Maxim Time Clock- What Is It?

Maxim Time Clock: What Is It?

Introduction Paragraph

Have you heard about Maxim Time Clock, but now sure what exactly it is? What makes it different from other time clocks? How can it be used? Will it benefit only the employer or the employees also? Are these the questions juggling up in your mind? Here is the answer to that. So please read on to know and satisfy your desire to learn more about it.

Answer Paragraph:- 

The best answer to the above question boggling your mind is simply MAXIM TIME CLOCK. Yes, it is nothing but a secure web-based platform. It awards employees the facility of completing time cards through their computers, laptops, tablets, or even their smartphones. This also helps them to receive timesheets mailed to them weekly for e-approval.

As many of us are unaware of what a time clock is and how it benefits us, let’s try to know a little about it and then decide on “why Maxim Time clock?”

What is a Time Clock?

The names of a time clock are popular – the clock card machine, time recorder, or punch clock. This is one such device that is beneficial for keeping a track record of start and end times for employees on an hourly basis at their job locations. However, it is generally a myth that it facilitates only the employers, not the employees. On the contrary, it adds different benefits to both the parties rather than adding to only one of them.

Working Mechanism of Maxim Time Clock

Working of the Maxim Time clock is not as complex as most people think. Instead, it is pretty simple and easy to process. Just check below to know about its working, and then feel free to try it.

  • Employees are required to add time to their respective timesheets during the working week.
  • This added time of theirs is submitted to the concerned designated person once the completion of the employee’s last shift of the week.
  • The concern then approved the timesheet, and the process stands completed in no time.

Isn’t it simple? Of course, yes. Being at your convenience, you can adjust everything in just one go. 

Advantages of Choosing Maxim TimeClock Over Anything Similar:- 

It is the human tendency that whenever the talk is about switching on things, we always look for benefits the new item will offer us. So here are some of them to grab your attention- 

  • It Is highly mobile optimized
  • Freely and easily accessible
  • Easy to use
  • Requires a minimal setup
  • Holds archived timesheets
  • Completely paperless and effortless
  • It gives the facility of using multiple worksheets at a time
  • Audits trail for approvals
  • Facilitates social distancing in this time of the pandemic
  • Enhances one’s experience to one level up

What else is needed now? Nothing much, I guess. But, the attractive advantages are so many that now after knowing about them, you will all want to test it. Right? So, hurry up and get a try.

How Maxim Time Clock Is Supportive at Every Level:-

  • Super Administrator-

 It provides aid to the Super Administrator of an organization in overseeing the entire account log and managing managers, employees, and business settings. This person holds full access without any restrictions.

  • Administrator- 

Exactly like Super Administrator, the organization’s administrator holds access to manage the entire outlook of managers and employees but does not have access to business settings.

  • Employees- 

An employee is always aided with facilities like viewing schedules, changing shifts, receiving messages from the higher authority of the organization, viewing recent timesheets, clocking in and out, and many more on the bucket list.


So if you are the one holding worries about tracking time, compliance, accuracy rather than concentrating and spending time on how to grow your business, then this device by Maxim is your solution. It takes only a few seconds to create an account, add employees and get all the details while sitting at your place enjoying all the comforts. So, what is the wait for? Get a time click by Maxim for your business, be it big or small!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the CEO of the company?

Ans- The current CEO of the company is Bill Butz. He came to this position in the year 2016.

Q2. How can I hold contact with Maxim Headquarters?

Ans- You can make a call at the corporate office in Columbia, MD, with the contact number 1-410-910-1500. You can also visit any of the local offices.

Q3. What is the way out to submit my timesheet?

Ans- To submit your timesheet or any related assistance, you need to manage contact with a local officer field support recruiter or associate.

Q4. How to get aid with MyMaximConnect?

Ans- To get aid in resetting your password or any relevant assistance in using MyMaximConnect, you need to manage contact with a local officer, field support recruiter, or an associate.

Q5. How to report any compliance concerns?

Ans- To report any compliance concern, visit the integrity hotline calling 1-866-469-9449 or form.

Q6. How to get in touch with the local officers or recruiters?

Ans- To get in touch with the local officer or recruiter related to any of the below problems-

  • Onboarding
  • Classes
  • Compliance training
  • Timesheets
  • Direct deposit
  • Benefit questions

Reach out to any of the local offices of the company and ask for them.

Q7. Is there a possibility of adding additional admins to the account if needed?

Ans- Yes, you can add additional admins to the account if you desire to do that.

Q8.Is Maxim Time Clock fits only the shoes of the designated in the organization?

Ans- No, not at all. It is just a myth. It supports everyone, whether an employee, administrator or super administrator, in one way working in an organization.

Q9. Where is the headquarter of the company?

Ans- The headquarter of the company is situated at 7227 Lee Deforest Dr. Columbia, MD 21046 P: 410.910.1500.

Maxim Time Clock- What Is It?

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