Dell Employee Discount- Federal Employee Discount

Dell Employee Discount & Federal Employee Discount

If you think only customers can avail amazing discounts then think again. Not many know this but companies provide huge discounts and perks to their employees. Be it Gap Inc., Apple, Whole Foods Market, Barnes & Noble, or even Dell. And why not? These companies received huge profits because of the employees working there day and night. And not just that, people working in the government sector also get discounts on Dell products and services. So what kind of discounts, benefits, and perks are enjoyed by employees and federal employees from the biggest tech company Dell? Let’s find out Dell Employee Discount.

Dell employee discount, & federal employee discount

Dell employees receive special discounts on special occasions and selected items. Every Dell company works differently in different countries. The employees can seek up to 10% discounts on only Dell electronic products after applying promos available during the year. It is called Dell Member Dell Member Purchase Program Discounts. Mind you, it is available only on selected items. Apart from that, military personnel also get 10% off on PCs and electronics. One thing to be noted here is that a Federal employee means anyone working in the government sector.

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Now you know who are all eligible to get discounts on Dell laptops and PCs. So how does Dell differentiate between employees, federal employees, and normal people? Well, to avail of the discount available to employees and federal employees, they need to provide their email ids to get a coupon. Every staff member and military official has their unique email ids that work as proof that they are not someone else. So not everyone can hack and cheat the system Dell has built. 

Does Dell sell only Laptops and PCs?

No. Many people have this wrong notion about Dell is that it only sells Laptops and Pcs because we see their advertisements more than other products by Dell. Apart from the screen and laptops, Dell has Desktop Computers, Gaming Desktop Computers, PC accessories like keyboard, mice, docking system, speakers, and headphones as well. On top of it, you can also shop for printers like 3D printers, inkjet printers, black and white laser printers. They have different varieties meeting customers’ demands and needs. However, it does not end here. Dell also sells software. Yes, you read it right. They sell software such as Operating systems, Antivirus Security, Migration & Backup, etc. 

What are some of the controversies faced by Dell?

In 1990, Dell customers criticized the tech company for designing the product as such that if they wanted to upgrade their hardware, they needed to replace only with Dell-compatible parts and not the regular ones available easily. Other than that, they faced backlash over poor customer service in were 2007 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation resulted in a Penalty and a sanction of $100 million. Dell was also under fire after Carl Icahn, who is an activist shareholder, sued Dell for attempting to derail the bid and promote his forthcoming offer.

Who is the Dell Competition in 2021?

In the world of changing technology, every tech company wants to stay ahead of each other. Companies such as HP Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd., IBM Corp., and Apple Inc are in serious competition with Dell. Currently, Dell is worth approximately $80.56B while its competitors such as HP Inc. is $34.68 billion, Lenovo Group Ltd. is $50 billion and Apple Inc. is at $2.08 Trillion. So Dell is actually in serious competition with Apple. Both Apple and Dell sell the same products. However, Apple takes the edge by selling iPad and iPhones. iPhone and iPad in a sense define Apple for what it is today while Dell is more popular because of Laptops and software.


Dell is a multi-billionaire company that has sustained itself over the years. Yes, it had its fallouts in between however it is still standing tall. The company has been very successful in selling laptops and PCs to the entire world. Not just that, Dell’s printer and software have their demand in the market. So it may not stand the same way as Apple when it comes to popularity, however, Dell has its followers who will buy the product for its game-changing software and technology.


Q. Who is the founder of Dell?

Michael S. Dell is the founder and founded the multi-billionaire company in 1984 while he was a student.

Q. Are Dell products cheap?

It depends upon who the buyer is. Dell products are not overhyped like Apple iPhone and iPads.

Q. What is the newest Dell Laptop?

Alienware m17 R4 (2021) at $2,149.

Q. In how many countries Dell products are available?

Dell is available in 34 countries for purchase.

Q. Which Dell laptop became the most selling one?

Dell Inspiron 3501. 

Dell Employee Discount- Federal Employee Discount

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