Should I Put My Master’s Degree After My Name?

When creating your Resume, there are often questions that you would ask yourself about what would look appropriate and what would not. You would often get down to the nitty-gritty of things, paying attention to detail, deleting unnecessary information and inserting something appropriate into its place, right? Since you are preparing your Resume to be among those job applicants who are selected by recruiters, you want everything to sound just perfect for them so you may be a success at landing a job. Correct?. Let us know ‘Should I Put My Master’s Degree After My Name?’.

Should I Put My Master’s Degree After My Name?

Should you put your Master’s Degree after your name?

Well, it is not a wise idea to do so because it would give a bad image of you. The recruiters would think that you do not have much to mention about your own self, your being, which is why you are immediately jumping off to your degree and that gives a strong signal of weakness. It may even depict that you are desperate for a job you are fishing for. It is also not recommended because it is only a Master’s  Degree, and not a Doctorate! 

Masters’ Degree VS Doctorate Degree

The reasoning here is that it is only a Masters’ Degree that we are talking about and not a Doctorate Degree, so it does not sound fit that you should mention it right after your name. Had it been a Doctorate, it would still have made sense to do so and people in the professional arena would have accepted it as such but a Masters’ Degree is not worth that much that it be mentioned right after your name. For instance, people who have completed a Doctorate Degree write Doctor, abbreviated as “Dr.” even before their name, and that is socially and professionally accepted. However, that is not how a Masters’ Degree holder is treated. 

Reasons you should not put Master’s Degree After your Name?

i) Will Look Odd and Naïve 

The mention of a Masters’ Degree right after your name would look odd, to say the least. The person who reads your Resume may even think that you are naïve. This would be because of you mentioning your Masters’ Degree in such a place even though that is not the place for it. 

ii) The Employer Will Feel like the Candidate is Desperate

If you as the candidate jump right away to the mention of your Master’s Degree after your name then the employer may think that you are desperate for a job. The employer may assume that you are unemployed and are looking for any job that you can get your hands onto even though you do not fit into the role. Such a thing would not give a soft or an appealing image of you and there is a high probability that the recruiter would set your Resume aside and move on to the next one. This means that mentioning your Master’s Degree immediately after your name is a terrible idea, professionally speaking. So it must be an excellent idea not to mention it right after your name, right?

iii) Nothing Else to Share

Another feeling that the employer can get from this is that you as the candidate have nothing magnetic about your person to share which is why you are mentioning the fact that you have completed your Masters’ Degree. This is a bad strategy to set the tone in any application process as the employer would have a bad first image of you. There would not be anything to know about you other than the fact that you are a post-graduate. It does not give good flavor to the overall situation, rather gives a bad taste, and so as a precautionary measure, it is best avoided. 

Why it is recommended to mention it where it is appropriate?

The information about Master’s Degree would be most suited to mentioning in detail in the Academic Qualifications section. There it can be mentioned in the most desired of ways, without sounding unprofessional and amateur. Rather, it would be a very balanced and sound approach to undertake by mentioning the Master’s Degree where a mention is due. That way, you would be appreciated by the employer for having had completed your Masters’ Degree as it would be conveyed to him in the most decent and respectable of ways. That is how it would count and add to the positive image of you overall. This would definitely increase your chances of standing out from the crowd and being selected for the position applied to by a margin. You would then be appreciated not only for your qualifications but also for your Resume writing skills given your brilliant attention to detail.


In conclusion, it can be said that whoever came up with the idea of mentioning the Master’s  Degree right after his name was not thinking straight. This is because there is no reasonable trend to suggest that it is a positive, beneficial or wise idea for you to do so. Such a thing would only incur a loss in the professional world for you as employers would brush your Resume aside for its lack of professional insight as well as a lack of personal insight. Had it been a Doctorate, it would have had made sense still. 

The wise thing to do would be to not mention your Master’s Degree right after your name but to mention it instead in the section of academic qualifications where it is most befitting and most useful.

Should I Put My Master’s Degree After My Name?

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