Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions -Full Guide


Facebook has been one of the first social media platforms that grasped the attention of users worldwide. With the rise of internet content usage in the recent decade, Facebook’s revenue has been increasing exponentially. While there are millions of Facebook users, ambitious person out there dreams to work at Facebook. Facebook generally requires various software engineers, front-end developers, and engineering managers as their usual administration works through AI and basic programming abilities. It is said that an engineer’s ideal job lies at the workplace of Facebook (Meta), Google, Apple, and other tech giants. Let us know about “Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions”

Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions

If you are looking to apply for the position of Engineering Manager, you must know that even getting shortlisted for an interview is not easy on Facebook. With the overload of competition in the tech world, Facebook selects only the best in the field. Even if you ace the technical knowledge around, you might not be a good cultural fit according to Facebook’s work culture. Other managerial skills, strategic thinking, and industry knowledge are quite important for its employees. If you are looking to prepare for the upcoming interview, here are some tips and Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions to look forward to.

What Are The Questions Asked For The Role Of An Engineering Manager At Facebook? :

It is crucial to prepare for the Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions to make an impact on the hiring managers. Here is the list of questions that might get asked on Facebook.

Behavioral Questions:

How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

What new initiative would you bring here, at Facebook?

Tell me about a time you had to scrap and redo an entire project.

Did you ever take responsibility for a coworker’s bad work ethic?

How will you convince the upper management of a new plan?

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

How do you deal with destructive criticism?

If a team member refuses to meet the deadlines, how will you solve the issue?

Why do you want to work at Facebook?

What is your suggestion for the new Facebook interface?

System And Product Design Interview Questions:

Design an application that helps with caching systems.

Design a database on Facebook Marketplace.

How would you design an easier interface for Facebook?

Design the Instagram Reels section.

Re-design the Facebook NewsFeed section.

Design an interface that helps count the number of likes on YouTube.

Design a database that stores the data of shared posts on Twitter.

Technical Interview Questions:

Can you find the maximum path search of a given binary tree?

Determine whether the given graph is Bipartite or not.

Find the clone of a directed graph.

If given an array ‘b’ with ‘n’ integers, determine whether the two elements, x, and y are in ‘b’ such that x+y=0.

Find the next permutation that rearranges the numbers into decreasing permutation of numbers.

Write an algorithm for Netflix refresh.

Write an algorithm to find the maximum profit in a given stock with the element n.

What is the Job of an Engineering Manager at Facebook? :

An engineering manager is a senior manager position, so a lot of day-to-day responsibilities include being in charge of the team members. As it is associated with the technical part of Facebook, the manager should have exceptional industry knowledge. You should be well aware of the how, what and why of technology-specific knowledge. 

An engineering manager at Facebook should set directions for the team and motivate the employees for the team effort. They should build a team with high-performing qualities and a productive work ethic. The manager should support the highs and lows of the team while aspiring for the next level at Facebook. 

Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Process:

Overall, Facebook conducts three rounds of interviews with six or seven interviews. The interview rounds are divided into three levels.

Phone Screen

  • If your resume gets shortlisted, an HR associate would contact you via phone call to assess your communication skills and evaluate you based on the cultural fit.

Technical Screening

  • This round would be conducted by a technical engineering manager who would check your industry knowledge through a telephonic round of interviews. They might assess you by testing your knowledge of data algorithms, programming languages, and system and design practicals. Make sure you’re proficient in your technical skills.

On-site Interviews

  • Once you pass through the previous rounds, Facebook calls for face-to-face interview rounds. They cover diverse types of questions starting from behavioral questions, general coding tests, managerial caliber, open-ended situational questions, and cultural fit interviews.

Before The Interview On Facebook:

Update Your Resume/ LinkedIn Profile

  • Ensure that your resume reflects the requirements that Facebook’s core values preach. Highlight your previous projects that are related to your job profile on Facebook. With an updated resume, you can make sure that the hiring managers are aware of your capabilities.

Technical Preparation

At Facebook, they give a lot of importance to an employee being a culture fit for their company. Make sure you learn about Facebook’s work ethic and core values. 

If you are not proficient in technical skills, you might not get approved for the next rounds. Ensure that you are well-aware and informed about the latest programming techniques and data algorithms.

Practice Interview Questions

  • The more prepared you are for the interview, the more are your chances of being selected. While preparing, make sure you follow the step-by-step approach to solve a particular problem. 


Now we have learnt “Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions”, Getting a position as an Engineering Manager at Facebook is not extremely tough. With a few right choices and high-caliber managerial qualities, one can easily run through all the interview rounds. Even for a senior position, you are required to code with high proficiency. Provide the recruiters an exceptional reason why they should hire you. Everyone can be as talented as you in the tech skills department, the real turnover is when you charm the interviewers through your communication skills. For a managerial position, make sure you have the leadership qualities to lead the Facebook team to success.

  1. What is the Facebook acceptance rate?
  • Through a rigorous interview process, only 3% of the applied candidates get hired by Facebook.
  1. What is the number of applications Facebook gets in a year?
  • Around 250,000 applications are applied in a year. 
  1. Is working at Facebook stressful?
  • It can be mentally stressful to work at Facebook, but the physical stress is quite less.
Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions -Full Guide

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