Google Office Locations And Headquarters

Google Workplace is a web-based collaboration platform that helps teams work together more efficiently and effectively. It allows you to create and share content, files, and other information in real-time using any device with an internet connection. This platform also allows you to communicate with others more effectively and reach a larger audience than traditional tools. This article will introduce you to Google Workplace and help you decide if it is a good fit for your company. Keep reading to know about Google Office Locations And Headquarters.

Google Office Locations And Headquarters

Google has more than 25 offices worldwide, including Canada, Italy, and the United States. Many of the Google offices are in The Bay Area of San Francisco, New York City. Google’s new California office is a hive of tech-movement.

Location In Georgia

The company’s first physical location in Georgia, the Google building in Georgia, will be home to about 450 employees. The space will include a café, a gym, a soccer field, and several gardens. Midtown 10th street NE Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 303009.

Location In Cambridge, Massachusetts

The headquarters of technology giant Google, headquartered in Mountain View, California, is the largest corporate office complex in the world. It features more than 160 buildings, five kilometers of roads, and enough land to fit inside its campus. 

More than 45,000 employees worldwide at Google, at least 3,200 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is the largest office in the city, and it has an imposing building and the whole structure. The address is 355 Main Street, Cambridge, Ma 02142.

Location In Irvine, California

The location of Google’s office in Irvine, California, is another attractive masterpiece building. There are many excellent features in the building, such as a ‘fountain’ and ‘garden.’ It makes the building modern in feel, and glass windows let the sunlight in from all directions, making it more calming and attractive. It’s home to all the digital giants, including Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix, but it is also where employees can transform.

Location In Los Angeles

The Google office in Los Angeles is located in a modern building directed toward the city. It has a cafe, meeting rooms, and a theater for team-building events. The diversity of the people who work there makes office apart from rest of the offices in world. Different people worldwide work here and from different cultures and backgrounds.

Location In Pittsburgh

The Google office in Pittsburgh is a small building in the Strip District, surrounded by small, local businesses. The marble lobby feels like a ‘welcome’ from a more formal company with its plush seating and modernist sculpture. The security guard asks you to use the “formal” entrance, but you can find the ‘casual’ side of the building—a long, narrow hallway lined with offices. The Google office in Pittsburgh is a small building in the Strip District, surrounded by small, local businesses.

Location In Michigan

The Google office in Michigan on Google’s campus is just a short walk from campus. The office offers free food, drink, stationery, and other amenities and has a kitchen that is frequently stocked with food. There is also a well-stocked gym, comfortable sofas, a game room, and plenty of colorful artwork to work off stress.

The office is staffed with friendly Google employees who are available to help you with everything from setting up your phone to figuring out how to file a claim. The address is 201 S-Division St-Suite 500, Ann Arbor, MI 481004.

Location In Colorado

Google has established its first office in Colorado since it relocated its headquarters to the state in 2015. The new office in Denver will focus on serving customers who are already in the state and provide additional support for users who may visit Colorado from other parts of the United States. The address is 2595 Pearl Street Suite, 1000 Boulder, Colorado 803002.

Location In Illinois

The sprawling headquarters of one of the world’s most influential companies sit on a sprawling stretch of Illinois lakefront in nearby Kirkland. Over the years, Google has grown from a single campus to more than two dozen buildings. The company has more than 11,000 employees, many of them based in offices spread across the area’s many neighborhoods. Some employees work in the heart of downtown, while others are scattered throughout the suburbs.

Google Plex

The Googleplex is a campus-wide, interdisciplinary complex of research and office buildings part of the Googleplex campus, located at the southeastern corner of the company’s main campus in Mountain View, California, US, in the city’s Silicon Valley district. 

It includes nine adjacent office buildings that house over 35,000 people and several related research buildings like the Computer Science Building and a satellite building that houses data centers, computer servers, and other equipment. Within the US, there are 11 locations, including most of the Mountain View office, the SF headquarters, and the National HQ in the Googleplex.


The company has also announced plans to build nine new locations across the ‘Asia-Pacific region,’ with a new headquarters in Singapore and offices in Australia and New Zealand. This is on top of existing campus in Sydney and the new office in Melbourne that was announced last year. This brings the total number of Google locations in the ‘Asia-Pacific’ region to 31. Wikipedia has a page for Google in Asia-Pacific, and the company’s website lists its offices in locations around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can anyone apply in Google office from any location?

Yes, if they have a necessary skill, they can easily apply it.

  • Does Google takes an interview on live call?

Yes, Google does take interviews on a live call.

  • Is a Master-level degree is must for applying to Google?

It is not compulsory, but one needs skills at the best level to apply to Google for any position.

Google Office Locations And Headquarters

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