AMC Hiring Age: What Age Does AMC Hire?

AMC Hiring Age

American multi-cinema (AMC) is the largest movie theatre chain, not only in the US but in the entire world, employing more than four thousand (4000) full-time employees and thirty-five thousand (35,000) part-time employees based on equal employment opportunity and keeping in mind all related laws of the land. 

AMC Hiring Age – What Is The Age Requirement?

  • Employment is provided to young applicants ranging from 14 years to 17 years of age for the number of hours they are available to work after receiving work permits from their school authority and local government. They are considered for entry-level positions and need no prior experience to be given a company store position. 
  • However, none below the age of 14 shall be permitted to work in any circumstances. 
  • 18 years of age and above is the requirement for all other major positions in the company store with or without experience. 

What Is The Procedure For Getting Hired At AMC? 

  • One can avail the online sources to download the application form, fill it up and then submit it at the nearest store location or send the application by online means itself. You shall have to perform an online assessment to prove your capability and stand strong before seeking applicants for the same position. 
  • Once your application has been reviewed, you may be scheduled for a call interview if your application details meet their need else’s criteria. 
  • After you pass the phone interview, you shall be considered for the in-person interview.
  • You can contact the store to receive an update on your application if there is an unmentionable delay and they did not get back to you within the mentioned dates. 
  • They have a system of waving flags at the application. A red flag means you have failed the first step of the application itself, while yellow and green suggest you wait for further steps. 
  • There is paid training and orientation, the duration of which varies as per the position of work.
  • There is no provision for a drug test to be conducted on an applicant seeking employment.
  • The entire hiring process takes a week or three at maximum. 

How Many Hours And Shifts Should You Contribute At AMC?

An employee must contribute 30 hours a week on average. The shifts could be 5 hours long on weekdays and range up to 8 hours on weekends.

What Are The Various Perks And Benefits Of Working At AMC?

Employees are given free movie passes with popcorn and soda, paid sick leaves, paid holidays, life insurance, disability insurance, casual dressing at work with flexibility in working hours. The company also provides annual scholarships, so any employee in need of financial aid may apply for a scholarship. Guests can bring in bottled water along with them without any hassle, unlike other theatres where it is strictly prohibited. However, you cannot bring in your food.

The hourly rates of various positions on average are mentioned below:

  • The cashier is paid $9, ranging from $7 to $11 
  • A bartender is paid $8, ranging from $4 to $15
  • The theatre manager is paid $13, ranging from $10 to $20
  • The crew leader is paid $9, ranging from $7 to $13

Payments are made every two weeks.

An AMC employee’s dressing criteria are: No jeans are allowed at the store, but one can wear black slacks and any color of socks along with shirts that the company provides.

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AMC Hiring Age: What Age Does AMC Hire?

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