U.S. Census Bureau Office Locations And Headquarters

The very first census in the country was conducted in the year 1790, after the American Revolution during president George Washington’s first term in office. The process was done under the supervision of the state secretary at the time, Thomas Jefferson. T The data retrieved allowed congress to be able to efficiently allocate 105 representatives among 15 states in the United States. In total, the United States has had 23 censuses. Let us know more detail about ‘U.S Census Bureau Office Locations And Headquarters’.

U.S. Census Bureau Office Locations And Headquarters

U.S. Census Bureau Office Locations And Headquarters

The decennial census is needed and is legally mandated by the constitution. Yes, the Constitution of the United States, Article states that a census or enumeration be taken. a fun fact about the census is that it is always carried out in years ending in zero. There are several reasons why taking the census is important and decisions that are dependent on the data gotten. Some of which are:

  • For Apportionment. This is the procedure in which the 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives are allocated among the 50 states using state population numbers from each of the decennial censuses. The number of seats each state will have in the United States House of Representatives for the following ten years will be determined by these findings. This is all to ensure that every state is represented and the country is properly governed.
  • The census is also important to make important business decisions. For example, businesses will benefit from the last census carried out in 2020 because the census provided a wealth of information about the communities they serve, including demographic patterns and growth estimates. Business owners exploit the results of the census to make decisions about their business, like where they could open up new stores and where to grow operations.
  •  The data retrieved from the census are important to be able to alter or redraw electoral districts based on the population growth or decline. The United States Census Bureau provides population counts to states for this purpose.
  • To decide where new homes and public facilities will be built.
  • To plan transportation systems and roadways and investigate the demographic aspects of cities, states, and the United States.
  • To set quotas and create police and fire precincts, as well as;
  •  To help establish specialized zones for elections, schools, and utilities, among other things.

U.S. Census Bureau

The United States Census Bureau, or the Bureau of the Census, which was founded on July 1, 1902, is a key component of the United States’ Federal Statistical System. The main responsibilities of the bureau are to produce data on the American population, as well as assessments on the economy and economic activities, people, and economy. 

So, to be clear, these guys are the ones in charge of actually conducting the census every 10 years in the country and also take care of statistical data in the country. Also, to ensure that the communities and lives of Americans are in top-notch shape, the bureau has the responsibility of conducting several surveys like the American Housing Survey.

Locations of U.S. Census Bureau 

The United States Census Bureau has over 4,000 employees. As you can see, the census bureau is a giant government organization in the United States. Well, they are responsible for counting all the residents in the United States. So, they have several regional offices in the nation to be able to properly serve the masses.

The Regional Offices of the Census Bureau are in charge of data collecting, data dissemination, and geographic operations. As of June 2011, The Census Bureau announced that it would revamp its regional office structure to cut costs and improve survey quality. Six of the bureau’s regional offices were shuttered on January 1, 2013. The offices then retained were the locations of:

• Los Angeles

• Denver

• Chicago

• Atlanta

• Philadelphia and;

• New York

So, the United States Bureau has its regional offices located in these six cities, with the national processing center operating in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The National Processing Center (NPC) is the major center for mail processing, survey processing, data collection, and imaging/scanning for the United States Census Bureau. Several employees in the regional offices are responsible for going round to count people. This is an important task that must be carried out effectively and with care. Hence, the need for regional offices and processing centers.

National Processing Center 

The national processing center (NPC) is responsible for gathering and handling demographic data, population statistics, economic indicators, housing statistics, business, construction, and international trade data, among other things, on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. With a mighty workforce of more than 5,000 personnel, they work hand in hand with the census bureau to suit the heavy job demands and ensure the mass’s satisfaction.

Of course, if there are regional offices, there would also be a patent office or headquarters. The headquarters of the Census Bureau is located in Suitland, Maryland in the United States of America. The base has quite a history with Maryland as it has been here since 1942. The building is quite massive and impressive. It has also been said that the design for the headquarters of the United States Census Bureau makes a massive organization more accessible, even to its employees.

The 2.5-million-square-foot headquarters is attractive, inviting, secure, and full of on-site services that make life easier for employees, such as a lending library, a credit union, medical offices, and a gym. Talk about a good work environment. One thing is for sure, Marylanders sure have something to boast of. The building of the headquarters is also referred to as the campus of the city.


Now we have learnt ‘U.S Census Bureau Office Locations And Headquarters’, And there you go. It is hoped that this article has answered any queries you might have about the census bureau in the United States, its regional offices, and its location. One thing that is for sure is that the bureau is doing an amazing job as accounting for every head in the country accurately is no easy feat. Well, we are now aware of why the census is needed apart from it being legally mandatory of course.

U.S. Census Bureau Office Locations And Headquarters

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