Dunkin Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

Dunkin Hiring Age

An American company founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts, and was taken over by the parent company of Baskin Robbins. It acquired the chain Mister Donut and it was a ladder for their success in North America and they also converted the names of those stores. They primarily serve donuts and coffee and also have a quick-served dish menu. In 2004, both the companies namely, Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts became subsidiaries of Dunkin’ Brand and were headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts. Here, we’ll know about the Dunkin Hiring Age.

The previous year became more important to the company because it was acquired by the Inspire Brand and rebranded. The company was rebranded and the name was changed from Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin with the idea that they were beverage orientated. Internationally, the name has not been used but in the United States all the stores have changed their names and the international change is gradually happening. The company is famous for its long list of donuts varying from cream-filled to glazed to limited-time specials. The limited-time specials are filled with kinds of bacon or fresh fruits which are only available at the time when there is some occasion, in the festive season, or during some days of the holiday season.

The hiring age of the store is 16 years. Since this is the legal age in the United States when a person can start working and earn a subsidiary amount for his own expenses. They also have to keep in check the safety and security of the working staff. A 14-year-old person is not allowed to work in the store even if they have a permit due to some restrictions of working in a place that is mostly based on fire and appliances which can cause accidents.

Nevertheless, a person above 16 can work for many posts depending upon the qualification and the requirement of the store. Mostly all the stores hire them as crew members, cooks, servers, etc. but they can go up to the post of assistant manager and restaurant manager if they have exceptional skills and the store considers them fit for the job. Although, reaching that level is a bit hard because the people who apply for those are mostly more qualified and have higher knowledge and experience of being in that post. Since everyone needs a corporate sector most of the employees there are above the age of twenty-one or twenty and have to hold at least a graduation degree since their work is more on the knowledge side and requires full-time dedication which cannot be provided by the people who are currently studying since they have to manage both.

Both the minor and major age groups are paid well and have the same pay hourly. The hourly pay also depends on your experience and the period you have worked for them. During the period you might have got a raise so comparing your salaries won’t give you a picture of what you are getting into. Since they do not deliver they don’t have to think about the age of the drivers and get a headache that they might not be good or they might not have a good record in driving. 

Hiring Process:-

The hiring process of the company is quite simple and flexible. They provide people with surveys in both offline and online formats you can choose either. The process starts with you inquiring about the posts open from the store you want to work in and then filling their form in your preferred way. For the offline form, you need to visit the store. The brief survey should be filled genuinely and it should tell you about your personality. Do not overwrite since it can go against you and in this fast-paced world no one has time to read long paragraphs so write to the point. After this, your application is submitted and you can check your status online by logging in or you can visit or call the store in which you have applied. They would tell you the status and most of the time they speed up your process after you contact them.

The last process is personal interviews which only happens for certain posts like that of management, others like team members, cashiers have a very small one-to-one talk with the manager before starting the job. Keep in mind that you should have qualities like patience, perseverance, and the ability to adapt to the team for being able to continue the job since they work on the fact that you should have a peaceful environment for a better quality of work. You should also be fast-faced and know your responsibilities well because they are mostly filled in and during the season you might even have a second for taking a breath. 

Working Hours at Dunkin:-

The shop mostly opens at 5 am and closes by 11 pm. The chain is quite flexible and adaptable to your working hours. They provide both part-time and full-time jobs to start with. If you are not able to do more than forty hours a week then the part-time job is for you. You can work according to your availability but your shift also depends on whether the store needs employees during that time. Some of the stores are open for twenty-four hours since they are at the gas stations and they require a larger number of employees to keep the store supplied at any point of the day. The full-time employees have to work for more than forty hours a week and sometimes they also have to do overtime which is paid by the company under the government laws.

They are paid one and a half times their actual pay if they are non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The employees are also given employee benefits if they work there for more than a year and are full-time. Most of the part-timers are given no to very few benefits of working here. The employee benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, medical insurance coverage along with dental and vision insurance coverage, paid time off, and tuition assistance for the employees who are studying or pursuing something in the field that is under the eligible category of reimbursement policies of the store, and some other benefits. 

Does Dunkin pay weekly?

The store’s pay period is not sure and depends on the management and the owner. Most of the stores have their pay period which is easy and comfortable to manage. The employees have reported a distributed answer and said they were happy however they were paid. Some of the employees said that you should ask about your pay period beforehand as this will not create chaos afterward between you and the management and if you are comfortable with both that is weekly and biweekly you don’t need to ask or survey about it. A study has shown that the employees who are paid biweekly tend to save more and the weekly paid staff tends to have a proper timetable and a schedule. Some of the employees are paid every month. 

Jobs and Salaries:-

There are various jobs available at the store as well as the corporate sector, you can choose one. In this article, I will mainly be concerned with the management and other jobs that are available in-store. The jobs can be divided into the following categories:-

  • Crew member:- Their main responsibility is to make the customer happy by the service of the store. Their duties include preparing, serving, cleaning, and the other manual labor that has to be done like operating drive-throughs, picking phone calls, or taking the cash. They are given a minimum starting wage and can get increments frequently. 
  • Baker:- They generally have the duty to make the donuts, pieces of bread, and other items and make them look good and do all the work related to the oven. They start their work early by which I mean before the store is open for the public. They get a decent $8 hourly which highly depends on your work experience and ability. Along with this, they work as crew members during the day.
  • Management:- They are responsible for the smooth sailing of the store. They hire associates, assign jobs, solve conflicts, and also serve the customers daily. They are paid on an average of $8.5 and can earn up to $40000 yearly which depends on the location and busy days of the store. They should also have a diploma and having experience or knowledge of the field is the cherry on the cake.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • Do they drug test?
    The answer is not clear and certain. Some of the stores perform alcohol breath tests every day whereas some stores do not. They also have no uniform policy for doing drug tests so you have to confirm with the store before you start working.
  • Is it fun working there?
    Working at Dunkin’s’ is a great experience and the staff hired is also friendly and becomes another family during the course.
Dunkin Hiring Age- Job Opportunities

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