Product Features List-Know More

A product is an item made according to consumer needs. Product features refer to the characteristics possessed by the products. A product must generally contain the features that the customers require to make the manufacturing efforts worth it.Let us know more about that the Product Features List-Know More.

Product Features List-Know More

Product Features List

A product features list contains a set of specifications that describe the product. The customers depend much on it because they cannot open the packaging and test the product anytime. This article elaborates on the rules, contents of a product feature list, tips to make a product features list better, the difference between the features and benefits, and some examples.

Rules For A Product Features List

A compromise made with any of the product features mentioned below poses a threat to product success. Some products might have additional features.

The following are the rules to make a better product features list


Competition keeps increasing daily. The customers look for something new every day. These unique features make a product stand out from the crowd. However, such distinct features must have value for the customers.

Problem Solving

A product must be made to solve customer problems, and the features must get designed accordingly. Since customer requirements change with changing times, the companies must always keep manufacturing products with problem-solving features. The features and solutions must get stated clearly through pamphlets, product covers, banners, websites, software applications, and more.

A Better Advertisement

Having only the required features is not enough. The manufacturers must convey them efficiently so that a customer understands. Customers will buy the products only if they recognize the features. Advertisements also act as a medium to reach a wide range of customers. They must get attracted to the products and create more demand.


Innovative manufacturers might develop complex features. But, they must remember that the end-user will be someone else. Thus, they must make the features simple enough such that the end-users can understand with ease.

Target Audience

Product features list makers must know for whom the features are. The manufacturers can make products, use appropriate marketing strategies, and allocate a price according to the budget of the target customers.

Use Of Numbers

This point is optional. Accurate and motivating percentages and related numerical information make the customers trust the product more. They feel that they know what they will consume. However, manufacturers must make sure that all the numbers are accurate and do not mislead the customers.

Contents Of A Products Feature List

Gone are the days when the features got listed in a simple text format. Now, the companies use different ways to state the following types of product features in a features list:

Product Quality

It is the product features list’s most sought-after item by the customers. It is suitable for both tangible and intangible products. Moreover, it helps the customer trust the product and the brand.

Product Functionality

Functionality means the tasks performed by a product. It is important because a product might perform more functions than expected.

Product Upgrade

Product upgrade refers to the changes done in the current product to overcome the challenges faced by the other or the previous version. It mainly includes the advantages of this product over the other products.

Product Design

It refers to the style, color, size, pattern, texture, and User Interface (UI) experience. It proves helpful for both tangible and intangible products.

What Makes A Product Features List Better?

The product features list creators must focus on the advantages offered by the product. It is the list that attracts the customers. The creators must hunt for even minute problems in other products and explain how the current product solves those problems. A bad written features list can hit the product sales hard.

The features list must be capable of creating a strong customer demand from the customers. The customers must think that they require the product, even when they do not. For example, earlier men used only soap and a razor for shaving, while some used only a razor. But, now they use razors, trimmers, anti-dandruff beard wash, aftershave and bath, and more. It works mainly due to the attractive product features list creating a fake demand. A customer must feel like a king, even when it is not true.


Earlier, both men and women had only a shampoo of different brands for all their problems. Now they have the following varieties

  • Conditioners.
  • Shampoo for curly, oily, thick, straight hair and hair loss prevention.
  • Shampoo for men, women, and infants.
  • Shampoo as a face wash, hair cleanser, anti-dandruff, and more.

It is the result of the luxurious demands created by the attractive product features list.

Difference Between Product Benefits And Features

The following are the differences between the product benefits and features

Product Features

  • Features are the distinct qualities of a product that makes it stand out from the crowd.
  • The customers can touch, feel, see, listen to, or smell the features.
  • Features might get complex and may require a thorough explanation depending on the target audience.

Product Benefits

  • Benefits act as the bait that solves customer problems.
  • The customers can only feel how a product provides the benefits and solves the issues.
  • Benefits can be explained with ease.

Example 1

Consider an example of a sweater.

Features Of The Sweater

  • The material used.
  • Length.
  • Shoulder size.
  • Color.
  • Country of origin.
  • Price.
  • Types of buttons or zippers used.

Benefits Of The Sweater

  • Elasticity.
  • Comfort.
  • Thickness.
  • Durability.
  • Discounts.
  • It will look good.

Example 2

Consider the example of a mobile phone:

Features Of The Mobile Phone

  • RAM and ROM size.
  • Battery type.
  • Material used.
  • Screen size.
  • Operating System.

Benefits Of The Mobile Phone

  • Ease to carry.
  • Discount.
  • The number of files it can store.
  • Battery life.
  • Free accessories.

In the case of some products (like a mobile phone), the features can turn into benefits. So, they might have the same features and benefits.


A product features list gets offered for the customers to understand the product technically. But, the changing world has given rise to the creation of luxurious demands. The customers must know what they want and what is enough to avoid falling prey to an unnecessarily attractive product features list. A better product features list can make a product successful, whereas a poor one can hit its success hard.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Is A Product Feature Matrix?


A product feature matrix is a tabular mapping of the product features against the customer’s needs. It helps the company in understanding its position against its competitors.

  1. What Are Some Terms Related To A Product?


Some of the terms related to a product are:

Product review: It is the opinion of a product user related to the product.

Product requirement: It is a set of all the functions and features that a product must ideally have.

Product backlog: It is a set of tasks where the tasks get organized according to the priorities for a release.

  1. How To Prioritize Product Features?


The product features must get prioritized according to the customer demands, industry, effect on the market, efforts required, and overall time needed for development.

  1. How Do You Come Up With New Features Of A Product?


The companies must first define the goals related to the product and get open to new ideas. Before working on a new product, they must learn about their competitors, talk to the team, and analyze the present data.

Product Features List-Know More

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