Everything You Need to Know About The Olive Garden Dress Code

Everything You Need to Know About The Olive Garden Dress Code

Olive Garden is an American casual restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisines, currently operating in 900 locations worldwide. It serves several types of Italian cooking, covering steaks, salads, and pasta dishes. Unfortunately, the dress code for waiters and waitresses is all black from neck to bottom; those days are long past when the olive garden servers used to wear jet white shirts with colorful ties prone to plunge into the gravy salad dressing and pasta sauce. Here is Everything You Need to Know About The Olive Garden Dress Code.

The all-black look is more sophisticated and easier to maintain for work requiring dishes immersed in tomato sauce. Basic black looks clean and stands out differently in the crowd.

Olive garden uniform

Olive Garden provides servers with black aprons. However, the waiter or waitress is supposed to buy other parts of the Olive Garden uniform themselves.

Buying comfortable, durable, easy to care for, and affordable clothing is a good idea since this apparel will be worn every shift. All servers must wear black button shirts, black socks, black pants or black cargo skirts, black non-slip shoes.

Tips for Oliver Garden dress code for waiters/waitresses

1. The shirt must be neatly tucked all the time; the shirt’s top button can be left open with that said tie is no longer a part of olive’s uniform code.

2. The work involves the waiter/ waitress bending and stretch a lot; that’s why it’s advisable to look for stretchable bottoms.

3. If you like to wear a belt with your outfits, make sure it’s black.

4. Make sure to buy moisture-wicking and easy-care stain release clothes.

If you still have any doubts or questions, make sure to ask the manager.

Guide to choosing the right shoes for serving profession

Before looking at the tips and features that can help you select the right shoes, you may need to understand why you need specialized shoes for waitressing. 

As a waiter, your feet are your biggest supporter; as you barge in from the kitchen to table and from table to table for long hours, you can end up with sore and aching feet. Investing in the right shoes not only saves you money instead of buying cheap stylish shoes prone to quick deterioration but also gives you a comfortable experience.

Tips to keep in mind

1. You would need to find superior cushioning features in your shoes to support your arch and heel by reducing the degree of adaptation required to achieve maximum comfort.

2. Make sure the shoes have good ventilation to avoid the smell and keep your feet cool, which can also help in reducing the blisters caused by sweating.

3. You are at risk every day of spills from water, juice, foods, oils, etc. Thus, make sure your shoes are liquid resistant and easy to wipe so that you don’t have to throw your shoes in the washing machine and dryer every day.

4. When you are in a hurry, there are always chances for you to trip over things; make sure your shoes are slip-resistant and have trip guard technology so you can move quickly between the floors.

The last thing you should remember while buying shoes must be ‘comfort and safety is more than style,’ your shoes can save you from countless slips, trips, and falls at the workplace keeping in mind the fact that most restaurants have shiny and hard flooring that only increases the chance of slipping or falling.

Olive garden dress code for hostesses

Hostesses wear their business casual attire; they are given more flexibility as they can wear sweater sets and dresses. With that, hair has to be picked up, and hanging jewelry is not allowed.

Olive garden dress code for dishwasher

Black pants, olive garden t-shirts, belts, and non-ship shoes; dishwashers are provided with gloves, a hairnet, and an apron.

Olive garden dress code on appearance and hygiene

  • Hair must be washed and clean and must be picked up and secured with a hair net.
  • Only wedding rings are allowed to be worn and clean and sanitized daily; no hanging jewelry, earrings, or studs are allowed.
  • Only managers can wear watches.
  • Nails must be clean and short; artificial nails or nail polish are not permitted.

Olive garden dress code on facial hair 

  • You are advised to have your facial hair trimmed and maintained.
  • Cooks and backup cooks or even dishwashers would have to wear a hairnet/beard net or guard.

Olive garden dress code on tattoos 

Olive Garden has a strict no visible tattoo policy because of diverse employees and customers. However, they need to have a tattoo policy to reduce the risk of offending a customer or causing an objection; if you have arm tattoos, you’d be requested to wear long sleeves. Also, if an employee has any (religious or cultural) legit reason for having a tattoo, please contact management and see if an exception can be made.

Olive garden dress code on hair color 

Olive Garden isn’t strict about hair color. You can have non-natural colors, but it’s your call not to choose a hair color that may look unprofessional.

Olive garden dress code on piercing 

  • Employees are allowed to have only two piercings per ear.
  • No facial piercing or piercing at another part of the body that is visible is allowed; if an employee has any piercing on the nose, tongue, lips, or eyebrow, they must take it off at working hours.
  • Gauges above 14ga size won’t be permitted.
  • Olive garden respects all races, colors, religions, and national origins; if an employee has a legit reason, they must have a piercing on their face. They are advised to discuss the matter with the management an exception would be made (or otherwise, the different option may be discussed)

Are you confused about what you should wear for the interview? Here are some tips

Try to dress business casual or formal, for men suit jackets or wrinkle-free khakis with nice button-down shirts and for women blouses and dress pants or statement dress must be appropriate. Try going with neutral colors (navy, gray, black, brown) as they go best for an interview. Make sure to pick a modest attire and remember to look like someone who can serve food, cover all your tattoos, pick your hair up, avoid wearing excessive jewelry, and trim your facial hair.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Does the olive garden have a dress code for guests?

Ans: No, olive garden is a casual restaurant; you can pick any attire you would want to wear.

  • Can you wear a hat at Olive Garden?

Ans: Yes, the one they provide you.

  • Can I wear crocs to work?

Ans: No, you cannot wear crocs.

  • Are dreadlocks allowed?

Ans: Yes, they do allow dreadlocks as long as they are decent and kept tied up.

  • What is the dress code for managers?

Ans: Professional color shirts or business casual.

  • Can a server have a beard?

Ans: yes, make sure it looks decent and trimmed.

  • Does the olive garden provide you with uniforms?

Ans: No, you will have to purchase everything. However, you will be provided a serving book and an apron.

Everything You Need to Know About The Olive Garden Dress Code

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