What to wear to a Journeys Interview?

Whether in the corporate or creative world, one common thing that follows a successful job application is an Interview. Of all the things people prepare for to look presentable for the job, one thing you should put into consideration is your appearance. The way you dress is the way you would be addressed after all. Dressing can be a major thing of concern especially when it is for a middle-level posting job. Should I be overly formal? Do I dress casual? All these questions can increase your nerves and ruin your confidence. Below are tips to consider when going for an interview especially at a middle-level posting job. In this article we are going to see about What to wear to a Journeys Interview?

Journeys is largely a chain retailer with a specialty in footwear. They are focused on quickly shifting fashion footwear trends. As a chain retailer, employers here would not expect their employees to dress too formal like a bank executive or too casual like you are going grocery shopping. There has to be a balance as dressing too formal will be an over the top dressing which doesn’t fit this organization and too casual is just a no-no. An appearance with a blend of formal and casual would do the trick as striking a balance has only done more good than harm in situations like this. It doesn’t matter if you are being interviewed for a managerial role or as a store attendant, being neat alongside proper attire will make you presentable for the role you are applying for. Mind you, clothing regarded for a formal environment can also be styled to make you look more appealing for the job. Clothing like a chic blazer, tailored pant trousers, sweaters and a blouse can be rocked beautifully for the job interview. Now, it’s not that a good suit or formal wear would not make you presentable but considering the company where you are being interviewed, it is just over the top as you might end up overdressing which is not a good first impression.

What to wear to a Journeys Interview?

Outfit Ideas For Women.

For women, picking out the right outfit to wear is always a struggle whether it’s for a date or a journeys interview. The woman’s wardrobe is like a shopping mall where everything is appealing to the eyes which makes it difficult to settle for an outfit. The nerves also play a role in making it hard to find the perfect outfit. The ideas below would help a great deal especially what to wear when going for an interview at Journeys.

Shirts and Blouses.

Is that overly patterned or flowery blouse looking appealing? Dead that thought. The keyword here is minimal. In keeping it minimal, plain shirts and blouses would go a long way for a business semi-casual attire. If your spirits are high that day, a shirt with simple patterns or designs would also work. Be sure to take note of the pants as a pattern on the pattern would make you look too showy which we are trying to avoid. Remember, the keyword here is minimal. T-shirts would also make you stand out but only if paired well. How can you pair them though? Keep reading!


Whether tailored or jeans, you are good to go but Tailored pants are most appropriate as they give this air of seriousness. A T-shirt with tailored pants if paired well would steal the day as it gives good fitting. Good fittings give an air of confidence which you should wear around for a seamless interview. Not forgetting the jeans, a simple plain or patterned blouse on a smart-looking pair of denim trousers would also make a statement. You don’t want to wear mom jeans or crazy jeans to a job interview.


Journeys’ speciality is footwear hence your footwear should be appropriate for the interview. Your outfit would determine the kind of footwear to don. Bear in mind that whatever the outfit, your footwear should be flats or with a small heel. Why are heels a no-no? Preparing for an interview is already nerve-racking, wearing heels would stress you out. Why not wear something that would make you comfortable and boost your confidence? You see why flats are your best bet.


Normally, I would prefer a natural look with no makeup on but makeup saves you a lot then dabbing on a little concealer and powder for an overall natural look would be preferable. A full-fledged makeup would be a no-no as it is an interview, not an event.


Pearls, studs and a simple necklace to accessorize your outfit is just perfect. Plain Jane can be boring, you can switch it up a bit with accessories so your outfit makes a bolder statement subtly. A bag to fit in all your essentials would be perfect too. You don’t want to be seen as disorganized.

Outfit Ideas For Men.

People like to think that pants and shirts are the official uniforms for men but I like to think otherwise. Men might not have diverse options the way women do but they do have options. These options keep changing daily even if it seems like it doesn’t. Before your Journeys interview, below are options you should consider when thinking about what to wear, thank me later.


You might think of course shirts should be on the list but hold on, T-shirts to are among them. I mean, if you don’t wear a shirt, what do you want to wear again? This could be paired with a pair of good pants and you are good to go, nothing extra.


Tailored pants, beltless or not with a good shirt gives an aura of confidence which when perceived by employers would boost your employability with them. A simple plain denim pair of trousers would also go a long way in making you look more business casual than formal.


Business casual is the theme with the keyword being minimal. Sweatshirts practically scream minimalist business casual. This can be paired with a shirt and tailored pants. You are sure to get attention with this outfit.

Boots, Loafers and Shoes.

Just like with women, your footwear depends on your outfit. Going for the sweatshirt? Loafers and boots will do the trick of completing the look. If you also want to go for a shirt and tailored pants, loafers and shoes are your best bet. If you are feeling more of a casual vibe, the loafers would go a long way. Loafers are like the bridge between formal, business casual and casual. They go on anything hence having this handy in your wardrobe as a man would help a lot especially when interview nerves kick in but during winters, hold on tight to your boots.


You never can tell if your employer is a traditional person then it is better to accessorize with just a wristwatch and a bag for all your essentials to fit so you don’t seem disorganized.

Colours for both Men and Women.

Since it is an interview at a chain retailer and not an event, cool colours with lighter-toned colours would be a good fit. You don’t have to show up wearing green and yellow because those are the brand colours. Colours like grey, beige, black, brown or blue works for pants and mustard yellow, white, carton brown works better for shirts or blouses.

The way to make a statement with your appearance at Journeys which is a chain retailer for footwear is a blend of formal and casual attire called Business Casual. With that being said and the ideas are given, the dressing should be a walkover for you when preparing for an interview. Journeys do not need you to be overly formal before they interview you. You only need to look presentable enough to be interviewed so overthinking your outfit can also increase the level of nerves which would automatically make you feel stressed than you already are. All you need do is revise likely interview questions (if you are to be interviewed for a role of a store attendant then how to care for footwear would be a likely question), eat lightly and be there on time because a well-dressed late person would not be considered for the job.

Frequently asked questions.

What do you do in the case of an accident?

Always prepare for outcomes like this. By preparing for outcomes like this, I mean having a backup outfit, if possible two backup outfits aside from the outfit picked already for your interview. You never can tell. A case of a spilt coffee or slight accident like a tear can go a long way in ruining your day but with a backup, it is just like nothing has happened and your confidence level remains as high as possible.

What should you avoid doing when going for the interview?

Although dressing makes you look presentable but thinking you’d be given special consideration because of how special you are dressed is a thought you should rule out. It’s not a business meeting or a corporate event, avoid dressing too formal as this can also make you uncomfortable if you find the employers not as dressed as you are.

What if the wardrobe malfunction or accident occurred just before the interview?

Accidents are inevitable. In the case of a spilt coffee or mud, a trip to the bathroom would do the trick. If that didn’t work then you can decide to accessories the area with a brooch or a scarf, the possibilities in fashion are endless. In the case of a malfunction, it is always advisable to always carry fancy pins or safety pins which can also help without you having to worry. If a clothing store is nearby which is not too pricey, a quick run down there should do the trick. Through this article we would have learnt about What to wear to a Journeys Interview?


What to wear to a Journeys Interview?

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