PetSmart Employee Discount- Employee Benefits

PetSmart Employee Discount

Many people wonder what it’s like to work for someplace where you get discounts. I mean who doesn’t love them right? Who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks when they can? PetSmart is one of the stores that have an employee discount system. People who work at the store can get plenty of perks. They include getting discounts on pet products, various Merchandise, and other pet-related services, and many more. So what are they? Well, let’s find out. Here, let’s know about PetSmart Employee Discount.

PetSmart employee discount

People employed at Petsmart have a lot of privileges when it comes to discounts and offers. They get a 15% discount on all Petsmart merchandise and services. With that, employees working there have saved about $52 million so far. Employees of Petsmart can also avail of 50% off any only Natural dog and cat pet food. Other than discounts, Petsmart provides a 6-week pet training group class for all their associates. And not just that, employees working in the grooming department receive a 35% discount on grooming products. One of the highlights of these benefits is the free Puppy Or Beginner Pet Training Classes which allows the people working there to understand the pets more so that they can help the customers choose the best option. The investment in the employees does not go in vain at Petsmart. 


We can divide the employee perks into two parts. One of the parts is Discounts. At Petsmart, the associates/employees can get a 15% discount on Petsmart merchandise and services. Services available for discounts are grooming service, training classes, doggie day camp, and availability for checkups at Banfield Pet Hospital. Other than that, a 50% discount is given to their employees on Cat and Dogs Natural foods, Dentley’s dog treats, and Exquisicat cat litter. Employees also received 35% off on tools used for grooming the pets. 


Well, discounts are great but Petsmart goes a step further in looking out for their precious employees. With a job comes great responsibility and in the case of Petsmart a lot of perks. One of the most valuable Petsmart perks is a 6-week pet training group class. As an employee, one can also get a free puppy or Beginner Pet Training Classes that costs a lot. But for Petsmart employees, these classes are free of cost. 

Is Petsmart popular?

Yes. It is one of the most popular Pet products and services shops. The venture has over 1,650 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This speaks for their success and popularity. Even though Petsmart has many competitors including Petco, they don’t come near to what Petsmart has achieved over the years. The reason for the popularity can be because the company is old. It was founded in 1986. As of 2020, Petsmart has a total of $7 billion in revenue. 

What are some of the controversies faced by Petsmart?

Every known company once in its lifetime faces its fair share of criticism and controversies. For some, it is one of the best ways to stay relevant. In 2016 a complaint was launched against Petsmart. By March 2018 from Petsmart warehouses in Nashville and Six sick or injured small animals – a guinea pig, mice, and hamsters were confiscated from there. IN the same year people told companies how their dogs died after using the grooming services offered by Petsmart. A total of 47 cases were registered after collecting the data of 14 states since 2008. 

How to apply for a Job at Petsmart?

If you want to apply for a job at Petsmart, then, go to their website and select the category you want to work in. If any job is available at the time in that particular category then click and apply. The categories include Phoenix Home Office, Retail Stores, Salons, Distribution Centers, Call Center, Students. As a student, you can choose summer interns, part-time internships, and full-time programs. The company provides full flexibility when it comes to jobs.


Petsmart is a leading venture in the pet care industry. It offers many services, merchandise, and other products related to dogs and cats specifically. So if you are planning to work there as part-time or even a full-time associate, then do not hesitate. The only condition is that you must love dogs and cats. So whenever there is a vacancy available at Petsmart, one should apply if they want to work in the pet care industry. Having experience at Petsmart will provide you an edge over the other candidates. 


Q. When was Petsmart founded?

Jim and Janice Dougherty founded Petsmart in 1986. 

Q. What was Petsmart’s original name?

Initially, Petsmart was called PetsMart. However, they changed it in 1989. 

Q. Is Petsmart an IPO?

Yes. It went public in 1993. 

Q. Who is the biggest competitor of Petsmart?

Petco and PetFlow are considered the biggest competitors of Petsmart. 

PetSmart Employee Discount- Employee Benefits

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