Gamestop Hiring Age, Application & Salary Guide


GameStop is the world’s largest video game retailer in the United States of America, selling electronic products and trading old products for new ones. The Employment opportunity is run across 7000 staff members all around the year on average. During the holiday season, the company is forced to make additional recruitments of around 2,500 employees temporarily to meet the stores’ hustle-bustle situation. Any game lover would take the opportunity to visit the game store at least once a day if allowed. This article is all about Game stop hiring age, educational requirement, Payments, etc.

Game Stop Hiring AgeMinimum Age Requirement:

The minimum age for entry-level, non-experienced candidates is 16 years old.

18 and above is the most appropriate and sought age for hiring candidates for all positions with or without prior experience.

Educational Requirement:

A High School Diploma or General Educational Development (GED) is a preferred educational background for all major positions and relevant work experience.

What Is The Hiring Process?

The seeking applicants can avail both online and offline modes of application. You must be patient for the call of an interview if you passed the application viewing. It is not so easy to crack the hiring process in here unless you have exceptional qualities displayed in your resume or have some contacts in the store who could stand up in your support and be there to refer you for the job or if you have excellent answers to prove your worth in the interview session and leave the hirers awestruck.

Usually, the hiring team looks for employees with 3-4 years of customer service experience. It takes around 20-40 days to hear back from the hirers after your interview. Feel free to contact the store regarding your application if you are desperate to know the result but do not misbehave or sound outrageous as they have a lot to deal with. 

Learning only the basics of a field is never sufficient to work out your job position. Relevant Skills and strategies are required for carrying on with a high spirit. Most employees are very fond of games and can be considered gamers themselves before they can guide and help other entertainment seekers. Both part-time and full-time employees need an adequate amount of training for contributing productive hours at the store. There are video training, multimedia training, and content learning as well. Trainees are supposed to view images and documents, understand the display, and then prove their learning through assessments. After your training, you shall be posted for the job under supervision.

GameStop Salary

$8 is paid to a customer service associate and a cashier, while $16 is paid to the store manager on an average per hour.  Payments are made every second week.

GameStop Working Hours

The stores’ operational hours may vary as per varied locations but may somewhat tend to remain open from 9 am to 9 pm. A minimum contribution of 44 hours a week has to be made by a full-time employee.

Dress Code:

Jeans with a polo or game-related tee are the general uniform at the stores but female employees can wear dresses or skirts of knee-length.

Perks And Benefits:

15% employee discount can be availed by all working employees and Life Insurance, Health insurance, yearly vacations, paid time off, Healthcare, Dental, and Vision plans, with coverage of partial educational costs for students seeking employment.

Stores are mostly closed on New Year’s Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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Gamestop Hiring Age, Application & Salary Guide

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