Story of Los Angeles-based artist Yeva Babayan

Story of Los Angeles-based artist Yeva Babayan

Whether designing logos and packaging or painting intricate and dreamy art pieces, Los Angeles-based artist Yeva Babayan is truly incomparable. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design, Yeva has worked with numerous prestigious design firms in the Los Angeles area. Her body of work utilizes different modalities and exemplifies her versatility and impeccable taste. Yeva is a true artist who believes in all realms of possibility. Her passion for creating beautiful and functional things propels her to continue learning and growing, whether in graphic design or painting. Yeva believes that the mind creates flawlessly when the work is done by hand. For this reason, regardless of digital or painted creations, all her work begins with a pen and paper. She pours herself into everything she produces and all with poise and professionalism.

Story of Los Angeles-based artist

How was your University time?

I was lucky and honored to have been accepted to Pasadena Art Center College of Design, a very rigorous art program. It was all work and no play, for which I am extremely grateful now as it taught me the value of using your time efficiently. The college instructors were some of the top designers from around the world, so I was learning from the best.

Why did you choose a career in this field?

I was always drawing and painting as a kid, so going into the arts was a natural choice. However, I did not want to major in fine art as I don’t believe you need a college degree to paint. I instead chose the commercial design, which is the more profitable branch in the arts. I definitely did not want to be a starving artist, and with a degree in Graphic Design, I knew I could make a good living while also painting.

What was your first job or nuggets from jobs you had that helped you get to where you are today?

My first job out of Art Center was with Commune Design in West Los Angeles. To this day, this is still one of my favorite companies I’ve ever worked for. Right out of college, I was designing for Stila Cosmetics, Juicy Couture, and HBO Films. The incredible people I met and projects I worked for in the 4 years with the company taught me more than I learned in college. 

How did you prepare for the interview?

I was extremely nervous and reviewed my portfolio pieces carefully, selecting what I thought the company is looking for. I sat in front of the mirror and did a run-through presentation. To my surprise, it was one of the easiest and smoothest interviews, and the partners made me feel extremely at ease and comfortable, so I wasn’t nervous at all when I was interviewed.

Can you provide some book recommendations?

Some of the books that inspired me are FRUiTS by PHAIDON,  Revenge by Ellen von Unwerth, Alchemy and Mysticism by Alexander Roob…published by TASCHEN, and FRITZ KAHN… also published by TASCHEN.

Things are changing very fast in the industry; how do you keep yourself updated. Please list techniques or newsletters, podcasts, events, etc.

I am not a fan of keeping up with trends in the industry. I believe people always want something different than the mainstream. I think this is one reason why my clients keep coming back to me and why the top companies in the industry hire me because I always take a different approach than what is popular.

Any advice about CVs?

Yes, keep it short and simple… make it pop subtly and unexpectedly. Employers get hundreds of CVs… make yours one that they choose to look at.

Advice for someone looking for a job?

Define your skills, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Research, the company you want to apply to and see the kind of work they produce and expect.. make sure you like what they do because you will be expected to work at that level. You want to like your job to be the best in your position, so if they produce work you admire, you will be happy doing what you love.

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

Because I love what I do, and it shows in my work. I like to take a different approach that has a human touch and is not fully digitally produced. I provide something that other designers in the industry don’t, and that is definitely noticed. 

Lessons from jobs that you couldn’t get.

The only jobs I never got are ones I wasn’t really excited about getting, and that is the truth.

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Story of Los Angeles-based artist Yeva Babayan

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