how to cancel a job interview you’re no longer interested in?

cancel job interview you’re no longer interested in

“How to cancel a job interview you’re no longer interested in?” is one of the most common questions asked; here is some guidance on how to answer it

It is a great privilege to be among the selected applicants for an interview; many times, what happens is that a prospective employer rejects a selected candidate rather than the otherwise. However, the candidate might decide to cancel or reject the interview due to some circumstances or the following reasons :

1. Multiple selections between different business organization at the same time: This happens most times if the candidates had submitted applications to so many organization and has been found selected.

2. Low salary scale: Most applicants will consider organizations with a high salary scale to organizations with a low salary scale.

3. Probably if the candidates can not contribute to the vision, aims, and objectives of the organization base on his or her areas of specialization.

If all this are in place, below are the ethical ways of how to cancel a job interview you’re no longer interested in;

  • Give a genuine or a reasonable excuse

Start a conversation by creating an avenue for you to show the gratitude of being a selected candidate, then you should be able to give a genuine and pleasant reason for your decision to ensure you don’t use harsh or aggressive words. Compose your excuses with simple words professional enough to convince the hiring manager and also try to be honest with him or her because the employer likes when their employees are being honest with them.

  • Early Notification to the employer:

Regardless of the situation or the cause of your rejection or absence at the interview, so as to maintain a good working relationship, ensure you inform the employer on time about your decision.

  • Affirm your decision

Before reaching out to the hiring manager; that is, ensure you have made up your mind before making your request known to the hiring manager so as to present you well mannered and a responsible applicant

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how to cancel a job interview you’re no longer interested in?

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