What To Wear To A Kennel Interview

What To Wear To A Kennel Interview

Before going in for any kennel interview, it is important to understand that working at a kennel is mostly labor-intensive. Only a true passion for the dogs’ [and cats’] wellbeing can make it a rewarding experience. That said, once you secure an interview at a kennel, it is important to make the right impression from the onset, particularly with your choice of outfit. Choosing the right clothes may not be conclusive evidence of your ability to do the job, but at the very least, it shows your potential employers that you understand how to look the part. The right outfit to wear for a kennel interview may vary, depending on the role you applied for.

Roles You Can Interview for at a Kennel

Kennel Manager

Kennel Technician

Kennel Attendant

So let’s get into details of these roles and what the best outfits might be when interviewing for each one.

What to wear when interviewing for the role of a kennel manager?

A kennel manager’s role is to oversee the daily operations of a kennel. His responsibilities include coordination and supervision of everything that goes on in the kennel. For example, the kennel manager is the one who creates work schedules, creates and enforces the policies and procedures that guide kennel operations; he also oversees the hiring, training, and supervision of other kennel workers; he schedules boarding appointments with clients and dog owners while also overseeing and ensuring that cages, runs, and the entire facility is cleaned regularly.

His role also involves ensuring that animals are groomed, fed, exercised, and generally cared for, and monitoring the behavior of boarded animals, among other administrative functions. Clearly, this is a more senior role that involves more administrative responsibilities, so it is advisable to go for a clean, serious look – nice shirt and dress pants – to give off a look that shows that you understand the seriousness and implication of the role. Choosing to wear jeans and a T-shirt for a kennel manager interview is a bad idea. It does not show you in a good light, does exhibit the feeling of authority you should be aiming to project, and it’s frankly just a poor choice by all accounts. For shoes, clearly, you want to go with something that complements your serious look. So a pair of loafers are ideal here. Remember, because this is a serious senior role that has serious implications for the business, it is not something your interviewers will take lightly. You shouldn’t, too.

What to wear when interviewing for the role of a kennel technician?

A kennel technician’s job is to care for the animals in a kennel. Kennel technicians are otherwise known as kennel assistants. They are usually required to feed and water the animals, give them their medication, scoop their poop, clean up and sanitize their stalls, etc. Obviously, you don’t want to appear for a job like this over-dressed, but at the same time, you don’t want to show up looking look like a slob. Many agree that a ‘business casual’ approach is the best – clean pants, nice top. An alternative to this is to wear a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt tucked into it. But no ripped jeans. Whichever one of these two options you go for, make sure they are not overly tight or figure-hugging. The job requires a lot of movement, so choose comfortable shoes, preferably shows that make it easy for you to move around and won’t leave you in discomfort when you’ve been standing for a while.

What to wear when interviewing for the role of a kennel attendant?

A kennel attendant performs pretty most of the roles performed by the kennel technician. According to a famous recruiter, “the primary difference between the two is that a kennel assistant has more responsibility, especially regarding the animal’s medical provisions. Kennel attendants are not allowed to administer medicine or help vets with procedures.” With both roles being so similar, the outfits recommended above for those interviewing for the role of kennel technicians will work perfectly here as well.


When applying for a job at a Kennel [or anywhere, as a matter of fact], always bear in mind that appearance matters. The fact that you are applying as an animal caregiver really does not discount that fact. While the animals may be oblivious to what you wear, your appearance signals a certain level of understanding and commands an amount of respect. An employer may think that if you can’t get something as basic as your appearance right, you may be just as lax in how you do your job.


  • Can I wear scrubs to a kennel technician interview?

No, except when they have specifically asked you to come dressed in one. Where they have not made this request, then keep it business casual. But you could bring scrubs in your car in case they ask to fix a working interview. In that case, you could agree to one on the spot and change into the scrubs you brought along in your car. But as a rule, never show up to a kennel job interview in scrubs.

  • How about makeup?

Wearing a full face of makeup for a job interview at a kennel is generally seen as a bad idea, but very light, barely visible makeup may be permissible in some cases. This is because while you are trying to make a great first impression, you don’t want to look too dull or sickly. Just a little more makeup may be permissible when going for the role of a kennel manager, especially when a working interview is to be fixed for a later date.

  • Which accessories can I wear to a kennel interview?

Only the most basic and most necessary. Small earrings are OK. Necklaces, rings, and wristwatches are best kept simple too. Anklets, huge pieces, and other outlandish accessories are totally inappropriate. 

What To Wear To A Kennel Interview

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