Is Dell a Good Company to Work For?

Is Dell a Good Company to Work For?

Dell is a great company to work for. Dell has been ranked as the best place to work in Ireland for the second year running. Dell usually provides good office facilities. Want to work in a technological company but you aren’t sure where to work, thinking about joining dell but don’t know if it is a good idea or not, what are the procedures, the packages and the benefits which they provide. Here is all the knowledge provided for you.

What is Dell?

Dell is a multinational computer technology company. Dell focuses a lot on work-life balance and it has the goal to become the greenest technology company on the planet. Dell respects their employees and supports diversity, you can be who you are here. Dell stresses less about data security and it offers immense learning and growth opportunities. They promote environmental protection and try to use as many recyclable products as possible.

Requirement to work at Dell

The hiring totally depends on the nature of requirements they have and it focuses more on your knowledge than your degree but still, there are a few basic requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to work at Dell.

  1. The minimum age should be 17.
  2. Minimum qualification is a high school degree or GED

Hiring Process

Dell is usually committed to principles of equal opportunities for everyone. Dell usually hires people throughout the year and the process of hiring involves 4 rounds

  • HR round – it is a normal introduction round where basic questions are being asked 
  • Basic technical round – it includes some basic technical queries about computers and laptops 
  • Versant round – it is usually a telephonic or robotic round and this includes reading sentences making stories and writing essays but the main focus is on grammar and fluency 
  • Operation round – it is around where higher-level managers ask technical questions and check our communication skills and stability.

After all the rounds are over the HR reaches out to the recruiter if he/she is selected. The process is usually not that difficult but depends on the type of requirement they are having.

Salary In Dell

Your salary mostly depends on the facts like your performance, type of project you are doing, your role, and responsibility.

The average salary estimated annually including base and bonus is $100,618 or we can say $48 per hour. At dell, the highest paid job is of the director of product which is estimated to be around  $238,000 per annum. Long-time employees earned more total compensation in the fiscal year 2019.

There are various types of jobs in dell like a principal engineer, senior developer, sales engineer, test engineer. Dell always provides a challenging and rewarding job.  Dell is very sales-focused.

They also offer paid internship offers to students and pay quite well. They require dedicated people to work. IT interns usually get around $25 per hour. Dell pays around $4000 per month to its interns with an open atmosphere.  Dell has a good package be it full-time or part-time.

Reasons to choose Dell

  1. Every day is a challenge. You learn something new every time you do something which you have never done.
  2. Dell gives its employees and customers the opportunity and power to do something new and more.
  3. Work management is reliable and flexible.
  4. Pay is good. Many companies make you work so much but pay you less but Dell has proper work timing and with that, the pay is really good.
  5. Dell invests in you. You can learn so many courses and pieces of training which are sponsored by the company so you are always learning something new.
  6. Provides you with so many health benefits like medical insurance and gym memberships.
  7. Dell provides an environment where we can work freely.
  8. They have flexible work hours and usually, we have to work 50 hours a week.

Benefits dell provides to their employees 

The benefits which the employee gets depends on the region or level you work in. but they provide a 10% discount on all dell products and the employees also have the opportunity to purchase additional holidays up to 5 days per year. Employees can also take unpaid leave for 3-6 months after they have completed 18 months of their services. They also give paid maternity leave for 26 consecutive weeks plus 16 weeks additional unpaid maternity leave. They have defined a pension scheme where employees contribute 4% and Dell contributes 4% which rises every year respectively. Employees are also insured with life or death in service. Employees and their spouse and their dependant are provided with healthcare plans.


Dell is overall a good company to work for.  Dell understands the needs of the customer and the products which are launched are based on the requirement of the range of the customer. Working there means the productivity is always increasing so there are more chances for your promotion. It is a leading technology provider. Dell supports freshers. They can achieve superior profits in the industry because they are a knowledgeable user of information, communication, and web technologies. Dell provides a very friendly and comfortable environment to work with all the extra facilities like a gym membership, insurance, health benefits, discounts on Dell products, and a lot more. Working at Dell is a dream for many people but it is not as difficult to get or be a part of it if you have the right skills and knowledge for it.

  1. How is Dell for freshers?

Ans: As a fresher, if you get a job at dell it is really good but it depends on the type of job you are seeking for and they pay good if you have the skills.

  1. Does Dell offer any internship programs?

Ans: Yes, they offer internship programs and you can find them on their internship page or their official page. 

  1. How are interviews conducted at dell?

Ans: interviews are conducted virtually or on-site depending on several factors like the location of the interview team, the regulation that is being allowed for the opening of business sites.

Is Dell a Good Company to Work For?

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