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Google and Facebook are two domains inseparable from our lives. Be it daily random searches or featuring your company advertisement on the top. Every aspect of businesses running online depends on the working of these two tech giants. Both affect our lives directly or indirectly. With this supremacy of both state-of-art institutions, it gets difficult for job applicants to choose the right one for themselves. But to clear your path or at least help you cave your decision let’s understand more about their work culture. Let us know facebook and google.

Facebook v/s Google

What should I choose? Facebook or Google

Facebook V/S Google was never a scrimmage. The answer most conceivably is clear in your headspace too, but the confusion is letting your expectations down. Right?

The surest reason for you looking web and differentiating between Google and Facebook must be either you’re selected into both the companies or are just thinking of applying to both. In any case, the winner is clear, Google.

Google owns a multitude of services. Each elaborates into a smaller unit. On the other hand, Facebook is a product-driven company that works in alliance with the team only to drive the best in their website. If talking about the strength Google employs more than 200,000 people whereas Facebook constitutes nearly 50,000 employees. Both being an internet company, you can observe non-tech field openings more in Google than Facebook. At Google, you get an opportunity to work with the greatest of minds and have a chance to transform yourself into one. Employees looking for a chance after working on Facebook are seen more comfortable in joining Google than any other company paying equally well. Therefore, if you get a chance to work at Google never miss out on that opportunity.

Still not satisfied with the perks? We got your back. Choosing between the opportunity should always be your call, therefore we have tried to list the important factors that make Facebook and Google stand out. Finish out your expectations list and choose the best for yourself.


Facebook or Meta is an American internet company. Founder 17 years ago by Mark Zukerberg. At present, there are more than 2 billion users on the platform and the data keeps increasing day by day. 

Facebook is a free social media platform with thin prepaid services like running ads, which is one of the central sources of revenue for the company. The service is radiated all across the world with a few exceptions of countries that either have no internet connection or have purposely banned the usage of Facebook for their citizens.

Facebook has its headquarters at Menlo Park, California. Facebook being a company based on technology, has most of its employees settled in the field of computers and codings. The company employees more than 58,000 people. Being a product-driven business the primary and essential intent of the engineers working at Facebook is to preserve peace in the algorithms considering even a simplistic dispute in the mechanism can cause huge losses to the company and its users. 

The company started 17 years ago but the energy to thrive goodness in every feature seems never-ending. Facebook started to embark on its second phase of expansion in 2008 after it surpassed MySpace in terms of users. The cellular reason is flexibility and advancement. Facebook never left a stone unturned to be the king of social media. Post-expansion, Facebook started devising all the futuristic services like Whatsapp and Instagram. Both are decreeing the internet with their constant rise in users each day.

Facebook superficially believes in the actuality that one supreme ideology can’t work for every employee. So, instead of forcing individuals to rush office and constantly work on deadlines, Facebook believes in versatility and openness to keep the work culture away from monotony.  At present, Facebook is extra inclined to offer presentations to engineers most specifically software engineers. The remainder is simple to improve the cyclic function of their websites. 

The process for application is very simple, apply online at their official website and wait to receive a mail for the next step i.e. interview. 

For that, here is a small list of the pros and cons of working with Facebook. 


Regular perks and allowance

At Facebook, you’re least troubled about your cost of living and budget allowances. Facebook provides free lunches to its employees and other perks. Additional allowances like gym and repair stations are available at Menlo Park itself. Paid vacations and paternal-maternal leaves of four months. Regular health checkups and financial assistance all through your work-life. Imagine the eternal peace beaming in you when all your hard work pays off. 

Social networking through social networking

Confusing it might sound, but Facebook being a social company believes in societal presence for its employees. The learning procedure should never come to an end. Therefore, on Facebook, you’ll make new friends through teams and learn together. Networking eliminates the communication gap connecting team members plus pushes everyone to be decisive about their roles at the workplace. A more petite team with more prominent aspirations helps invest in yourself and the company.

Stress-less enjoy more

Facebook being Facebook, tries to abduct creativity and execute the equivalent into their system. On Facebook, you’ll always be given infinite opportunities and a license to work. Employees are entitled to portray and operate on their ideas with zero weight and laborious work deadlines. A fretted and flowy culture organizes more confidence in all individuals. Facebook nevermore aspires to toil its representatives and violate them to achieve unattainable pitches. 

Elevates individuality

As all part of businesses and ready to acclimate knowledge about every field, being monotonous can severely inflect the popularity of any application. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all demand to be aligned and receptive to newer dimensions. This is only possible through scraping creativity and promoting individuality to maintain the right temperament of employees working in an office. One-rule-for-all is not always successful in businesses. Therefore, Facebook believes in preserving the individuality of every employee.

Simplest recruiting process

There’s always an assumption that huge companies have tremendous and tiring steps to their recruiting procedures but the case with Facebook is different from you’re regular corporate or IT professional organizations. Facebook implements a fair opportunity for all appellants to ensure equitable opportunity for all. The procedure is to apply online on their official career website and anticipate your interview if shortlisted. 


Fast pace 

The fast velocity culture and competitive environment can seldom be too overwhelming for someone working on the ground for the first time. At Facebook, you need to be faster to be more productive. Facebook indulges in PHP aka Hack and needs to get the trial ASAP. The constant reminder to be yourself and the sport to be the best can be a relentless force for someone to work extraordinarily well in their domain while a person who is psychologically built differently can be tedious and mentally exhausting to be polished at every moment. Facebook runs many activities to keep monotony at a bay. Regular activities to keep the moment alive are overemphasizing for many of its employees.

The majority of the work function involves the engineer

Okay. Facebook is an internet company and for a rigid regularity in its content and products, it needs world-class engineers. But it has been reportedly recorded by its ex-employees that Facebook depends too much on individuality and a majority of its decisions are taken care of by engineers themselves. 


Remember the uncle in your family who knows about everything happening in every part of the world. Ask him anything and see the answer hunting you down the street? Witticisms aloof, Google is that uncle. Teletype your question and see millions of webpage opening in a matter of seconds. 

Google was formerly called Backrub that was changed to Google, derived from Googol a mathematical term for a value with hundreds of zero. Also, from a business outlook, Google is way easier to remember keeping its flashy name and lowkey services. 

If we drive down to basic function and the idea behind the scene, we can see a group of people preparing for their Ph.D. and wanting to get all their resources aligned on a computer screen. The two best friends promptly, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were on a mission to make our lives so much easier.

Google has gained momentum post introducing its products and services portioning different requirements of different people. Now, the services have grown so inclined that we can’t imagine our businesses standing anywhere without them.

Major products and services provided by Google are:- 

  •  Search engine
  • Advertising and related services
  • Email Services
  • Cloud Storage
  • Navigation and mapping
  • Communication and publishing
  • Video Streaming
  • Application and browsing services
  • Operating System
  • Scheduling and management
  • Photo video and other management services
  • Internet and Services
  • Smartphones and smart devices

Google captured its 23rd birthday on the 4th of September, just a year younger than Netflix now owns hundreds of services under its caption. Google is more of a technology company, in love with technology. Every day you can observe its engineers working and advancing to feature a plan for new services or contriving updates for the existing applications. When looking for engineering excellence one cannot contend with this tech giant.

Google has many services to offer, hence the number of employees also increases drastically. At this moment in time, Google employs 200,000+ people and has its office at more than 70 locations in 50 countries, worldwide. 

Coming back to work culture. The popularity is unsurpassable, even a non-techie would love to work with Google than any other company. This Silicon Valley legacy gives you the sanities to be more artistic and unleashes your authentic potential. Most Google employees reportedly say that they never feel like being at work. Can an enjoyable workspace and a centric mountain view from the Googleplex look tedious to anyone?

To get more insights about the community you’ll work for let’s list down the pros and cons of working with Google.


Pleasurable perks

Google recognizes the efforts of its Googlers. Unaltered perks and allowances come without a hassle. Paid holidays and vacations, parental leaves, gym, and health services. Google’s in-built tech support center- TechStop follows at every office to welcome Googlers who tend to get their tech accessories messed. The favorite of all is supporting Googler’s spouse post-demise. 

Regular learning initiative

Learning never comes to an end, old quotations but dear to Google. Regular learning abilities are never downgraded at Google. Methodical sessions and project diversity always encourage Googlers to never stop their learning process. Learning through project inclusion and regular moonshots aids in the process.

Freedom to follow the passion

Google isn’t your regular IT company that would toil you to work beyond limitations and close all doors for your passion. Google is driven by enthusiasts who are passionate and can feel the passion waving through your veins. So, if you have something to try your luck on, Google is the place for you.

Futuristic angle to all the dimensions

Googlers believe they reside in the future. Being the frontier of technology, Googlers are beta-testers for the product they generate. That means even before the release of the product to the general public Googlers already have a treat of using the product and coning out the loopholes.  

Dogs are a big yes!

Do you enjoy sharing your work with dogs? If you do, Google is the right place for you. At Googleplex, dog owners are allowed to bring their pet to their workstation and the sight is enjoyed by the co-workers too. Dogs are known to reduce stress and lighten the mood of most individuals working at the station. By this, the owners don’t have to think twice about leaving their pet alone and concentrate more at work. Don’t lock your pet at home, instead bring the wanging tail to burst your stress. 


Dispensable promises

Many Googlers are often seen contemplating the fact that Google promises more than what it offers. Roles different from engineering are belittled. Since, Google is a technology-dominated institution, roles that involve sales and advertisements are targeted inferior to the later community. Even though Google carters ample opportunity to have a “me” time but this is not always fulfilled after all it is a tech company with loads of different services that influence the working of businesses all around the globe. 

Onerous social growth

Social life at Google is very slow. Not stagnant but slow. You get to meet and converse with the greatest of minds but are so involved in your work that social life seems to be drowning. Many Googlers do grumble on verity that if you want to flourish at your position and move forward, Google will eventually become your life. You get so busy and lost at Google that getting to make new friends get more and more overwhelming. Facebook being smaller in number gives you time to appreciate social life. 


Google and Facebook both fight for the dormancy on the internet. Businesses in the pandemic dwell on the well-functioning of both institutions. Facebook being a product company resides in the concept of improvising their personal content and algorithms, whereas Google is a tech company that is involved in a variety of services. When looking to choose between working for Facebook or Google, an individual conduces to mix because the tech titans are the world’s most successful organizations to work with. Even though you’ll enjoy ranking perks at both institutions Google still will be the first choice for anyone if correlated with Facebook. But, at the end of the day, your choices should be influenced by passion, not perks, and consequently, the election ought to be in alignment with your persona and interests and not just monetary privileges.

Frequently asked question

Can we get paid leaves at Facebook?

Yes, paid leaves are available on Facebook for all the employees. There are other perks like paid parental leave to both the parents for 3 months. 

Can a non-techie get a job at Google?

Yes, Google is a huge company compensating more than 200,000 employees. The roles and operations at Google vary from your regular tech professionals to sales executives. 

Which company pays higher? Facebook or Google

The crowd is the answer. Google being a bigger company than Facebook tends to have a better graph in salary ranges. At Facebook, you can expect a higher salary for a similar role than Google. 

Which company offers management roles? Facebook or Google

Facebook is least interested in the hierarchy since most of its programs are managed by engineers themselves, the size of the company is also to be considered. Whereas Google provides a plethora of opportunities for both- Techie and Non-techie individuals. So, the chances of you landing a management role at Google is way easier at Google than at Facebook.

Are dogs allowed on Facebook’s new office?

Being a pet-friendly company, Facebook currently is not allowing pets at its new office at South lake. 

Facebook and Google

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