job are the criteria. The employer’s management must determine which candidates they are going to contact for an interview. Forward nominees might utilize employment requirements to assess if they are qualified for the position. Current staff can use the job conditions to understand their duties. Managers and staff can explain the processes employees need to follow to change positions or obtain promotions.

Work postings generally include an overview of roles, an introduction to the organization, the benefits and remuneration offered by the company, and the job qualifications. These requirements define the skills the company seeks in the best applicants. Reviewing the job criteria might allow you to evaluate whether you match well and choose what talents, experience, and skills you want to highlight in your letter.

For the acquisition of a sales partner, previous retail expertise generally is essential. Additional hire criteria include flexible hours, calculating basic mathematical numbers, the duration of work shifts, and occasionally lifting considerable quantities of weight. Prospective employees also need to fulfill the minimum employment age of 16 and have great communication, exceptional customer service, and professional experience.

Education requirements enable businesses to explain the formal qualifications they expect from employees before considering them for the job. Most enterprises mention the minimum educational level for every job advertisement, such as a high school diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degree. In addition, companies typically specify the preferred majors, such as accounts, engineering, finance, or management. Higher rates demand more experience than entry rates since the length of time experts labor for their industries is typically more sophisticated.


Legitimate working age is the minimum legal age for an individual to be employed if a person does not reach the age of majority in a country or jurisdiction. The applicants for Party City must be 16 years of age or older. This provision guarantees that employees can work till shop closure. Some roles, such as assistant manager, must have candidates 18 years of age minimum.

Application Process– Party City Career Opportunities

Party City offers many jobs that can be applied online. Choosing an online application will ensure that your application reaches the recruitment manager and that it will not easily be lost.

  1. An application procedure may be started by candidates selecting a particular store and/or search position.
  2. Click the green arrow to continue the application when the available positions appear. If you are a new user, a username and password will need to be created.
  3. The candidates are requested to establish a 10-character Candidate ID at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The figures are as follows: two-digit month of birth, two-digit birthday, the final four digits of the social security system, first and last name.
  5. Once you have registered, it is questioned whether you accept the obligation to provide excellent service to Party City consumers.
  6. In order to apply,  applicants must be willing to satisfy the company’s customer service requirements.
  7. Applicants will be given an interview tip underneath the question. You should provide for your interviewer a definition of exceptional customer service.
  8. The rest ask about the availability and capacity of a candidate to work elsewhere (hint: those who declare interest in working at other locations increase their hiring chances).
  9. It will require education history, job history and three references.
  10. Felony is the emphasis of the final page of the application. In the process, California, Connecticut and Massachusetts residents shall follow special guidelines. You will be able to show the recruiting manager how much you deserve an interview with Party City via the application.

Interview Questions for Party City Careers

The interview with the candidate is a key part of the recruitment process. Human resources experts and employing managers must be educated on the effectiveness of interviews to employ the most suitable applicants. Applicants must be well acquainted with the several organized and unstructured interviewing approaches. They should learn the most common forms of interviews – telephone screening, direct one-on-one interviews, and panel discussions – and master the aims and strategies of conduct, competence, and situational approaches for interviews.

Employers should be aware that during hiring interviews the federal and state bans are imposed on certain inquiries. Employees seeking a job at Party city should research possible interview questions online and prepare their answers beforehand to increase their chances of passing them. Here are some examples of interview questions to be expected when applying for a job at Party City.


  • Health Savings Account (HSA) 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Vision Insurance 
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Life Insurance 
  • Dental Insurance 
Party City Career Opportunities, Salary, And more

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