Pacsun Employee Discount- What is Pacsun?

Pacsun Employee Discount

Pacsun, What It Is.

The name Pacsun is the short form for Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC., a portmanteau. It is an American retail clothing brand that started rolling in 1980 by two founders, Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore. By the downturn of events, it is now under the shadow of Golden Gate Capital after a few declarations of bankruptcies. Let’s know about Pacsun Employee Discount.

With a presence in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico, this clothing retail business venture is one of the extensive retail stores in America. It does not only have 51 stores, but over 400 stores total. Six of those are in Puerto Rico. Along with that, the chain of stores has over 8,000 employees on its roster. 

Over forty years after, Pacsun is a trusted and reliable partner for many big-name fashion companies.  Brands such as Champion, Guess, Levi’s, and Billabong, naming just a few. They cater to all gender, the young and the adult. Their shelves are full of swimwear, as well, and many shoes and accessories.

The Clothes Outside Reflect The Passion Inside. 

As an American corporation, Pacsun is not blind to the plight of the outside world, even on American soil. It initiated a program they termed PAC Cares wherein they donate to organizations that have the same advocacy as the company. 

For the present, from their website, they have extended their help to seven of these groups. Among those are close to their mission are the groups Black Lives Matter, Stem To The Future, Girl Up, and Born This Way. The company’s undertaking urges the community as a whole to do the same.

Change Starts Within.

Pacific Sunwear may have reached out to others in the domestic and international scene. That gesture did some exposure to their business and the underlying purpose of it all. But it is well aware of how change starts. That is from within.

With that understanding from the start, top management of the company exerted efforts to devise a scheme or two. That those schemes were to make changes within and towards helping employees have in a small way a part of the company with not just in advocacy.

The Employee Benefits

Such as they are, they are mandated by the government, in statute, to provide the requisite benefits and perks of all and every employee. And it does mean all employees, even part-time ones working between 20  to 29 hours in a week. They can get two benefits extended to them despite their status.

More than that, Pacsun has initiated a benefits package where all are into three group types. These are Health, Income Protection, and Life Support Beyond Work. With a chart in mind, the benefits would be the y-axis. The x-axis would be the employee category which Pacsun has also grouped into three: Groups 1 (the Executives), 2 (Full-time), and 4(Part-time).

The pie chart mentioned earlier would lie on the first quadrant, x and y axes labeled. On the first and second rung of the y-axis, the data bar would extend to the end of the x-axis. That is to mean the benefits at y-1 and y-2 are enjoyed and claimable by all employees. There are 11 rungs, by the way, on the y-axis. All are extended to and enjoyed by the Group 1 category of employees that are the company executives.

The two benefits that all employees can enjoy fall under the type of Life Support Beyond Work. These are the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the Associate Discount. 

The EAP is a company-sponsored benefit open to all employees seeking professional advice on a personal matter that concern the employee or one of the qualified dependents. The one that we will delve deeper into is the Associate Discount.

The Associate Discount Benefit.

This is a benefit all employees in the company, no matter which store, shall have access to. That is, all active employees. The primary purpose of the broad coverage of the benefit is to mold all employees to know more about the products by having the products themselves. Another important aim is to make all employees, top to bottom, be knowledgeable brand ambassadors themselves.

Before proceeding any further, the company urges all employees to brief themselves with the in-house communications board to know the current status of this particular benefit. Also, there are policies involved in this benefit where an extreme violation may result in employment termination.

*Eligible Personalities.

All associates employed in the USA by the company and its affiliate, PSEB LLC. Regular employees in full-time status and those who are also part-time workers, seasonal and limited. Such will not include those that are vendors, temps, or contractors of the company.

Extended within the eligibility are parents, siblings, children, legal step-relatives, or same-sex or opposite partners. This extension may be granted if the concerned employee is in attendance. Such acquisition of discounted merchandise can not be reimbursed by any other person outside of the stated circle. This means the employee can not re-sell the product to a third person.

*Level of Discount.

At any physical store or the internet site of the company, an associate, along with eligible family members, can avail of the following discounts.

  • on regular merchandise, 30%
  • any PACSUN Kids goods, 20%

In a month, with the Associate Discount Card on hand, inside a physical store, an associate only may avail five (5) times any merchandise at 50% off the regular price. A crush-off on the card will be done by the store manager to count the number of times left the employee has in a given month.

*In-store or On-line Shopping

For in-store shopping, the Associate Discount Card and a valid ID of the associate and the eligible member must be at hand for verification and proper updating of the associate account in the database through POS. An eligible family member may not be allowed purchase if not accompanied by the associate.

For online shopping, the accomplishment of such is by using coupons and a valid email address. These codes are accessible in two company internal communication sites, The Lounge and FOKO. The email address must come from the UKG Pro account of the associate.


A retail chain of stores all over the United States and Puerto Rico that started out with difficulties. From its founding days in California to its new management, the company has proven itself that it can rise from its ashes. And claim proudly the success that they have today.

What is even more remarkable about Pacsun and its affiliate is the giving of extensive benefits to all its employees. From part-time to full-time, from front-end to back offices like inventory and accounting, as long as they are active, will gain from this benefit.

That is, of course, not to mention the other employment benefits as mandated by law. Those other benefits would be medical and dental, prescriptions, vision, 401K, insurances, and leaves. It is worth the while to work with such a conscientious employer. 

Pacsun Employee Discount- What is Pacsun?

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