Pacsun Hiring Age 2021 – Pacsun Job Opportunities

Pacsun Hiring Age

Pacsun stands for Pacific Sunflower of California, LLC. The United States-based privately owned a youth-oriented retail clothing store and the sale of accessories and footwear. It has around 400 stores in different locations with more than 8000 employees serving the company. A lot more information can be traced on their official website We will mention Pacsun Hiring Age in 2021 in this article. Stay tuned!

Pacsun Hiring Age

Which age category of people can apply at Pacsun?

16 years old and above can easily apply for entry-level and other positions as well. Experience is not a key matter that hirers depend on or look for. Thus freshers should feel more than comfortable applying along with little or more experienced candidates. 

There are a lot of other things that you must keep in mind than just the age number before applying to Pacsun, such as the benefits offered to the working employees, the dress code to be followed, the hours of work offered, the payment made, the methods to apply, etc.

  1. The option of printing applications remains open to any interested candidate willing to submit it as an offline method. 
  2. Offline submission of applications creates a visual impact of the applicant with the manager or application receiver. 
  3. For making online application submissions Visit the careers page and trace the vacant positions in the company. You shall be interested in serving, in this case, Pacsun. Read the requirements for the job you seek to work and then create a new profile or log if you have had a previous one to apply to that position.  
  4. Within a week of applying, you should be contacted regarding your selection or rejection in the next step, an interview. If you do not receive a call or email, you must contact the store for an update.
  5. You can also check the update in the status of your application online by simply logging on to your created profile with the company.  
  6. No drug test is required to be done. 
  7. Background check of an applicant’s last 7 years is conducted for cleanliness check of criminal history. 
  8. A simple One on one interview suffices for basic positions. However, others may demand a group interview or numerous sessions as well. 
  9. Some basic Interview questions could be, 
    • What are you going to miss from your previous job?
    • What are your strengths?
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • What was your initial job profile like?
    • Do you have any retail experience?
    • Tell me something interesting about yourself which is not to be known by all?
    • Do you have any inquiries to make?
    • What are your salary expectations?
    • How many hours could you scrape out for work?
    • Do you think you shall be a good fit here?
    • How was your typical day at work earlier?
  10. Dress appropriately, preferably in casual or business casual attire. Speak cautiously and breathe normally.
  11. One to two weeks of training and orientation is sufficient for them to work full-fledged. 

How long does the entire hiring process at Pacsun take?

Although Glassdoor Economic Research tells that an average duration of 23 days is taken for any hiring process to land completion in America at Pacsun, the entire hiring process should not cost you spending more than two to three weeks on an average.

Under benefits offered to Pacsun employees mention may be made of:

  1. 401k retirement plans, 
  2. Medical coverage
  3. Dental plan
  4. 50% off on anything that is not on sale  
  5.  10% off on sale items
  6. Vision plan
  7. Paid time off
  8. Casual dressing
  9. Flexible schedule
  10. Friendly work associates

What are the Hours of operation for Pacsun stores?

From Monday to Friday the operational hours of the store are from 10: 00 am in the morning to 9: 00 pm in the night on Saturday the operational hours of the store are from 10: 00 am in the morning to 7: 00 pm in the night and on Sunday the operational hours of the store are from 11: 00 am in the morning to 6: 00 pm in the night. The Shifts could be about four to six hours long. Weekday shifts for high school students are limited to 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm shifts.  

What are the pay rates of various different positions at Pacsun?

The average payments of various positions have been mentioned below,

  1. A store manager makes $ 20 on an average for each hour of his or her service provided
  2. An assistant store manager makes $ 14 on average for each hour of his or her service provided
  3. A sales representative makes $ 9 on average for each hour of his or her service provided
  4. A customer service representative makes $ 9 on average for each hour of his or her service provided
  5. A cashier makes $ 7 on average for each hour of his or her service provided

All the payments are made on a bi weekly basis.

Employees are generally expected,

  1. To understand what the customer’s needs, 
  2. To Follow orders or give orders as per their position demands, 
  3. To Apologize for making mistakes but ensuring you ultimately learn from them,
  4. To Be punctual and disciplined in the work hours, 
  5. To Give no scope of complaints to any superior or inferior or customers, 
  6. To Inquire about honest feedbacks and help rectify anything within your limit, 
  7. To be a strong contestant in raising the name of the company you are providing services to.  
  8. To make sure they motivate a customer to leave only after purchasing a few items.
  9. To direct them to areas where they could find their choice.
  10. To give them the appropriate size, color, and feedback on their purchase. 
    • The responsibility of a sales associate, in particular, is to provide product details along with store merchandise, and this is plausible only when they themselves have good knowledge about the brand.  
    • They must have a friendly and cheerful face to look forward to being contacted to. At the same time, their behavioral attitude should be of a confident and attentive nature. Stocking and folding clothes, greeting guests are other requirements to be fulfilled. 
    • Assistant managers have the job of a multi-functional person.  Making schedules, allotting work type and hour. Guiding them throughout, correcting all the employees wherever needed, etc.

Do Pacsun employees have a dress code to follow?

No, there is no fixed dress code to be followed when working at Pacsun. However, Employees must wear Pacsun clothes to influence purchases and serve as models themselves. They can have piercings as well.  

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Pacsun Hiring Age 2021 – Pacsun Job Opportunities

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