UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers- Requirement, Salary, and Duties

UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers


As the ridesharing business keeps on developing, even the most customary organizations are going to ordinary drivers to assist their organizations with succeeding. 

In case you’re hoping to earn substantial sums of money in the driver’s seat without turning in rideshare applications, turning into a UPS Personal Vehicle Driver might be the correct way for you. While UPS still prevalently depends on its standard full-time drivers and UPS driver assistants to convey bundles consistently, the most active conveyance seasons regularly present a requirement for additional hands and wheels. 

This is particularly evident as an ever-increasing number of purchasers request same-day conveyances across the United States. 

What is a UPS Personal Vehicle Driver? 

UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers (PVDs) — here and there known as occasional individual vehicle bundle drivers — are impermanent workers who support the organization’s ground administrations during seasons of appeal. 

UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers are impermanent UPS representatives that convey bundles in more modest amounts than standard conveyance drivers. They’re otherwise called top conveyance drivers or occasional conveyance drivers since UPS employs individual vehicle drivers during top seasons. 

Many individuals work this way during Christmas to assist with conveying bundles all the more rapidly. You will in any case be making conveyances for UPS as a UPS individual vehicle driver, yet will convey bundles utilizing your vehicle as opposed to driving one of their enormous conveyance trucks. 

Individual conveyance drivers are UPS representatives and not self-employed entities. This contrasts with numerous other individual conveyance administrations. UPS individual conveyance drivers get remunerated hourly, work a set timetable, and get repaid for gas mileage. 

What Does a UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Do? 

Individual vehicle drivers do all that a UPS conveyance transporter does. They simply do it on a lot more limited size. Individual vehicle drivers get bundles from the delivery office, drive a course, and make conveyances. 

UPS offers adaptable plans for getting work done and conveyance courses for its vehicle drivers. Individual vehicle drivers get their necessary bundles from the UPS delivering office in their very own vehicles. Then, at that point, they drive along their doled-out course and convey their assigned bundles. 

Utilizing their vehicles, they’re answerable for assuming the job of a standard UPS conveyance driver. This incorporates bundle get, bundle conveyance, and driving along an assigned course. 

In contrast to Amazon Flex drivers, you will be relied upon to stay aware of a set timetable, as PVDs are genuine representatives, as opposed to self-employed entities. The UPS PVD gig can be genuinely requested. It’s genuinely physical, with a lot of lifting and time on your feet required, and high speed to stay aware of buyer interest. 

Notwithstanding, in the event that you love investing energy in your vehicle, investigating the city, and meeting clients, this can be a brilliant occasional gig for you. 

How much do UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers Make? 

Probably the greatest draw of the UPS Personal Vehicle Driver gig is the degree of pay you can get. As an occasional conveyance driver, you can make up to $30 each hour — ordinarily basically $21 each hour — relying upon your area. 

This implies you will not need to stress over independent work duties or occupation-related costs. 

Individual vehicle drivers make somewhere in the range of $21-$30 hourly, however, the normal compensation is $22 60 minutes. 

UPS additionally pays individual vehicle drivers per mile to take care of gas costs. The sum paid fluctuates dependent on IRS principles, yet starting at 2021, gas repayment is $0.56 per mile. This considered the Personal Vehicle Driver position is an extraordinary way of ensuring steady pay for no less than one season. 

UPS Driver Job Description 

UPS drivers should have the option to explore their assigned courses rapidly and proficiently to guarantee ideal conveyances of clients’ bundles. You will be liable for guaranteeing that shipments show up securely to clients and that suitable mark necessities are being met. With an extraordinary beginning compensation and great advantages, this is a fantastic situation to consider. 

UPS Driver Job Duties 

The fundamental focal point of UPS drivers is to convey client bundles in as productive a way as could be expected. In any case, security is additionally key for this position and drivers need to keep a spotless driving record consistently. What’s more, drivers are needed to hold fast to a wide scope of arrangements and techniques to guarantee bundles come to the right individual. 

The essential occupation obligations remembered for the UPS driver expected set of responsibilities are: 

  • Making conveyances as fast and proficiently as could be expected. 
  • Operating the vehicle in a protected and dependable way consistently. 
  • Following organization distinguishing proof principles.
  • Assisting with stacking and emptying the truck. 
  • Keeping logs modern and guaranteeing substantial data is recorded. 

UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Schedules 

So, when precisely do you have to fill in as an occasional representative? 

A UPS individual vehicle driver is a high speed and occupied work, and offers both low maintenance and full-time positions. You can possibly convey somewhere in the range of 70-150 bundles each day. 

Typical Schedule 

Contingent upon where you’re found, Tuesday to Saturday movements might be accessible, as well. Obviously, on the grounds that you’re offering help at the most active season, you might end up chipping away at your off-days, as well. 

UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers are frequently needed to finish over-the-occasion work and Saturday shifts. If not, these additional movements will probably be accessible to you to take on, assuming you need to acquire outside of your standard movements. 

However, individual vehicle drivers aren’t relied upon to work the 11 hours. You can work either low maintenance or full-time plan. Most areas offer either 6-or 8-hour shifts for individual drivers, Monday-Friday. In certain spaces, you can stir Tuesday-Saturday or get an end-of-the-week shift. 

Start Time 

UPS conveyances start at 9 am cross country. Your day will begin about an hour sooner than your conveyance time does. You’ll need to get bundles about an hour before you start your conveyances. 

UPS individual vehicle drivers have adaptable timetables. You cannot have been in any whatsoever mishaps inside the most recent three years.

UPS quits conveying bundles at 8:00 p.m. In the event that you began your day promptly toward the beginning of the day, your day could be over when 3:00 p.m. 

The drawback, notwithstanding, is that you could likewise end up working a lot later than that on the off chance that you for reasons unknown fall behind on conveyances during the day. 

When Can I Find UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Gigs? 

Since the PVD gig is occasional driver work, it’s not accessible all year. By a long shot, it is generally accessible during the Christmas season, when a great many buyers are delivering huge loads of bundles cross country. 

Some UPS areas will begin posting occupations ahead of schedule as late October, or possibly by mid-November, so make a point to look out to stand apart as an early candidate. In spaces of more popularity, the organization might even have open accessibility all through the full season, which normally endures from late November to early January. 

This Christmas season interest for UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers could make the work an extraordinary choice for understudies and educators, contingent upon your school’s colder time of year break plan. Rideshare drivers who as of now get by out and about can even enjoy some time off from their essential gigs to acquire extraordinary ensured pay during the season. 

Since the PVD gig is occasional driver work, it’s not accessible all year. By a long shot, it is generally accessible during the Christmas season, when a great many purchasers are delivering huge loads of bundles 

UPS Hiring

Functioning as a UPS individual vehicle driver is an extraordinary way of bringing in cash and getting compensated for bundle conveyance bundles. You will have an incredible balance between serious and fun activities and stay away from traveler transportation. Presently you know all that you need to know to begin with your new gig. We compose a lot of guides, figure out how to bring in cash reusing or flipping books.

UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Requirements 

While PVDs can keep away from the stricter rules that standard UPS drivers face — frequently including a necessary business driver’s permit (CDL) — they need to meet their own arrangement of prerequisites to get recruited. Beneath, we’ll go through the stuff to qualify as a Personal Vehicle Driver and complete the application interaction. 

General Requirements for UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers 

Before you get everything rolling with the driver join process, you’ll need to ensure that you meet the base necessities set for the PVD gig. 

To turn into a Personal Vehicle Driver, you should: 

  • You should be something like 21 years of age. 
  • You should have a substantial driver’s permit.
  • You should have evidence of enrollment and accident protection that meets the base state prerequisites. 
  • You cannot have any moving infringement from the previous year.
  • You should have the option to lift and convey substantial bundles weighing up to 70 lbs. 

UPS likewise runs record verifications on its representatives as a whole. 

Experience Requirements for UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers 

Past experience with conveyance driving could make it simpler to get recruited. In any case, there’s as of now no experience prerequisite to turn into a UPS individual vehicle driver. 

UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Vehicle Requirements 

However, this arrangement of driver necessities is stricter than Uber vehicle prerequisites, PVD vehicle prerequisites are entirely indulgent. The vehicle prerequisites to be an individual vehicle driver are quite indulgent. 

Your vehicle probably qualifies as long as it: 

  • Your vehicle should gauge close to 10,000 lbs.
  • You should have substantial vehicle protection and confirmation of an enrolled vehicle.
  • Bumper stickers on your vehicle can’t be political stickers or publicize different organizations. 
  • Your vehicle can not have any hostile markings.

Your vehicle can not have larger than usual edges. 

Uniform Requirements for UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers 

When you’re at work, you are needed to wear an organization gave UPS uniform and meet individual appearance rules. All UPS workers should be in a UPS uniform when conveying bundles. 

This incorporates individual vehicle drivers. These rules are fairly severe, yet simple to cling to. They incorporate remaining clean-cut, keeping tattoos stowed away, and keeping your hairstyle over the ear (for men) or medium length (for ladies). 

The organization appearance rules are as per the following: 

  • You should wear a brown UPS uniform consistently while working. UPS supplies the uniform.
  • Your shoes should be either brown or dark. They should be non-slip, cowhide, and polishable. 
  • You should just don white or earthy colored undershirts. 

You’ll probably have to buy UPS socks and qualified brown or dark shoes to supplement your uniform, also. 

UPS Driver Work Environment 

In case you’re thinking about a vocation as a UPS driver, you ought to comprehend that the workplace is very physical. This position is presented to a wide scope of natural components including frosty temperatures, downpours, and blistering climate. Likewise, you will walk routinely and consistently climbing steps as you make your conveyances. 

Also, a large number of the bundles you will ship might weigh as much as 75 pounds. Besides, mass conveyances frequently require the utilization of a wheelbarrow to ship them. Moreover, you should be open to driving a car in this position. 


However, the workplace can be a bit upsetting, a profession as a UPS driver can be very fulfilling. With an amazing beginning rate and a wide scope of advantages, the UPS driver expected set of responsibilities is an astounding decision for individuals who are searching for a task with extraordinary potential. To discover more with regards to these kinds of positions in your space, look at the UPS business gateway for extra data. In addition, assuming you need to find out with regards to comparative positions, look at the UPS driver-partner set of working responsibilities and the UPS bundle controller expected set of responsibilities also.

UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers- Requirement, Salary, and Duties

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