Working at Baskin Robbins- What is Baskin Robbins?

Working at Baskin Robbins

It is always a good idea to know the insights of your job before applying. Like what you have to do, how the day looks, and everything else about working there. So, if you are about to work or at least thinking of working at Baskin Robbins, you must read this article. It will be so helpful for you, trust me on this!

What is Baskin Robbins?

Baskin Robbins is an American ice cream and cake shop founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945. It operates internationally and is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, United States.

What is the hiring process of Baskin Robbins?

Like any other job, you have to apply online on the Baskin Robbins official website. Once that is done, you will be invited for an interview. For an interview, the hiring manager will just ask you some basic questions like why do you want to work here, what is your availability and how would you interact with the customers. You have to be honest and confident while giving your answers. 

What are the requirements for working at Baskin Robbins?

Honestly, the requirements for working at Baskin Robbins are very basic. The minimum age should be 15 years old. You must be willing to work in that environment. As a cashier, you have to learn how the register works. As a cake decorator, you must have decorating skills. And previous work experience is not necessary.

What is the training at Baskin Robbins?

For the first three days of your joining, you will be trained to do your job. How are they going to train you? You will be shown a series of videos related to safety, how to make cons, how to make milkshakes, and everything else. Once you have finished watching the videos, you will be asked to make them.

What are the work positions available at Baskin Robbins?

1. Crew Member

Crew members are the ones working at the bar taking orders, making desserts, handing out orders. They are also responsible to make sure the cafe looks neat and clean by cleaning and making tables, maintaining the counter, putting name tags on the items, and things like that. They play a front role by interacting with the customers. As a crew member, you have to be super nice and friendly with everyone.

2. Cake decorator

The cake decorator is the one who decorates the cake. For this position, you have to have fine cake decorating skills. You will be required to decorate according to the customer’s preferences. It is a very fun job unless you are terrible at it.

3. Manager

To work as a manager, you should have a retail management background. They are responsible for looking after the employees if there is no supervisor. A manager interviews and hires people and trains them.

4. Cashier

As a cashier, you will be working on a register and you will be responsible for making bills. Even if you are unaware of how it works, the manager will train you on the register. You also have to interact with the customers by asking them how the day was.

How much do employees get paid at Baskin Robbins?

You get paid bi-weekly at Baskin Robbins. The salary, of course, depends on where you work, what your work position is, and your seniority. Like in Mississippi, the minimum wage you get is $7.25. A crew member makes around $9 on an hourly basis. A manager makes around $18 on an hourly basis.

What are the pros of working at Baskin Robbins?

1. The job is easy to do 

You can work at Baskin Robbins at the age of 15 because it doesn’t require many skills compared to other jobs. There is not much that goes into remembering stuff, I mean on the wall and the blender, it’s going to tell you the measurements on how much scoops of ice cream goes in the larger, small or medium milkshakes, etc. So for the most part there is no need to memorize. The only tough part is that it can be tiring, but you have to understand that it is a job and you are getting paid. 

2. Free ice cream

If you are someone who loves ice cream, it is going to be the best job for you. You will get a free scoop of ice cream every night. And occasionally, depending on which store you are working for, you will get more items.

3. Friendly coworkers

Baskin Robbins has a few staff working, I mean it depends on the store you work for, but most probably the staff is small. There are around five to six employees at Baskin Robbins, and at a time two will be working. So you will get a chance to interact with them more and make a friendly bond.

4. Provides insurance 

Yes, Baskin Robbins provides you medical insurance with healthcare coverage. And also life insurance if you are working as a seasonal employee.

5. Free tuition

There is this whole program where Baskin Robbins provides tuition reimbursement to qualified workers. So, if you are a college student, definitely give it a try. Please go to the official Baskin Robbins website to know more about the terms and conditions for tuition reimbursement, or you can always ask the managers.

What are the cons of working at Baskin Robbins?

1. You will get a lot of complaints

Keep in mind that you will get a lot of customers complaining at Baskin Robbins. They will say things like “that scoop looks small, other people give me more than that, why did you give me so little whipped cream, can I have more nuts?” Some people will just scream at you. So you have to explain to them that this is how it works here. If you have any problem, you can talk to the manager.

2. Sometimes, you need to get up early in the morning

Okay, this is not a major con of working at Baskin Robbins, but if you hate getting up early, this might be a headache for you. When the ice cream gets hard, you have to defrost it where you need to come early in the morning on weekends. Basically what you do is at night turn off the dipping wells and take every single tub out (32 tubs of ice cream since Baskin Robbins has 32 flavors available). But anyway, you take the ice cream tubs out, put it in the back, turn off the cabinets and the ice cream will start defrosting. Then in the morning, you have to clean and vacuum all the water out of the tub and put the ice cream in the dipping cabinets. 

3. You do not get days off

The con of having a fewer number of employees working at Baskin Robbins is that you cannot get days off since there will be no one to take your shift. I mean, yes it is possible, but it is going to be so hard for you to ask for a leave.

4. After some time you will hate desserts

Yes, you will be working with the desserts all day long. All you will see and smell are milkshakes, ice creams, sundaes, and whatnot. At first, you will love it like heaven, but after some time, you will hate it. So, if you are someone who wants to cut off desserts from your life, this is a remedy for you!

Some key points for those who want to work at Baskin Robbins

1. Practise scooping ice creams well

Some of the managers are super precise on how much the scoops had to weigh. So while practicing, you have to get it as perfect as you can because if you are giving the customers a lot less than what you are supposed to give or a lot more then, it will reflect poorly on you. The customers are going to notice when it’s not right and they will say something about it which will fall back on you. 

2. Sometimes the ice cream is hard

You need to have some strength because sometimes, the ice cream will be so hard to scoop. And if you cannot, you can always ask your coworker politely to help you out.

3. You have to provide the best customer service

As you know, the atmosphere of such cafes is very chill and positive. As an employee, you must make sure the customers are having fun and enjoying their time. You have to be super friendly and need to have a positive vibe.


In my opinion, if you are a teenager, you must work at Baskin Robbins. Trust me, it is going to be so much fun. Yes, you will get tired after some time but that is a part of a job. The work environment is very positive which will lighten up your day. You will learn so much about dessert and might get fed up after some time, haha!

Working at Baskin Robbins- What is Baskin Robbins?

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