Brandy Melville Hiring Age Guide 2021

Brandy Melville Hiring Age

With its soothing and earthy color palette and bleached wood theme, Brandy Melville has expanded its horizons across continents by displaying its comfortable yet stylish fits. From opening their first US store in Los Angeles in 2009, Silvio Marson and his son Stephan have managed to carve a niche of their own in the rapidly changing fast fashion industry. In this article, we will be discussing the cmplete Brandy Melville Hiring Age guide over here.

Brandy Melville Hiring Age

With young women at the center of their target audience, Brandy Melville consists of young teenage girls as part of their product research team, starting at 15. Hiring young girls as part of their core research team is the idea that who better than young girls to understand the art of fashion genuinely and keep the company’s aesthetics and styles in trend. After all, trends are not made into trends overnight. It requires a lot of research work and a relatability factor. 

If the audience can see their reflection in any dormant or newly discovered fashion style, it can only turn into a trend. With the advent of social media intensive marketing techniques and strategies, the fashion industry also is not leaving any stone unturned to keep up with the pace of social media.

Why Brandy Melville?

The brand of Brandy Melville is the epitome of this definition of fashion. It is the sole and the most important reason why young women want to be part of the core branding and research team of Brandy Melville. As the company employees and other staff members are prohibited from discussing the history of the company or any details in the press or media, their representation of their definition of fashion in the store and they’re till date flourishing business speaks for itself. 

Every person these days, irrespective of their gender, feels like wearing something that boosts their confidence, and for millennials, this place is the one. Young girls feel comfortable in Brandy’s clothing style as they generally struggle to find clothes during this phase of their lives where their body type comes in between the kids’ clothing and women’s clothing. Moreover, fashion has never been about dressing for others. It was always about how one feels in a garb of a particular fabric. Mixed with the Malibu teen aesthetics, this brand has become a modern space where young women and women of any age desire to shop from and work for. 

What does Brandy Melville as a fashion brand stand for?

As we search in-depth their social media accounts and unravel their comment section, we will realize how Brandy Melville stands to promote body positivity by designing clothes for a particular body type, i.e., fragile skinny teen girls. But the real question is, why choose Brandy Melville over any other brand? And the answer may seem far-fetched, but it is actually floating on the surface. 

Brandy Melville is flourishing despite being surrounded by controversies because as much as ‘fat-shaming is a part of body positivity, ‘skinny-shaming is equally a part of it too. Moreover, it can be said that Brandy Melville is a brand that sells products of a particular body type as many thin people struggle too to find a fit for their body type. Young teenage girls find their type and fit of clothes in a store like this and look forward to working with a brand like it too.

Some stores cater only to men’s fashion needs and trends, some cater to kids, and stores like Brandy Melville cater to the needs of dainty women, especially petite teen girls who find it difficult to find fit and trendy clothes for their body type. This is why teen girls look up to this brand, and despite so much criticism, any of this does not affect their market and brand value.

Social Media, Criticism and Target Intelligence

With over 3.8 million followers on Instagram, the brand is definitely reaching every nook and corner of the world, not specifically to young women but women in general. The changing times are not only about young girls choosing fast and aesthetic fashion but about any woman who wants to look chic and yet feel comfortable (you might not find much of a variety in terms of their sizes). The fashion industry has moved beyond the boundaries of couture before comfort to both the elements amalgamated and confluence into a single unit. 

Although the brand surrounded itself with lots of controversy for the lack of diversity, it is also where a millennial would shop from when no one is watching and judging them to choose a store like Brandy’s. In addition, it is the brand in the fashion industry that is quite criticized for its conscribed sizes, skinny long-legged models which actually do not include the majority of its clients but also a place where women can’t stop buying from even if it’s just their tanks and tees.

In the past decade, the fashion industry has grown into space where there is a constant demand to explore the range of colors and sizes because people have started to understand and believe in the idea of body positivity. In an era where people are much more aware of sham beauty standards, the fashion industry should move forward accordingly. By using only white and slim models to promote their brand on social media, Brandy Melville really has to change with the changing times. Although everyone is tired of listening to this old saying, “Change is the only constant,” but only a few inculcate this in their professional and personal lives. It’s time Brandy Melville explores their variety in terms of size.


Fashion has transcended the curvature of fashion and built its own niche where comfort and couture get all with each other. Heavily criticized for their stagnant approach towards growth and fashion and conscribed sized clothes, it is also a place which actually portrayed through their style in the late ’90s that fashion does not have to be expensive and it is for everyone. It is just a matter of decent fabric turned into couture that screams comfort and not distress and torture. So, still, many women look forward to working for a brand like Brandy Melville and actually try to turn these criticisms into creating a strong branding team.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the qualifications to apply for a job in Brandy Melville? As long as you are passionate about fashion and styling and most importantly, above the age of 15, you can apply for either an internship or a job position in Brandy Melville.
  2. What are the job positions available right now? You can always visit the website to check multiple job positions.
  3. What sizes are available in Brandy Melville stores? Unfortunately, Brandy’s fits incorporates the policy of a ‘one size fits most’ which becomes difficult for a majority of women to shop from. If you’re looking for a variety of sizes in their collection, then this is not exactly the right place to shop from.

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Brandy Melville Hiring Age Guide 2021

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