Jiffy Lube Hiring Age 2021 – Jiffy Lube Job Opportunities

Jiffy Lube Hiring Age

Jiffy Lube Hiring Age – Jiffy Lube is an American company of automobile oil change owned by Royal Dutch Shell, employing many across 2000 different locations in the United States. It is headquartered in Houston, Texas, the United States, first found in 1971, Utah, US by Edwin H Washburn. The minimum Jiffy Lube Hiring Age requirement to be hired by Jiffy Lube is 18 years of age and above. None below that are considered eligible to fill in an application as well. 

Jiffy Lube Hiring Age

The steps of the hiring process at Jiffy Lube has been mentioned below:

The method of application: 

  • The Company does provide the option of availing printable applications, as a matter of fact. Still, one can also visit the nearest store in their location and request an application form to be handed over to you. 

  • Take your time and fill in all the details in ink very carefully in neat, readable handwriting, and you should be good to submit it and wait for a response from the other end of the table. 

  • One can also apply online by visiting the career page, followed by tracing the name of Jiffy Lube from the displayed list of companies. 

  • Lookup for all the vacant positions available at the moment of your search, and be wise enough to go through all displayed information on the website before you actually lock in your submission in the profile of your interest. 

  • Applications are mainly filled with details of one’s own, presenting your uniqueness like your name, address, contact information, educational life, career if begun, etc.

In-person applicants are more prone to expecting immediate feedback or at least shorter than online ones. In contrast, online applicants can receive notifications of acceptance or rejection not before a week. It is always acceptable on the part of the hiring team to answer your questions of query and update you with any information or clarify any doubts that you might have with hiring or the status of the application itself. Experience in the chosen field is preferred but not compulsory; thus, one needs not feel pressured about being a fresher at work.


Usually, two interviews are conducted for each candidate on a one-to-one basis where your mentioned qualities on paper shall be cross-checked via questions. There is nothing for an individual to panic about, although this step is considered the most difficult phase of the entire hiring process.

Some of the most commonly asked questions have been listed below,

  • How reliable are you when working with cars?
  • How would you rate your knowledge of automobile requirements?
  • How many hours of service are you willing to contribute?
  • Do you have a pay expectation in mind?
  • Have you dealt with similar working situations earlier?
  • Why did you leave your previous job?
  • Have you been recommended?

Dressing for interviews can be perplexing, as it is difficult to decide whether you should strictly keep it formal or semi-formal or business casual. Well, impressions definitely have their role to play but are not the sole condition for approval or dismissal. One can pick their attire for interviews, orientation, and training by considering the position at hand. 

Drug tests are done along with background checks for all possible reasons of citizenship, lodging, criminal background addictive nature, etc. One day of Orientation is followed by a month of training in your respective departments. The entire hiring process should not cost you spending more than three weeks altogether. Sometimes entry-level positions require even shorter duration because of the basic interview timeline. 

What is the dress code of the employees at Jiffy Lube?

The uniform for the employees at Jiffy Lube is provided by the store managers themselves on behalf of the company. It includes stocking caps for the head, a shirt with a jacket for the chest, and black pants for the lower half of the body. 

What is the usual timing of the stores in operation?

Monday to Friday the stores operate from 9: 00 AM in the morning to 7: 00 PM in the evening while on Saturday the timings are a little squeezed making it from  8: 00 AM in the morning to 5: 00 PM  in the evening and Sunday the stores remain closed for a fresh beginning.  

How much do various employees with different positions make at Jiffy Lube?

Some of the positions and their average pay rate per hour along with the rough range have been mentioned below:

  • A Jiffy Lube technician earns $ 10 on average, and this can be categorized within the range of $ 8 to $ 13 for each hour of work. 
  • A customer service provider earns $ 11 on average, and this can be categorized within the range of $ 8 to $ 16 for each hour of work. 
  • An assistant general manager earns $ 13 on average, and this can be categorized within the range of $ 10 to $ 20 for each hour of work.

To throw light on the responsibilities of few positions:

  • An assistant manager is responsible for raising the company’s sales and creating a wonderful experience for the customers by making his or her team of employees operate effectively in their own spheres of work.  
  • An automotive technician has the duty to ensure the smooth functioning of all automobiles by checking cleaning and fitting nuts and lubricants, inspecting the oil levels, the pressure of tires, and most importantly, maintaining cleanliness and appropriateness in their work.  
  • A customer service advisor is hired with the intention of analyzing customer’s behavior, personality, needs, and requirements and then conclude driving them to the best possible recommendations, thereby increasing their sales and services.
  • A general manager is given the assignment of hiring the best staff and getting the required work done in time to the company’s benefit. They shall also be held accountable for any discrepancies in the store, so being ready to resolve complaints and answer all investigations shall be another concern. 

What are the different perks and benefits of working at Jiffy Lube?

There are several positive attributes of work, some of which have been mentioned below,

  • Paid time off for sickness is open to all employees. 
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans are offered. 
  • Retirement plans are taken care of.
  • Paid vacations are offered to employees once they have delivered 5 years of service.
  • Stores are usually closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day while they operate for regular hours, as mentioned earlier, for other expected days of holiday.  

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Jiffy Lube Hiring Age 2021 – Jiffy Lube Job Opportunities

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