How Does Wish Make Money?

Wish was started by a former Google employee in 2010. It is a service similar to Amazon. Wish is an e-commerce website that allows visual shopping. Wish is an American-based platform with its headquarters placed in San Francisco.let us know about that the How does wish make money?

How Does Wish Make Money?


Even though Wish is an American-based platform, it is known to provide services all over the globe. The success of the wish was not spontaneous, there were many hurdles faced by it and many changes applied throughout the process for the platform to reach up till here.

Wish is an e-commerce based Application mainly available for mobile users. With wish being almost similar to Amazon, there are few differences between them. Wish just to connect a customer to the manufacturer through its sites. It does not store the product with it. However, Wish can earn money by different methods. Some of them are by adding up a few advertisements on its site. It can also earn money by changing a decided amount to its merchants for offering logistics services. It can also charge a sales fee for every successful transaction made through its products. 

Start Of A Wish

Wish was started by an engineer named Piotr Szulczewski. He started Wish with a different company name “ContextLogic”. The ContextLogic company was not an e-commerce platform, instead, it was a software company. The company ContextLogic was formed in the year 2010. And the actual Wish company was started in the year 2011.

After one year of starting a software company, Piotr Szulczewski invited his friend and the former CTO Danny Zhang to make a Wish Company. Wish was also not an actual e-commerce platform, it was somewhat similar to Pinterest. The earlier wish was made to allow its users to create and collect their wishlist by saving its pictures, which later on they can get in direct touch with its merchants for the buying process. With that process in place, Wish used to earn money by the model pay-per-click. They also provided the ad on Facebook.

With time, in the year 2013, Wish became a full-fledged e-commerce website. This change was done after a few observations. From there on, Wish was announced as an actual e-commerce platform allowing its merchants to directly post their products on the website and allowing its users to get a purchase done from there directly without the need of any third party being present.

With the popularity gained by wish, it did not take much time for Wish to be announced as the most downloaded e-commerce application in the world.

With its popularity, it is considered the third greatest e-commerce marketplace in the U.S. and is known to give good competition to Amazon and Alibaba.

The Working Pattern Of A Wish

Wish is a similar platform to Amazon. But the prime factor of using Wish is getting a cheap product but at the cost of fast delivery. Wish is a connecting factor between its customers and retailers. The products sold on Wish are made in great quantities as they need to be offered at a little low cost. With Wish being just a connecting factor, Wish is not known to collect any product with itself and then to supply to the customers. 

Due to this, there can be some delay in its shipping, the shipping of any products normally takes time of approx two to four weeks or sometimes can extend also.

The products available on the Wish can be of different categories and different ranges.

The products shown to you by the Wish can be modified by using a few physiological techniques and your search history for attracting its customers.

As easy as it is to be used by the customers, Wish is similarly too easy for the manufacturers to post their products on it.

For a person to sell their products through the wish, he or she should be the manufacturer, brand owner, retailer, creator, crafter, artist, etc. In general, he or she should have the right to sell the products. Those people can then look out for the eligibility criteria of Wish and if found to be fulfilled. They can fill-up the form and follow the procedure to get started.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Wish is not the one charging fees from its retailers on the monthly basis. Instead, it follows the rule of collecting revenue of all products sold through it in total, that can be about approx 15%.

With these few conditions, Wish is a great platform to help its customers get in direct touch with manufacturers to buy the product at a low cost. And it allows the manufacturers a great platform to sell their products to increase their business.

Some Special Services Of Wish

Just like the way Amazon offers its customers prime services to fulfill their needs and to get more customers, there are also some preferred options kept by Wish to help out its customers and manufacturers.

There is fast shipping available on a few particular products known as Express Shipping. Shipping is considered partly disappointing due to the time taken by Wish to deliver the particular product. Hence with the availability of Express Shipping, it can be of great use.

Another specialized feature of Wish is its promotion campaign. Wish is known to carry out the promotion Campaign for some products.

Another service provided by Wish to boost up the sales of a particular product is ProductBoost. This helps some of the best-selling products to stand out in the search box or to appear on the front page directly for more customers to target their attention towards it. This is a product-boosting service.

Another service available by Wish is for its merchants. This service presents its merchants with a few gifts on achieving targets and maintaining a good response from its customers. This is mostly an appreciative program.

With all the services provided by it and the recent advances made to make it more user friendly. Wish is still in its developing stage and needs more changes for it to maintain the same level in future years.

How Does Wish Earns Money?

When earlier Wish was started as a software company named ContextLogic, it received a total investment of about 1.7 million.

As it was changed to a different business, the method of earning changed too.

With Wish being just a site available for its to collect their shopping products, it used to earn through the method of pay-per-click.

Pay-per-click is an internet-based service that allows a person to participate in the advertisement of any famous advertisements.

When a person clicks on the given advertisement, they are directed back to the given link address which can be of any particular product or website. Buying anything from there can let the party offering link get some commission earned through it. The most famous example of such a service is Pinterest. Affiliate Marketing is also kind of similar to this Pay-per-click model.

As Wish became an e-commerce based website, the method of earning also changed for it. ” Wish” can make money in different methods. The easiest method is by giving up advertisements on its site.

Wish is known to have its website as well as its application available also.

Multiple places wish to rent out for the advertisements. By giving out advertisements for other companies’ products, it can earn a good amount of money for this service.

The other method for Wish to earn money is by charging fees for transactions Taking place through its site. Wish is known to help out with transactions taking place between a customer and a manufacturer. When there is a successful transaction done between these two, there is some amount of commission fixed by Wish terms of the policy to be donated to it.

Wish does not take monthly fees from its retailers, instead, it charges about 15% of total revenue earned by the retailers from their total products sold through Wish.

Through all these methods, Wish is known to earn money, profits, and generate revenue.


Wish is a famous e-commerce company allowing its users to enable the use of Wish through its website as well as through its application available for mobile users. The products listed on wish are of low rates and good quality products. The Wish platform is known to provide services on a wide range of products. Similarly, it is known to earn money through different methods available and made from its site.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why are the products on so cheap?
  • The products sold on the website are done by direct manufacture only, so there is no addition of extra cost by any third party. Also, the manufacturers selling up their products on Wish are mostly manufacturing in great quantities and hence reducing the cost.
  1. Is Wish a real site and the products found on wish are not some fraud?
  • Yes, Wish is a real legal site that allows its users to do virtual shopping. However, there are always some cases of fraud available when it comes to the online market. So being careful before shopping with any of the e-commerce sites is the most important rule to be followed. Even though Wish is a legitimate site, its products are also real, but there are always some exceptions available which we need to be careful of.
How Does Wish Make Money?

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