What to Wear to a Kennel Assistant Interview?

Wear to a Kennel Assistant Interview

Almost everybody owns a pet. And they have become eminent members of the families. They own it for different purposes. Guard dogs to take care of your houses, police dogs help in finding unlawful drugs and weapons. Hunting dogs are used by hunters to hunt other animals for their living. Shepherd dogs for herding the cattle. And guide dogs to look after the differently-abled people. Almost they are used for everything. How would you feel to work at a kennel? The kennel’s environment will be filled with positive vibes generated from those innocent souls. Just imagine, hundreds of pets and their young ones starting from a newborn to older grownups is what you’ll find all over the kennel. You can see the innocence, intelligence, obedience, love, faith, and many more qualities of the human’s best friends. We will discuss wear to a Kennel Assistant Interview here. 

What to Wear to a Kennel Assistant Interview?

What outfit will you wear to a kennel assistant interview? You don’t need to be dressed like an executive. There is no need for business suits or too formal outfits. All you need is casual and comfortable clothes. Maybe something semi-formal and casual. That is a great idea. A kennel assistant needs to take care of all the dogs in the kennel. You need to groom the dogs, clean and maintain the cages, provide some obedience training, and train them for dog events. You will be dealing with dogs here and not human beings. So, your outfit should be comfortable enough to manage the four-legged buddies. To attend a kennel assistant interview, you can wear a classic t-shirt and regular casual pants with a trucker jacket. This is a great option for both men and women.

If you decide to wear jeans, you can but don’t wear torn jeans and too-skinny jeans. Keep it appealing and neat. When you wear a t-shirt, you should wear a simple and plain one. No writings, no printings, keep it plain. You can try other options too. For women, you can try a jumpsuit and a blazer over it. Skirts may not work for a kennel assistant. You can match a top with loose pants. This is the simple and best option you can pick from your wardrobe. Choose dark-colored clothes. Select from shades of blue, black, and brown. For attending an interview these colors would do well. Maybe after getting selected, you can wear some pastel shades. Now moving on to the footwear, you can wear sneakers or loafers with a pair of socks. Experiment with canvas too. Women can wear flats. Avoid wearing heels. You’ll find it difficult to run behind the puppies if you wear one.

For boys out there, have a good hairstyle. There can be a few spikes or a clean and crisp hairstyle will be great. You can have a beard, and these are trending now. For women, you need to tie your hair firm. No free hairstyles. A high bun or a bob hairstyle would be great for this position. French braids and ponytails will give a perfect look to your profession. You can wear a watch but it may get spoiled when you are bathing a dog. So let it be a waterproof one. Don’t wear too many ornaments, they may look too much. Keep your nails short and clean. If it is too long it may hurt the pups. All these tiny definitions will be noticed by the interviewer, you will be getting extra points and, you will have a high chance of getting hired. If you are hired for the post of kennel assistant, how much would you be paid? What are the frequently asked kennel assistant interview questions? Here are the answers.

Kennel Assistant Interview Questions with Answers

Preparation is vital to attend an interview. And when you apply for the post of kennel assistant, you need to know about pets and how to care for them. Of course, you need to prepare your answers to some general questions but get to know more stuff related to the kennels and the faithful animals living there. Your job will be confirmed if you know more about the field-related questions. Here you have a few interview questions asked to a kennel assistant

  1. How will you console an owner whose pet has passed away just a few days back? 

I would make the owner accept the reality. I would tell him that the pet’s life span is too short. Though it’s no more, it has given him so many memories to cherish. I would ask him to imagine, if his pet was alive now, and sees him sad without eating, will it be happy? It would also be sad and will refuse to eat. The pet will be happy about its owner for sure. I will console him that he has taken good care of it and has been a good parent too. Once he heals himself, I would suggest him to get a new pet. This too shall pass away. Time will heal everything. Once he feels better, he can buy a new pet if he wishes. Many pets are waiting to get a parent. He will feel much better when he sees his new pet wagging its tail.

  1. How will you ensure that all the pets are kept clean and healthy in the kennel?

I will maintain a report on the health and hygiene status of all the pets kept in the kennel. To keep the pets clean regular grooming has to be done. The cages have to be cleaned and maintained well at correct intervals. I would bring in a calcium and protein-rich diet for the pets to stay strong. I will feed them with healthy snacks and food. Vaccines and deworming tablets should be given to all pets as prescribed by the vet. Infected pets should be kept separately from other pets to avoid the spread of infection. And they should be taken to the vet for proper treatments. All these would make sure that the pets are clean and healthy.

How much does a Kennel Assistant take Home?

On average, a kennel assistant earns $12 an hour. A kennel assistant’s hourly income can start from $10 and go up to $15. Monthly kennel assistants earn from $1,500 to $4,000. In a year, their salary would be from $20,000 to $37,000. Kennel assistants are paid based on their work and the span of their working period. Hikes are given to them if they do a good job. You would get good experience and get to know the crazy behavior of the animals kept in the kennel. Some kennels give free food to the workers working there. And the biggest advantage is that you can be free from stress. You don’t need to work extra hours at night. You don’t need to be computer savvy. And, all these are extra earnings.


Only a pet parent would know the happiness of owning a pet animal. It could be its slothful sleep, eating in a rush, running away when its bath time, waiting for you to come home after work, not eating when you are unhappy, wagging its tail to play with you, fetching the stick you threw, spoiling your costly shoes and whatnot. Even if you are angry at them, those souls are always happy for you. They fill your house with positive vibes. And this is why pets are loved by all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which animals can be found in a kennel? 

Usually, dogs and cats are found in kennels.

  1. How many kennels are there in the US?

There are more than 9,000 kennels in the US.

  1. How many dog breeds are found in the world?

There are more than 450 dog breeds in the world.

What to Wear to a Kennel Assistant Interview?

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