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About Nordstrom:

Nordstrom is an American luxury brand. It was founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. It started as a shoe company which led to the massive chain of superstores functioning in the present. Having a legacy of over 110 Years Nordstorm kept a reputation on the market with having stocks worth 27.21 USD. Now, Nordstrom sells items like clothing, footwear, accessories, handbags, cosmetics, fragrances, and many more. Here, let’s know about Nordstrom Employee Discount.

In 1928 after John Nordstrom retired he handed his legacy to his children, Everett and Elmer who took the prestigious company legacy which had 8 stores open throughout the country and transformed it into something new.

The company was taken to NASDAQ in 1971 with an uphill climb to reaching the New York stock exchange in 1999. The Business had a big boom in 1974 after working even outside of stores and being included in the National Football league. The fourth generation of Nordstrom brothers appointed the first non-Nordstrom member in 1997. In the scenario, after the death of Blake Nordstorm, Erik Nordstrom became the CEO.

Nordstrom Work Environment:

The Nordstrom work culture functions on commissions for sales. So, there is always competition among sales associates to make as many sales as possible. The company caters to its stakeholders, investors, employees, and customers in the best way possible and always makes sure everyone is taken care of appropriately. 

The company is known for its fun and productive work culture. They make the employees feel a part of the family and have earned their reputation for the same. Nordstrom made it to the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list 20 years in a row. The retail industry can be challenging to work in, but the employees learn valuable lessons and skills every day through a variety of skills. 

The dress code for Nordstrom employees is casual. The company provides its employees with shirts as part of the uniform. Depending on the department they work in, employees are provided aprons. Some employees are allowed to wear jeans as part of their uniform depending on what kind of job they do. 

Employee Pay and Benefits:

An average employee earns up to $16 an hour. The wage at Nordstrom starts at $13 an hour. Sales Associates earn up to $13 an hour. Counter managers earn $19 an hour. Beauty Advisors earn $16 an hour. A Food Server earns an average of $17an hour. Store Administrators earn $28 an hour. Employees are paid bi-weekly, every 5th and 20th of the month. 

Nordstrom employees also enjoy a variety of benefits like:

  1. Health Benefits with dental, medical, and vision coverage. 
  2. Paid leaves
  3. 18 vacation days a year
  4. Sabbatical leaves
  5. Discounts and Services
  6. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  7. Long Term Disability
  8. Short Term Disability
  9. Merchandise Discounts
  10. Group Legal Services
  11. U.S. Saving Bonds
  12. Direct Deposits
  13. 24/7 suicidal helpline

Employees earn discounts up to 20% a few times a year. This includes holidays like Christmas. The discount for merchandise is 33% for all items in the store. For private-label items, Nordstrom provides its employees discounts up to 40%. Managers earn up to 33% in discounts.

Employees also receive 15% discounts by applying to Nordstrom Employee Discount Gucci. These discounts only apply to the employees and not their family members or friends. Here are a few steps to follow to earn employee discounts:

  1. Sign up for Nordstrom Rewards- employees can earn points through this. For every dollar they spend at Nordstrom, they earn one point. Once they have earned 2000 points, they will receive $20 to spend on company merchandise. 
  1. Shop on days that can triple your points
  1. Get a Nordstrom card- this can be a retail card, a debit card, or a visa card. 
  1. Shop Nordstrom Rack
  1. Shop on company anniversaries and half-yearly sales
  1. Get Nordstrom gift cards
  1. Shop through the company’s cash-back site

What does Nordstrom look for in employees:

Nordstrom looks for employees who are passionate about the job. Employees must have the willpower to perform their best and always do their best. They must provide to the customers in the best way possible and put them as the top priority. Nordstrom looks for experienced candidates who know the know-hows of the retail industry. They look for those who can keep customers engaged. Having a bright, extroverted, and energetic personality is important for retail companies like this. 

Creating a good relationship and connection with the customers is the most important thing for retail jobs. The employees are the face of the company, so they must give the best impression and best quality service. Applicants must have a positive attitude and have a welcoming personality to appeal to both the hiring managers and the customers.


Nordstrom overall is a great place to work. It promotes a productive work environment and with their effective reward and commission system, employees are motivated to do their best. 

Nordstrom Employee Discount- Employee Benefits

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